Eric Stonestreet reveals who he texts late at night about brisket

Stonestreet joins "The View" to discuss his hit show "Modern Family."
8:16 | 06/22/18

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Transcript for Eric Stonestreet reveals who he texts late at night about brisket
Thank you. One of my arktistics, apparently. You smell good. I meet so many people. I want them to leave with happy impression. Since you are here last time, you have got. A new special someone. And you have been posting all of the sweet photos of her online. Yeah. So -- That'ser in the back. You also have a sweet one. It's funny. I think of people needing preapproval. Show me before you post it. She knew what she signed up for? She did. Definitely. I tell her, it's like you want to enjoy this. You don't want the approval before I post pictures. You want to be surprised. You have the same idea of what's a good photo. As long as I look great, we're good. Can I say something? We know each other well. We have really good mutual friend. His girlfriend is a nurse from his hometown. Oh, that's great. Such a selfless profession. She's a pediatric nurse. Yeah. And we met at a charity event that I do in Kansas City with fellow Kansas City celebrities. Paul rudd, Jason sudeikis. We do an event there to benefit children's mercy hospital every year. I met her at the hospital. It's amazing sfwlp two years ago. You have a bit of a late-night issue can texting. To her, I presume? I don't think that's what you're talk about in this case. I have another text buddy that I text with. Who? Who would that be? The right tackle for the Kansas chiefs, Mitchell Schwartz. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Just for fun? We text about meat. Meat? Meat? Brisket. Oh, Kansas City. There we are at meat locker in Kansas City the. Kansas City bash cow. You have favorite places? Oh, yes. All my favorite places in Kansas City, depending on what I'm after. We met and found we have a passion for cooking. He's great cook. We'll late-night text each other when we have a brisket on the smoker. I texted him one morn at 4:00 A.M. When I got up to check my brisket, and he texted back immediately. Since we have you here. We have to talk about your hit show, "Modern family." Earlier this week, your creator, Steve Levitan made a lot of headlines for threatening to sever ties with 20th century fox saying he was quote disgusted to work for a company connected to Fox News. He seemed to have walk that threat back in another statement. What did you make of the initial comments? Well, here's my personal approach in all of this stuff is I try my best to stay clear of politics and just put my passions and what I believe in, cancer, kids, things like that. But I support Steve. And I know that, um, you know, he believes very strongly in some things. And I support him. I support anybody who stands up for something that they believe in. I'm focused. And I know the cast is focused on seeing "Modern family" through to the end for the fans and ourselves. This has been an incredible journey. Ten years. Sflit will be ten years. It's an amazing show. That's long time. I mean who doesn't want to do more of that? That's -- that was the first episode last year in tahoe. It was amazing. I love Jesse. Look. Ten years on a sit com. You know how hard this business spp we're not digging ditches. We're not digging holes. My gosh, we're not going to work and sweating our butts -- well, I swetd every day, but -- I just feel so happy and thankful to have found such a great job with such great people. You're a lucky stiff. You have a nice girlfriend, too. So boom! And there are rumors flying that you'll have a spin-off. Is that something that you would be open to? Oh, my gosh. What would a spin-off be? How about not such a modern family? I think we're open to whatever the studio and the network decide to do. It will be very hard when it comes time to really face the fact that this might be the last season. We're not there yet. We don't have a contract for season 11. But at Christmas time, when nobody is knocking on the door saying, what do we think? It will be a real -- that's when reality will sink in. I can imagine. However, before your "Modern family" days, you had a lot of acting gigs. Apparently, a lot of head shots. So we had to dig up a few. We do here. Sit true you carried a lot of these rrnd with you? Oh, that's a very standard one. Off to the side. I look that picture and wonder what was in my arm that was so heavy. What was I holding on to. What was in your hair, more to the point. What gel snrnlgts when I was leaving Manhattan, Kansas. I went to Kansas state. I decided I want to be an actor. I was like, I have graduation money in my pocket. What do I need? A need a briefcase. I brought an ox blood and brass briefcase the. What do I put in it? Me. I loaded it with head shots. I wept to Chicago. My first meeting with us with Linda at harese agency. At one point, she's like, what's in your briefcase? Hmm. Me. There you go. Me. And it's head shots and business cards of me. Did you get the job that first time? She ripped me. She was my first agent. Sent me on an audition. I got the first thing I every auditioned for. I was lucky enough. Wow. That's amazing. And then not ago thing for a year. I made the mistake of believing it was easy. My friend Barrett, me said you hustle sod hard. She's an actress as well. We became good friends. It's a hustle. You have to stick to it. You can read my Instagram and see that I post messages to actors to just stick with it. If you believe in yourself and you have the talent. Talent isn't enough. You have to have more than just talent. You can make it. You're working on campaign called ready, raise, rise. Can you tell us about that? This is my fourth year. To bring awareness to immuno-oncology research. This year, we're doing a pick your power challenge. You submit or share a picture of you and how you harness your inner strength and inner power to fight cancer. Because, it takes an inner strength and power. It takes a family. Great community. A lot of people to help people through those -- this battle. We're not unique. Here's the sad and good news. When you're diagnosed or family member is there's a whole lot of ere people that can relate to what you're going through. But your cancer, someone's cancer is unique. And if you go on rezdy raise, you can learn about immuno-oncology therapy. You can learn about it and how doctors and researchers can fight your cancer differently than other people's cancers. I encourage you to do that. Submit a picture. Ready raise rise will donate $250,000 to cancered a vie case si groups. That's great. Thank you so much, Eric, for

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"Stonestreet joins \"The View\" to discuss his hit show \"Modern Family.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56091876","title":"Eric Stonestreet reveals who he texts late at night about brisket","url":"/theview/video/eric-stonestreet-reveals-texts-late-night-brisket-56091876"}