Madeleine Albright on Russia probes, Syria, meeting with Kim Jong Un

Albright tells "The View" Trump is the "most undemocratic president" America has had, and says firing Robert Mueller would be a "disaster."
8:10 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for Madeleine Albright on Russia probes, Syria, meeting with Kim Jong Un
Please welcome. Madeleine Albright. A okay. We're gonna start it's not about the book in a minute but I'm I don't feel we should ask you about. The current White House residents. A tirade he didn't yesterday. He called the whole thing a witch hunt a disgrace and attack on our country and it in the true sense. What would you call us. I would call at AS tirade that is absolutely. Taken in mistake and that especially in terms of what I write in my book. We cannot have a president who believes that he's above the law and that is what he. Makes it a break and instead of a raid by FBI safe and it is in the air now that he might want to fire Muller. Two questions really do think that that will completely. Hijack our democracy and you think the Republicans in power will do anything about it is in the only ones who really count at this point. Well I really do think one of things that I do write about is that I think trump is the most undemocratic president we have had an. Trying to undermine democratic process c.s and I doom and hope that congress can stand up because one of the things. The first article of the constitution is about the powers of congress. And I'm saying is article one time they need to fulfill their responsibilities. And make sure that they are an equal branch of government and that. We can't have a president who. Doesn't tell the truth and who also. Is taking in his own hands the law. And so I think it would be a. Trump said that there would be a big price to pay for aside of the recent chemical attacks in Syria what do you think that we should do going forward the by the way I have to say. I agree with your father on this particular subject many subjects by the way he and I are good friends. Because he's head of the international Republican institute and head of the national democratic institute and we've done all kinds of trips together and I have the highest regard for him thank you. Art has had credible and we really have done lots of things together but on the Syria issue I think he was absolutely right because part of what's going on. Is it time can't make up his mind about what he wants to be doing about serious so last week he says he wants to pull the troops out. And chairman McCain said it emboldened us out which I think it did he probably had plans to do this kind of thing anyway. But we can't have a policy which is kind of one offs there has to be a strategy and there is no strategy. And I really do think. That. This is one of the problems with trump he doesn't have any strategies he just has tweaked so what strategy resulted Jack. I think the issue is Syria is about as complicated as anything that I've ever seen as it is basically a proxy war for all the things that are happening in the Middle East. And there cannot be an. Well it means for instance that. The Iranian is. And the saudis and dead it said she is Sunni thing most Americans didn't know very much about is much less the difference between Shia and Sunnis were so you've got that plus the difference between the Arabs and the persians and so they are fighting it out there then there's the problem with the Turks. Who don't like the Kurds. And they are going into that area where the Kurds actually we're helping the United States. To get rid of crisis those are just the major issues can't and then you've got a president. So Syria. That really is an animal I think that he is killing his own people. The president that kills his own people is safe a mass atrocity is a criminal act. And so one of the things there has to be kind of a combination of tools used here. And I think obviously diplomacy as part of it using force is part of it. But there also has to be a way to have a political settlement. There has to be some way to bring the various people together and it requires a sense of how that is done. And not just doing kind of a hitting and various basis. Arguing with the Russians over things is but it is who believe the hope I'm going to be able to cook. Do anything about him he's just put this guy. Well. I can't think more dangerous appointment frankly. Our show late this is a person. That has buried the hard line will be used. That is somebody and maybe he'll change his mind now that his job this frankly to be somebody that organizes a decision making process. And and I've been part of a decision making process you are in. This famous situation room. And a good national security advisor tries to get the views of the people around the table what does the secretary of state thing what the secretary defense. All the people and then you try to figure out what the answer is you don't go in there telling everybody what they're going to do before they're gonna do it. That's true democracy it is how. A madame secretary have. President chopper supposed to be meeting with Kim Jung Hoon. In North Korea next month something no president has done before specially without any preconditions. In fact you're the only official. Who's had direct talks with them back in 2000 when you were secretary of state. So my question is is this a good idea for president trump to meet with Kim Jung well. I do believe in diplomacy. I do and I don't think there's anything wrong in having those kinds of meetings the problem is that you have to be prepared for them. And when I went and this was in 2000 it was after. Many years and having a variety of talks and getting the South Koreans and the Japanese involved. And what did happen frankly was that and we had President Clinton had also asked former secretary of defense Bill Perry you do a complete review. The bar North Korea policy so we have worked on it really really hard. So then what happens is the number two guy vice Marshal Cho comes he's in the Oval Office and he hands President Clinton. An invitation to come to North Korea. And President Clinton did the right thing he said you know maybe at some point I would do it but we have to prepare and so I'm sending the secretary of state should. So I went not easy because we had no embassy I had no idea what we're gonna do. And I am still the highest levels sitting official to have met a North Korean leader. And we did have some very serious talks mostly at that time about missile limits and then the election of 2000 happened. And even though I had breached Colin Powell what we were doing as the incoming secretary of state. And he was prepared to continue the talks that we were doing and then there was a headline in the Washington Post saying Powell to continue Clinton policies. On North Korea he was hauled into the Oval Office and told no way. So that is part of the Ed tragedy of that story but the main reason that I think. I usually have a presidential meeting at the end of negotiations. Kind of to seal it I. And a very well prepared president at that and so I'm not opposed to the talks but I do think they need to be prepared and then there's a real question of definition. Because what's happened is that Kim Jung on is talking about denuclearization. Which means one thing to them. We just kind of phased in all kinds of trade offs and and landed another thing for us and we have to have verification so it's a complicated story.

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"Albright tells \"The View\" Trump is the \"most undemocratic president\" America has had, and says firing Robert Mueller would be a \"disaster.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54369602","title":"Madeleine Albright on Russia probes, Syria, meeting with Kim Jong Un","url":"/theview/video/madeleine-albright-russia-probes-syria-meeting-kim-jong-54369602"}