John Quinones talks about the very topical scenarios featured on 'What Would You Do?'

Quinones joins "The View" to discuss confrontations featured on the show that seem ripped from the headlines.
6:14 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for John Quinones talks about the very topical scenarios featured on 'What Would You Do?'
behaving badly going viral every day. It's lik a living in anep of "What D here with a sneak preview of GHT's brand-ed please welcome host John quinon Hi. How's it going? Thank you, suy. Great to be here. You know I love you. Row are St. I could watch this show on a loop. Meghan and I were just say it. Your always dng with hot button issues. Me than ever today. This first clip is from a recent episode. It involves a going chastised by her mother for speaking Spanish. Let's take a . This last cusmer is married to a man who happens to be Greek. WHA D I just say to you? I'm sorry. Mommy. I like speaking Spanish. Once Michelle is alone, she N noongerit tongue. We're foreigners soy don't stand WHA you're talking about. I want hero be more American? Andust for about where she came from? Bu she's from Mexico. So, so you guys don't accept Mexicans in your family? Hiss america.shouldn't she act -- ah, a melting pot of thsferent people. My husband is gr kids will speak Greek. Wow Wow, right?what wasour reaction to that? Youknow, this hits very close. Because I grew up speakin Spanish. My -- I learned Englishs a second language. It hs very clo to home. It does. Iove way people jumped in to fend this littleir who was pretending to bed by this woman who isamerican. And she wanted to lose identity. I was with M grandmother once. I waspeak manageranish. Meone S speak of the English. Andmother folded in. I insulted thaterson in way you wouldn't believe. Moving on. W ting the issues more than er other day it seems W have a viral video. Yeah, wonder what chad recently. The lawyer yelling at people spani here in new York City. Theanctuary city in America. The woman wearing the Puerto rican irt. At guy said, you't wear that in the count relate? When I was kid, we were migrant farm worng erks picking Toma O cherries.on sunday,e would go T athrift store. People would folews the store thinkine wereoihe steal something because of our tattered clothe the color of our skin, the accent in our voice. That's W feel like I was born to dosshow. You were. You were. [ Cheers and applause So, youug anoth clip from tonight. Tell me about . Hat would you do if you're at aoutique and see a spoil brat, 13 years old, AUT fa and wants M les on social media, bec our K now are obsessed withat. Yes. And she's being the saleswomanthetore saying these clothesre cheap. I want more likes Instagram. And her mother isupporting her as she belis the woman. Oh. Oh, that's S there's year. Don't you have anything else that'scuter? How old are you? 13. You'r? I have a 4-year-old 13 looks like fun. So,e these. Okay, no, that's apr. That's horrible. You could definite do better. Er calm turns to disgust. On her W out, she letsava's mom have it if my daughter snapped at someone or rolher eyes,ky ise you she wldn't do it twice. I'm just, when youraughter 5 and items you to go , yl know why. Whoa! Mean -- have a 15 and a 12-year-old. If they were behaving that any where. That's a question of sticking your nose into somebody else's busine Would you say anything? No. She's with her mother. She's with her mother. She's notting od I wouldave kept mouth. Think itepends on how disrespectful she's be from jerdy. I don't have a filr. I would have made acommt. My is just like me. I'm just like her. We probably would have had thing T say. Somebody has to set boundaries rently. This is how's raising the little ? Heberating an ployee. I think to defend the salesperson. Than the mom. The moms thee she's that wa T is her. It's based on a real person. Real case. A young girl, 16 Y D, her name is Nicolette gray. She H 260,000followers. She loves fashion and being online. S she obnoxious like th She said this. I know I'm a spoiled br she called herself the Beverly hills brat. I kno I a spoiled brat. I enjoy the lifestyle. People areoing the hate on me, buthe were me. I wish my kids would do some nonsense lthat.I wish they would do . Know better. We havnotherclip. This is a sneak peek of a scenario airing next wee involvg a stuttering waiter. Let's take a look. This las of customers can't believe their ears. O you wt l-l-. Lemon? These girlsre being V ? They're being ous with this young man. When ouranager fails to act quickly enough. Why did you hire someone that can't talk? Get out! You're rudnd obnoxious. You don't desert to DL with this you man! Get the blt both out! Morons! Good-bye! I'm John Quinones. Good. Haohn Quinones. You can catch "What would you do?" Tonight at 9:00 P.M. Right here on ABC. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Quinones joins \"The View\" to discuss confrontations featured on the show that seem ripped from the headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56570759","title":"John Quinones talks about the very topical scenarios featured on 'What Would You Do?'","url":"/theview/video/john-quinones-talks-topical-scenarios-featured-56570759"}