Heather Graham talks battling sexism, alleged encounter with Harvey Weinstein

Graham joined "The View" to discuss her latest movie, "Half Magic."
3:00 | 02/27/18

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Transcript for Heather Graham talks battling sexism, alleged encounter with Harvey Weinstein
So -- the film is light hearted. But really is, you know, at its core, it's about women learning to embrace their sexuality and be empowered by it. So why was that important for you to take on? Well, I wanted to make a movie that empowers women. I grew up religious. I felt I had a fear -- a sense of fear and shame about my sexuality. Because you grew up catholic? Yeah, I did. I did. There's a scene in the movie. I'm sitting with my father watching TV. And, um, in real life, we were watching "The love boat." You know how the couples get together. Go into a cabin. He would say rg those two people are about to have prepare tall sex and you can go to hell for that. On "The love boat "? But I got really scared. I was a kid. I was like, what's sex? What's hell? It was really scary. Oh, my god. Geez! It's "The love boat." I'm sorry. I was not allowed to watch "The love boat." One of the cool things watching the movie is looking for the lines like, I bet that was said Ver bait on the Heather. There's a lot of those. The one where the producer boyfriend says, hey, I'm not against women's rights, there's just no market for women's films. Someone said that to you. Yes, it took seven years to get the movie made. People said nobody cares about women's stories. It's so frustrating, the inherent sex nichl our culture that we have gotten so used to we didn't notice. Now women are speak out about this. We're being heard. So it's a great time. Yeah. I think, even the way they talk about it, chick flick. It's rather do te meaning, I think. First of all, there's not a lot of role models of other female writer/districters. If you can get somebody to fund and distribute your movie, a lot of men write about the movie, and they might not get it. Luckily, we have had a lot of amazing -- yeah, yeah. We have had so many hurdles. People are supportive because of the timing. There are so many hurdles you have to get through as a woman. You do. So true. And it's across all industries. You wrote a piece in "Variety" in October about an experience you had with Harvey Weinstein. Can you tell us what happened? Basically, he called me into his office. He had a pile of scripts on his desk. He said, choose one of the scripts and we'll do it together. My wife and I have an arrangement and when I'm in a different city, I can have sex with whoever I want. You want to hang out sometime basically, we didn't hang out. And I never worked for him. That's the story. What woman could resist that James bond-like pitch? I got a deal with my wife. I can have sex. Pick a script. Let's have sex. Great, come on. You said you felt guilty not telling that story earlier. Why is hat? Think by women, not talking about this, we enable guys to get away with it. If you look around you, there were no other women speaking out. You look at Anita hill. That situation wasn't handled well. They silenced the other women coming forward. Nobody listened to her or believed her. And he's on the supreme court for life. Sfland look at -- 50 women coming forward if court. That's not enough? This is the first time using the the press that women have gotten justice for what is happening for us. This is an exciting time. Because we have been screwed in the past, right? Yeah, yeah. So this year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the biggest '80s hits, "Licensed to drive." We have a clip. Oh, my god. If you're wondering about Saturday night, I just remembered. I already have a date. You have a date. With who? With him. With me? Do you want to make arrangements? Yeah, I -- um -- I believe so. But, nothing was final. Now they're final. How do you feel watching that? I just realized. You did a movie with the two coreys. My wife, Meredith sallinger, was in dream a little dream with the two coreys. A Corey sandwich. You survived the two coreys. That's so amazing. Is there she's done a lot of work, this girl. You played bomb shell roles in -- let me see. Boogie nights. Austin powers PAPD the hangover. You said when you were a kid, I always think you -- I don't think you look like a nerd in the picture. You said you were a nerd when you were a kid. I was. I wore neck gear to school. The rubber band and the wire thing. I was smart. In advanced placement classes. Nobody thought I was pretty. Oh, yeah. So cute. You look like Mia farrow a little bit. Can I ask you. This is your first directing of a film. You wrote it and directed it. You have worked with so many amazing directors. Did you shadow anyone or ask for advice? Or did you jump in and learn as you go? %-Pgnat's a verydauntingrocess. What was that like? I asked for advice. The clip of tlons drive. Two coreys and the other guys. Paolo is my best friend. He is a writer/director. He found the financing. He helped me a lot. He's paolo. You just showed him in the clip. Thanks for writing the film. Thank you for having me on your show. "Half magic" is available on video on demand. We'll, of course, we'll be right back..

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Graham joined \"The View\" to discuss her latest movie, \"Half Magic.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53394423","title":"Heather Graham talks battling sexism, alleged encounter with Harvey Weinstein","url":"/theview/video/heather-graham-talks-battling-sexism-alleged-encounter-harvey-53394423"}