Jake Tapper on what it's like to be a journalist in this political climate

Tapper joined "The View" and discussed the president's attacks on the media.
9:42 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for Jake Tapper on what it's like to be a journalist in this political climate
CNN's Jake tapper clearly doesn't like to sleep much when he is not on the air six days a week covering this crazy news cycle. He has been busy writing a political thriller, "The hellfire club" about corruption blackmail and the Washington swamp. Sound familiar? Please welcome Jake tapper. Thank you. I have known this one since she was 12. 12. I mean, so this is pretty amazing. Thank you. What I was going to say, but I didn't know it was okay, I knew you when you were a salon reporter, and my dad's friends had a crush on, and you had much longer hair. Yes. Nice to see you. So this morning, president trump ramped up his war on the media, and he tweeted fake news is working overtime, that despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy, 91% of the network news about me is negative, fake. Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it the corrupt? Is that directed at you? Well, directed at everybody in the media, including people here at this table. First of all, it's very interesting he defined fake news, negative. Put the tweet back up. When you look at what he said. Network news about me is negative. Parentheses, fake. If it's negative, then it's fake. I got that. That's his definition of fake news. Anything he doesn't like. That's actually not the definition of fake. Right. I think that he specifically goes after CNN. He has called you a flunky. Yes. That's not so bad. You're kind of getting off easy. I thought he could have brought it more than that. I was unimpressed. Here's the thing. His job approval ratings are going up, and the media's job approval ratings are going down. It's a tough time for the media. Why? Some of the wounds are self-inflicted. When he get stories wrong, that's a problem. You have the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump, attacking us as fake, and a certain percentage of the country believing it. There was a poll a few weeks ago saying 51% of the Republican voters, 51% think that the media is the enemy of the American people. Not that we're liberal or biased or whatever. That we're the enemy of the American people. He started that. It started a trend with this. You do see people abroad dictators using the president's language. CNN did a story on slavery, and I think it was in the Libya, and at that same time, president trump attacked CNN international. The story was completely true and completely awful, and the Libyan government officials used president trump's attack on CNN international to try to discredit the story. They started it. Kellyanne Conway was -- what's the word? Alternative facts was her little quip. They started this in this administration. We have never heard this before. People hate the media if you are being covered. I remember in 1999 and 2000, your dad hated the media, but he understood, and he would take issues with the story here or there. He never took issue with the need for it. Why won't he give a press conference do you think? He doesn't want to face questions from people like me, Jim Acosta and others. People say reporters aren't reporting facts anymore, and they are editorializing. You have taken criticism, and people point to your facial expressions and your political cartoons. This is just my face. I can't -- when I hear unrepented bs coming my way, I have a -- That's just my face. Tell them to stop saying those things, and my face will go back to Normal. People are using it to say that CNN is biased, and you're editorializing. I'm absolutely biased against lies. When there are people lying, I am absolutely 100% against it. When people say things that are indecent, and not to invoke Meghan's dad again, but he is somebody that has been a big part of my life, and I have been covering him since I was a young reporter. When the president says that John McCain isn't a war hero because he was captured, that's indecent. That's not bias. That's indecent. We revere our service members and we revere our pows, and that is just how adults behave. I will say -- I mean thank you for saying such kind things about my father, and he loved having you. We just recently talked about it last weekend as you know, but I will say that I like many conservatives, I think CNN has a bias, and I hang out with a lot of conservatives off the record. It's, like, but Jake tapper understands. Why do you think you haven't -- I'll put apart the side where you are criticiing CNN because I love it, and I'm not a member of a party. If I weren't a journalist, I would still be independent, and I try to be as agnostic as possible in my private life too. Yeah. I'm the jerk at the table who says, well, on the other hand. So I mean -- I'm that jerk too. Are you? Yeah. So it can be lonely. I honestly feel that way. Especially with the gun debate. In particular, I was happy that you went after that and I was, like, someone is seeing both sides of this. I was known you since I was 12, so maybe I can't be bias anymore. I don't know. There are tough questions to answer, and it was a horrible situation what happened at parkland, and they had some tough questions. There was a lot of buzz over your interview with white house aide kellyanne Conway this weekend. We'll play apart of it. Do you think his job includes lying to the American people? Because he continually does so, and undermines his own administration when he does so. He does many things. Respectfully, you want that to go viral, and you want to say president trump and lie in the same sentence. I want him to stop lying. I understand you don't want to talk about the president's -- We talked about it for five minutes. Do you think -- No, I don't. What did you think of that? I thought it was interesting that I said that the president tells lies, which I think we all just now accept as a fact. With the fact checkers, but she didn't challenge the premise. She says, he does many things. That's how they get around it. She better at her job than I thought. It's, like, a defense attorney saying, what about all the banks my client didn't rob? I like that. Right. So the issue is that the president says things that aren't true. He does so all the time. He is undermining himself when he does that, and he is undermining his administration when he does so. I would much prefer to be covering the policy debates, the Iran deal, whether that decision was a good one. What the Europeans and Israelis think about it. I would rather focus on the policy debates. I don't know what journalist that wouldn't prefer lower ratings, but a return to normalcy. The commercials. "Snl" poked fun at you. They do that. Which is so cool by the way. It is so cool because I used to sneak downstairs and watch it as a kid. It's brilliant what they do. Do you want a drink? Jesus. Kellyanne, what the hell are you doing here? I just want to be apart of the news, Jake. This is how you do it? By breaking into my apartment? What was I supposed to do? You weren't answering my calls. You changed your number. I'm not going to be ignored. Give it up, kellyanne. You made up a massacre. I can't have you on. But I miss the news. It's obviously a take on "Fatal attraction," and some people say they went too far with that movie. I go to bed early on Saturday nights because I do a Sunday morning show. I wake up at 6:00 Sundays morning and my wife is there hovering. She said, "Saturday night live" did you again. I said, okay. Were they mean? Because, you know, I have the soul of a sensitive 8-year-old boy. She goes, you have to see it. So I watched it. First of all, it's an honor to be satirized by them, and they have a young goods-looking guy playing me. My wife was not a particular fan of the skit. She thought it sexualized kellyanne Conway and that was unfair. She thought it was sexist. I'm not going to tell you what I thought. It's an honor just to be mentioned. That's her opinion. That was her opinion, and that's the lens through which I saw it. We'll take a quick break, and when we come back, we'll talk about Michael avenatti and Iran. You're sticking around. We'll be right back.

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