Does a president's age matter?

"The View" co-hosts share the most important quality they look for in a presidential candidate."The View" co-hosts share the most important quality they look for in a presidential candidate.
7:18 | 03/19/19

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Transcript for Does a president's age matter?
So, Joe Biden has not even announced he's running yet. And he's still sitting on the top of the democratic polls along with Bernie Sanders, who's not a Democrat. But what the hell? But "Washington post" journalists say that age-related issues could pop up at any time. Will voters worry about this, too? Is the question. Wl, anything can pop up at any time. I mean that -- If you're lucky. You've been ill. Who was going to know that -- you're not old. Anything could happen. F.D.R. Was in a wheelchair. I would vote for someone today in a wheelchair. I care about their mental capacity. On the other hand, there is an issue. People do get old. And people do start to, you know, slip a little as they get Oeler. That's what a vice president is this for. I mean, what else is the reason to have a vice president? In case something happens to the president. Kennedy was, 43, I believe. When he was assassinated. Rbg, 86, Dianne Feinstein, two of them above the age of 85. I'm more concerned with experience. We seem to toss people away at a certain age. I'm disgusted by that. What happened to getting older and having the benefit of experience? And we sort of devalue that a little too much. I like the fact that we have two people interested in leading the country that have many, many years of experience. That's what I'm most interested in. And also, judgment. As it turns out, presidents are very long-lived. The myth that they age faster is a myth. Most presidents have lived longer than other men their age. 23 of 234 presidents who died of natural causes outlived the average age of death for man when they died. The first eight presidents aged 78.9 years when most men died before 40. Gerald Ford, John Adams, George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. If they were in their 90s and running, I would be concerned. But most of these folks seem to believe that they have a calling to do. And so, if you feel like you have a -- I don't want to do it. So -- I want somebody who really wants to do it and understands the issues. And if they're 75, you know, 70 is the new 60 is the new 50 is the new 25. But they do age. They look older. I'm the oldest one he. This are things. You git a tlits. What? I'm not saying I look the but I am. But db But like, you get things. You get things. Joe Biden gets a tlits, for instance, kx action MX action LX action can give him medical main. The last presidents with all baaby boom es. Pete buttigieg is a millennial. He's 37. The youngest is 37. The oldest is 77, Bennie sand es. I do think ever pen running for president should take a health exam. I think we have a right to know if they have pre-existing health conditions. I agree with you. It's not amg. It's expea yens. Honestly, who is the best candidate at this point? That's what I Kay about. I Kay about character. Character, ladies and gentlemen, would be a nice thing to be brought back to the white house, it's weird what is jumping to top of priorities for me. I would like someone emotionally stable in the white house. Honestly. We also need somebody who knows how to choose people to work for him, that seems to be missing here. Somebody that people are attracted to work with, which we don't have right now. He doesn't even spend time with his family. Putting a proper cabinet together. Fighting diplomats. Call me crazy. Some of them have not been filled at this point. If I were running on the democratic side, I would be concerned about a poll that came out yesterday that say over 70% of the country feels like the economy is in a good place. We're talking about age, I don't think people are going to look at the number fist. We're talking abstates that mat E. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. When you get up in the among, do you have a good job? A good life for your family? Unemployment is below 4%. I think Democrats, I still haven't heard from the the candidates, what economic message are you providing that is going to speak to these Elizabeth Warren has it. Does age mat E? Democrats have not be crazy. They kpt get so fa left. I think even needs to not be crazy. It would be nice that whoef is running, under whatever banner they're running, if stability and intelligence for what would work in the country was the focus, we would be in a better place. You bring up a good point. Just up there. And now I have to try to remember it. About what Democrats need? No, no. No. It had to do with what people are looking for now. What is it -- Stability. -- That people are looking for in their president. What is it we want? I'm looking for someone who doesn't lie like this. This is a pathological liar. I think there are people, Abby, to your point, that feel like, my paycheck is looking good. That's all that matters to me. On a larger scale, people with concerned about their health care. The climate. I think they want to breathe in good air. They're concerned about their children's future. I think they're -- Foreign policy. Foreign policy. I think they're concerned about people dying on the street. I think they're concerned about domestic terror. Immigration. Those concerned about their paycheck. A lot of people concerned on their fellow man. He has to win over independents. Trump has people locked and loaded. Me, a fiscal hard core conservative. This is crazy. It's emotionally draining to have you in office. If any Republicans want to try to primary him, I still think it's a pipe dream. I'm exhausted. Who could do it? Kasich looks interested. Not Kasich. Over 90% of approval of Republicans. He has to win over independents.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts share the most important quality they look for in a presidential candidate.\"The View\" co-hosts share the most important quality they look for in a presidential candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61788346","title":"Does a president's age matter?","url":"/theview/video/presidents-age-matter-61788346"}