Regina Hall talks politics and her show ‘Black Monday’

The actress discusses Joe Biden’s campaign and shares her experience with paranormal activity.
6:28 | 03/13/20

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Transcript for Regina Hall talks politics and her show ‘Black Monday’
Well, Regina, we understand and you're very political. You have been on the show before, and I was told and I hope it's okay that you are a Biden fan, I think as most of the people on the show are. Are you surprised he's been able to take it home? A lot of people wrote him off, and what are you looking forward to? We're going to make the assumption he's probably going to be the nominee. I mean, you know, last year, I really did. I went and campaigned for Hillary and I was really disappointed just based on her qualifications that she didn't win. I think the country is in the state right now where I feel optionless. I will support whatever "D" comes, you know, whatever "D" happens. And I'll throw my support behind, you know, Biden, you know. It looks like he's going to get it, but even if it were Bernie, so I would encourage Bernie supporters to feel the same. I think, you know, we're in crisis. I think even the coronavirus is, you know, it's apart of the crisis that we have been in. Yes. We have not been as conscious of because our economy has seemingly been flowing. So I, you know, yeah. I do think it's important to vote, to encourage people to vote. I don't want people to think that Biden is the candidate of the, you know, stars or elite, so, you know, but I do encourage people to look at not their party, but the state of the country. Yeah, and you travel a lot. I mean, you're an actor, and you mentioned the coronavirus. We're in a crisis. Yeah. How do you feel about that? Because you travel so much. Yeah. I travel, you know, obviously you get concerned for yourself, but I get concerned when I go and I see my mom, you know. I'm in touch with people that I love, and people who I know, you know, I have friends who have lupus. There are people with things happening in life. So I would -- I would hate to unknowingly come back and then the ripple effect is so -- Yes. If there were just -- but you have to think of something and how it affects us. We have to think of the us way. People that don't have health care, people with compromised immune systems, low wage workers, that don't get paid sick leave. Being sick is a hard thing, and a respiratory thing, I have seen my mom have it. It's a hard thing. It is no fun. There's nothing fun about it. There is nothing fun. The person having to deal with it, that's where resources -- it's like you just -- you can't, you know, there's nothing. Yeah. I agree. You have to do the prayer. And hope it works out. And hope it works out. It's rough for folks. Your series "Black Monday" is back for its second season. It's so good. Your hair and clothes in it are everything. So great. It's so great. Your cast is so fabulous. You, don Cheadle -- Don. Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson, and your character dawn has taken over the firm and gives this great woman power speech. Does this set the tone for what's to come? It does, yeah. You know, dawn changed her hair because she runs the firm now. No bows. I'm a woman, but, you know. I know. And his hair only -- it has progression through the season. It's so crazy too what's happening in the world. It's weird to mirror it. It's weird and we shot it already. So it was, you know -- Oh my gosh. I can't even say it was prophetic because it happened already, you know, to watch it happen again. And it's also an interesting commentary on the times, you know? You know what I mean? Everybody, you know, it's daytime, but we have lots of excess, and at the time it feels quite normal, but I feel happy to be able to do the time, and it's a comedy. So we get to play and poke fun of the things that -- It's fun. Should be poked fun. Let's switch gears a little bit. I understand you have experience with this. We showed a video of our EP it's a ghost, and I think it's a ghost outside his door. 1,000%. She said 1,000%. You agree? I had a ghost in my old Did you see it? It's weird. He used to steal my cleaning supplies. It was Sal men owe. Really? The actor. I lived in the apartment that he lived in, and I don't know if people know this. He was murdered. Yes. I would be, like -- I knew where I put stuff, and one day I was telling it to my neighbor and he was, like, oh, it's probably the ghost, you know. He walks from the front of the building to the back and one day, I didn't know who it was, and one day Sean Cassidy came to my door with flowers. Not for me. He and two other people with candles and he said, I wanted to see your apartment. This is where Sal minute owe then I saw it on the ghost stories. Wow. Wow. I think Brian has a ghost as well because -- Who? Brian, our EP. At first I thought they were bugs or gnats, but why would the camera go off with bugs? Like that kind of movement? No. Well, listen. I certainly don't rule anything out. I only know what I know, but there's got to be a lot. Than I know because that would be sad if I had the answers. It's P pixelated. I think it's a giant you know what. Well, his dog passed away on the same day that he saw that. Oh, you didn't mention that. I didn't put it together. Many, many people who watch the show posted similar things on their cameras, and then your friend John Edwards, we asked. He said I should look at the dates and try to figure out something, and that's the day my dog died. The day his dog died. And he says, you know, check something. Look at something. He's generally in the right place with it. Brian loved that dog. That would not be a surprise if that was the puppy. I love my dogs. So then I thought definitely. Maybe my cat will show up. I bet. Yeah.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"The actress discusses Joe Biden’s campaign and shares her experience with paranormal activity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69584947","title":"Regina Hall talks politics and her show ‘Black Monday’","url":"/theview/video/regina-hall-talks-politics-show-black-monday-69584947"}