Pamela Anderson says Julian Assange’s ‘health is really deteriorating’

The outspoken activist talks about the WikiLeaks founder on “The View” in her first TV interview since visiting him in May.
6:22 | 09/06/19

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Transcript for Pamela Anderson says Julian Assange’s ‘health is really deteriorating’
You have been such an activist, and let me ask you this. You have a relationship with Wikileaks founder Julian assange. I know how to pick them. You really do. You visited him several times while he was at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. You brought him vegan food. The last time you saw him was in may at the high security British prison where he's now serving an 11-month sentence and still facing possible extradition to the U.S. Right. How is he doing? Well, not so good. His health is really deteriorating. He has lost about 30 pounds suns you saw him, and he was thin at that point. He was wearing two pairs of sweatpants because he wanted to look good to me because he feels like people won't fight for people that aren't resilient. Everything that was going to happen has happened, and it's no it's devastating that people have fallen for this smear campaign especially in America. I feel like an outsider looking in, looking at how America has embraced all these -- this propaganda. It's really frustrating, but I just hope that he doesn't get extradited. I don't think he'll make it. I think it's -- he's -- I don't think you're protected in prison. Look at Epstein. I think there is a lot of danger surrounding his life. Let me ask you. I mean, how did you meet him? Was it political? Was it romantic? I know. That's funny. Well, you know, actually, he's really incredible. How he just loves to look at people and see different ways of he was asking questions. How do you see the world? What should we do? What is your opinion? He was very passionate and encouraging of my activism, and I never felt different than anybody else in the room, and there were lawyers and, you know, the people. I never felt any less than anybody else. So he really inspired me a lot, and -- As an activist? As an activist, and that's why I met him. I wanted to be a more effective activist, and I write a lot of blogs and poetry on my website and I put one of my name in one of them, and he was, like, why did you write about me? How does he know? He knows everything. He's not stupid. He's actually -- he's an interesting guy. He's obviously ruffled the feathers of powerful people, and they want to keep him quiet. He was allegedly kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy because he was defecaing everywhere. That's a smear campaign. What would you do? I wouldn't be a cyberterrorist. He put our national security at risk, our military and the lives of spies and diplomats at risk. How many people have the American government killed innocently, and how many has Wikileaks? So you think the military is putting government at risk? They have put many innocent lives at risk. Calm down, sir. War crimes need to be punished and they haven't. The war crimes he has exposed, they haven't done anything about it, but he exposed it. The killings in Iraq? There is so much more he has exposed. He exposed Russia, and all sorts of different countries. That's a controversial area, Russia. A lot of people say that -- that as does the Mueller report that assange interfered in the 2016 election by conspireing with Russia by releasing hacked emails which hurt Hillary Clinton. It's almost like is he responsible for giving us trump? I mean, his timing and the way he did -- Hillary Clinton is responsible for trump. She's the one that -- The timing though. Is he a trump supporter? No, no, no. I was with him. A lot of people think he is. Why would he help trump? He wasn't helping trump. He was trying to tell the American people so they could make an educated choice, and the FBI put the nail in that coffin. You mean to tell me he had nothing on trump? Come on. If he has something on trump, he would have put it out there. He has released emails. The question I have -- that doesn't mean everything should be -- the question I have though is, like, spies go out and put their lives at risk like congressman will Hurd who has dedicated decades of his life to fighting terrorism. It's classified for a reason. I have some faith in the U.S. Government although as a conservative, I have less faith than liberals do. What do you think about national security? There's nothing prove he has put anybody at risk. They have gone through this over and over again, and people like Snowden are heroes. Who also thinks that? He put people in danger by refusing to redact sensitive information including social security numbers and other private material. I think "The New York Times" and everybody else put out the same information, and even before him. I think he redacted more than they did. You don't think -- I don't know. He's obviously -- he's don where no man has gone before, and he's the man in the whale's mouth. He's the, you know, trying to set up so other people can make sense of it because it's a new thing. It's a new thing. We're used to business as usual. What I would love to know is what -- what was he trying to do? What was his point because he really -- he actually did hurt quite a few people. He actually did. And I want to know what did he think he was doing? What was the outcome in his mind supposed to be? Well, obviously other people can speak better for him than me, but he just believes in justice, believes in honesty, believes in exposing governments for what they're really doing, and people have the right to know what is happening, and there are so many awful war crimes that need to be exposed. Really his whole intention is to stop these senseless wars. Wars of business. It doesn't help us. It doesn't help anybody, and I think he really -- a lot of people in France and Canada, aren't too happy with America and how they meddle into everybody's business and start these senseless wars.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"The outspoken activist talks about the WikiLeaks founder on “The View” in her first TV interview since visiting him in May.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65437117","title":"Pamela Anderson says Julian Assange’s ‘health is really deteriorating’","url":"/theview/video/pamela-anderson-julian-assanges-health-deteriorating-65437117"}