Hillary Clinton says Trump takes US backwards

"The View" co-hosts discuss Clinton's comments at a speech in India.
5:05 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton says Trump takes US backwards
I don't know once wires but between Stephen Bannon and Hillary Clinton. Then got folks all fired up over comments that they made about the election particularly with Hillary when she spoke at a conference and India over the weekend here's what she said. His whole campaign make America great again was looking backwards. You know even like. Black people getting rights you don't like women you know getting jobs you don't want it you know see that Indian Americans succeeding more than you are whatever your problem in 'cause. I'm gonna solve that so it was. A symptom but it was also weighed. Cause. She does this issue should have been more entertaining on the campaign trail. When several answer was also looking backwards that was in 2016. Like why are we still talking about the campaign she wrote that. How are like first sight of what Wayne Downing that's great but I think. Part of what people discovered during an election if you lean democratic. Is that the party didn't have messaging it missed a lot of things you know why can't she talk she's in India she wants and he's very inflow way like I am ready and I probably am sure she was ever read even if they do the best he entered give would be this you know what we've got a lot of problems and I'd like to talk about those published yesterday that earlier she's had indicated from active I don't read much happier if you meter can't talk about some of the things that report are broken and you don't work she ran one. The worst campaigns ever she didn't do that kind ground game in Wisconsin in North Carolina that she shut out of I think at this point if you can't stop making this about purchasing milling and raised a lot of it was about poverty a lot of a lot about the economy. A lot of it was just this. And honestly I have to tell you it's one thing to lose to President Obama hit highly entertained ten pull off losing to president trump. We'll data come up with a better it. Some of that India instead that would well those things are true but don't forget. Call me interfered in the election and the Russians weren't into bearing. All but a 100% in the election she's bland and barely like him when saying this let me you don't like to him to say this but she did win by three billion or below I think. How serious some joined feels good about themselves and their lives she has few stretches many Chelsea Clinton on last week yet these are very omnipresent in politics still right now if you're messaging is. You wanna go back in time that women can't it for themselves. Are husbands and our bosses our son's palace went to deal that's quite the message going portable to mid terms and general election. I was wondering where she got that from because I thought I want why are you saying as a feminist someone that likes to. Uphold women's rights why are you saying that women are just voting the way there they are meant vote. But I will. But what I found. And basically out of Obama yet but hopefully I can put up and I can't pull it up but they're all here it is so stuck a study from the institute for social and economic research and that's what she's referring to reported that married men. Tend to favor Republican presidential nominees for economic reasons and their wives in general. Join them in support of their husband's economic interest that's as you know so that's what she's that's what she's getting that arguments. Rob yesterday argument doesn't hold him up off the argument doesn't hold water when you say black people voted for Obama because he was black going you don't involve for a woman punches woman doesn't hold up. You know things were miss there was. This was this was the best proved storm you can have this past election was a police dog got on legends and Bob you got this amounted. And what then you know. I think everybody just needs to stop talking I don't know why she was Anthony's question I don't know what was asked him for I don't know why she was there. And yeah that we'd have to stop looking back Brett it's impossible. Not to look back because you have to look back to see where we. Stumbled you have DiLeo added. The clintons are a virus. The Democratic Party you have to move on if this is our message singling it when he knocked it out and unlawfully and not likely that I put that it was time for them to back off right now right now I don't think and helping the party right now message doesn't live with windy and it can I just say something hurt her message is one that I think resonates with me at least and I think many people she's saying that trump is talking about making them his campaign promise was making America great again. That was very dog whistle for because I was like women was America great was it web. My. Women didn't have the right wing president trump all ready as Julian I talk about opting off camera yeah politics the street bike you wanna win this messages losing you just blocked the import LX and at 20 yeah. Fire up the Democratic Party as the party and the reality is it is not who argue are getting a lot I never really let the other day OK you know. Here called today.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Clinton's comments at a speech in India.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53714965","title":"Hillary Clinton says Trump takes US backwards","url":"/theview/video/hillary-clinton-trump-takes-us-backwards-53714965"}