Jill Biden on taking action after heckler tried to interrupt her husband

Dr. Jill and Joe Biden address the media’s reporting of son Hunter Biden.
6:27 | 02/13/20

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Transcript for Jill Biden on taking action after heckler tried to interrupt her husband
Yeah okay. Yeah. By his wife the fabulous doctor Joseph by a. Okay. And he. No I don't let me that he had healed and you have you're above jacket I have my night I don't hey I got stuck. Up close you don't know apparent love you kill American classic and it. In fact you this was a crazy moment that we are talking about with my producers rob argue about backstage on Monday I heck cooler tried to into wrapped. I gel and if you in New Hampshire and you sprang into action right here I loved it. I served bank. Opinion didn't why. Yeah I couldn't have made lake view lyrics you know. Kitten in the end do it without ended Gregory rarely if I have yeah Huggins a big gap. But how do you know he's standing behind me now resounding no Adam bellow. I don't know well. But he coming up behind you know. And I thought unlike him she's so aggressive and I thought I gotta do something right now is nice setup and I just went black and you know right at a grant us you gotta protect though you loud and I have. Okay. Good for you don't have to turn and right. Clinton and today I wouldn't know lobby it would do the same yeah. Yeah yeah. Okay. I. A hot debate I have to ask. You know we're doing here last time it CO go to get vicious then Nancy people over that he's beyond belief this guy would I know I'm from the all days in New York City. Is that as it is bad as I said it was going to be a worse but you know it it's. It's ugly but I can take a little bit of ugly if that means Joe's gonna be president yeah yeah or. Okay. When it's pretty big blue. Politics is exerting. Dirty business like he was hit you but it's been vice president to a black president you think it's of the new yeah. I don't know which all our debt but this look at the that was what Obama was the target more than you but now you're that your right there now and people wanted to really to see you get mad when trump struck him lying about contact. And saying things about hunter I don't know that you've got. Man and well you know. I. I would like to be able to. Be back in high school just that he Unita room. But all kidding aside here's the deal look it is. It is it is hurtful. Particularly when guys like Lindsey Graham was kinda my god do these thing he's still a friend well you know look presidents can't. I plan on being imprisoned for his careful Greg you got to heal and we've got to heal the country and Anna and I just don't want to let myself get into the mood of like for example for the same water I tech kids kids or make it now owns about how I guess I thought it I just cash I think that's not how we're raised and and look. Nobody has said he's done anything wrong this is a guy who is has done nothing but good things his whole life my son. Random food program USA Hamburg whole whole range of things but look it's it's what it is we knew it was going to be ugly. A quick story we got a phone call from our four grandchildren we were a tradition our family. Any child could call for family meeting for real you're down lie back no I really mean it all the way back. I got a call from mar our granddaughter who's named after my deceased daughter. She's now a senior appear in law school. And she was it was this is in March or April and said pop we want a fan when big news was Wednesday's who boast to my deceased son's blows kids live a mile from wounds. One live to Washington one was his school in the end and at ten who won a Peter we met on Sunday you start elements of pop he got a drug. You gotta run Puff Daddy want you to run who went through the reasons said. I since going to be bad should we know what's gonna be ugly pop remember. They've been this the grandchildren of either an attorney general vice president endure any senator their whole lives and they know it. I'm a little guy takes out a the youngest one takes out his phone. And shows a picture me walking out of the Chicago by art by sun with my hand on the casket. In the military funeral and I'm reaching dominant holding my little guy under the chin like this and they show the dictionaries as Biden molest another child. Oh my god for god saying let nobody is sick missed the stuff that's going on. These guys are the world smell isn't as though it like Communist wing and this is not the war this is not not MER oh this is not a model United States of America were so much better goodness and the idea look. 21 century we can only way we can opponents this is not who we are really mean it we have such an opportunity. Now the band they've been ripped off ripped off what will be I think that everybody knows that this guy's done. I think the extra I don't is enormous I guess is so many enablers in congress sits at a rain jacket while we're at and around back to Santa. Okay. When I saw you. Walk across that stage and stop that man I saw similarity between now that's. And as a mother how hurtful have these attacks bin. On hunter. Really had been really hurtful I mean T hear your son attacked. You know I expected that you know Joseph would be attacked but not not your children yeah not your children they. At you know before they cling. No one has touched children and you know what else let Bob Clair de Clinton a dog. I mean they stay tech children yeah I can't Nelson as payment and we're happy. Hi Seth yes ultimately enabled or whether this yeah Kelly we know that he could really needs I I just. I talked him almost every day Eminem because this is ready display of beautiful spear back.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Dr. Jill and Joe Biden address the media’s reporting of son Hunter Biden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68968753","title":"Jill Biden on taking action after heckler tried to interrupt her husband ","url":"/theview/video/jill-biden-taking-action-heckler-interrupt-husband-68968753"}