Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid scandal

“The View” co-hosts react to the resignation of the rising Democratic congresswoman amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers.
5:12 | 10/28/19

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Transcript for Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid scandal
Welcome back. Riing democratic star Katie hill has resigned amid allegations of an affair with a staffer which she denies. There were also leaked nude photographs of her with a person she did acknowledge having an affair with before entering congress. She accuses her estranged husband of engaging in a, quote, smear campaign built around cyberexploitation. The question is, is this starting to feel like revenge Well, revenge porn definitely played a factor because photos of her nude -- I wouldn't suggest looking it up because I don't believe in that, but they were published online. I will say the person she was having an affair with worked for her on her campaign which is probably the reason she stepped down. It's sad because she was a rising star. Nancy Pelosi had taken her under her wing a bit, and I don't believe that -- I think if people are just open about their personal life, people are more receptive, and it's the hiding of it. It's the power thing. It's the power thing. That's the problem. Yes. I'm sorry. And the power dynamic. And I also think if it were a man, all the time -- he would have been gone well before now. Talking about the photos, you go to "The daily mail," and they were flashed across the whole front screen. I had a friend who ran for congress, and she had photos that were leaked of a party years ago, and what the media doesn't often realize or maybe care, but you can ruin people's lives by doing this. She made her decision, and she decided to resign. She had too much going on, but for our benefit of reading a tabloid magazine, is it worth ruining that person's life or give them years of hell that they have to pick up the pieces? I worry about that because today we have Twitter and so many outlets we can just throw out there. Go ahead, sunny. I was going to say she needed to resign because the Democrats are stricter than the Republicans. The Republicans don't resign. Look at Al Franken. California representative hunter has been indicted on multiple felony counts. Has he resigned? No. That guy -- that guy is that guy. Peterson recently charged with ties to human trafficking and an adoption scheme. Has he resigned? No? Who was that? I don't know how many allegations are against this president of sexual harassment, and he is president, and, you know, to your point, Abby, I wouldn't want to see this if it were a man either. Yeah. And I think it just shows such a lack of judgment. I don't want to see any of It shows such a lack of judgment which is what Pelosi said about her resignation. She said, she acknowledged her judgment that made her untenable. I think the right thing for her to do was resign. If we were talking about a man, we would all say, he had to resign, Republican or Democrat. We say it. We say it, but they don't, and it's unfortunate because she was a rising star, but she was compromised after this. But it also -- we talk a lot about nude photos. She's 32, I believe. Again, I thought she should have resigned weeks ago. With a bong, smoking drugs. How dumb are you running for congress with these photos? It's commonplace. Allegedly. Allegedly. This is -- we're in a very awkward position I think oftentimes in this country because we encourage people. Just do you. Nobody cares what you did when you were younger and running around, and you say to people, don't do that. Don't put your pictures out with you and a bong because eventually you may want to have a different kind of gig. Did she have that? I don't know anything. What I'm saying is having people take pictures of you with a Naked. Might not be the best thing in the world for you. She was running for congress. It's when she was running for office, with a staffer. But still. Why would you take a picture? It's just you waiting to get you a resign -- you're just resign fodder as soon as you do that. If her husband released those, shame on him. Yeah. Disgusting. But you know what? Shame on everybody in this story. Yeah. That allowed themselves to be put in a position where people can come for you. This is why we say you want to be careful. Don't take -- it seems like a good idea at the time. You want to -- Oh. Nobody wants to see it. Nobody wants that. In 15 years when you are trying to become a congressman. She did it while she was running. But I'm saying. But there you are with pictures. Whether you are running two weeks from now or 15 years from now. Don't do it. It's kind of not a smart thing to do.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to the resignation of the rising Democratic congresswoman amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66587911","title":"Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid scandal","url":"/theview/video/rep-katie-hill-resigns-amid-scandal-66587911"}