Sunny Hostin on her debut novel and production company launch

"The View" co-host and author talks about “Summer On The Bluffs” and announces the launch of her production company with its first project being a TV series based on the book.
5:41 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Sunny Hostin on her debut novel and production company launch
Sunny, it is now time for you to tell everybody what's happening with you. Go ahead. We have been waiting. We have been waiting very patiently. We have been waiting, right? Well, today I am debuting my new book, "Summer on the bluffs." It's also my daughter's birthday. Happy birthday, Paloma, but I wanted to give people a world they could kind of escape to after such dark times, right? So it's a fun beach read. It takes place on the island of Martha's vineyard, and it tells the story of friendship between three 20-something women and their relationship with their godmother who will reveal to them the secrets as to how and why she became involved in their lives. As you all know, sometimes secrets bring us together, or sometimes they tear us apart, but people will have to read the book to find out what happens. Sunny, a big congratulations. Now your novel was named one of the best new books to read this summer by the "New York post," "Bustle," "Good housekeeping,"" essence" and "Cosmopolitan." That's just a few. We know you love spending Summers out on Martha's vineyard with your family. Where else did you draw inspiration from? Well, you know, Martha's vineyard is truly my family's happy place, and this is really a love letter to Martha's vineyard and oak bluffs in particular because this was one of the only places in the united States that black folks were allowed to buy beachfront property, and black people have been summering on Martha's vineyard since before the Harlem renaissance. I definitely did borrow aspects for the book from people in my life, including, hint hint, some co-hosts, but after working on our show, I thought it was important to explore the complex relationships between women of different ages and this time, I potentially made the protagonist ama, a woman in her 60s, right? I thought it was really important to me to show the real life, the lived experiences of women of color and also women of a certain age. So I think it's fun. Well, okay. So there's also an area in sag harbor that was specifically for African-Americans' beachfront property which you come to very often, don't you, sunny? Yes, I do, and I see you there, joy. Yes. That's right. So we had -- we had John Grisham on last week, and he said he avoids writing about sex in his books because his wife said that he C't really do it. It's pathec when he tries. Okay. He told us that. It was very amusing. You did not shy away from writing multiple steamy scenes, okay? Now I perceive you as -- I wouldn't say prudish, but let's say reserved, and I was shocked. Shocked, I tell you, to read those sex scenes. Who wrote those for you or did you actually write those and live them? Well -- Come on. I will tell you the sex scenes did not come naturally to me, joy, even though many people may think that they did. So what I did was I actually did something that's not normal. I got some girlfriends together and actually put together almost a writing room in my dining room. I got some wine. I got some food, gave them what I had already written. They thought that we needed a little help, and they helped me with the extra details, and that is how the sex scenes came to be written if I'm being honest. Thank you, Regina for helping me. Well, sunny, I really love this book. I already told you I stayed up until midnight reading it, and it's so well done. I think it's, like, the perfect escapism for this moment in time for men and women, but I really, really loved it and I was, like, if I don't love this book, I don't know how I'm going to say that, but I genuinely loved it. It's great, and it's actually a trilogy series you're writing. The next one right now, but you have another big announcement to share with us today. Can you tell us what it is? I do, and I can't believe it. In the second trilogy book I'm writing is "Summer on sag," and you will see a little bit of miss joy there because that's another beachfront community with black folks, but today I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my production company. I'm excited to showcase creators of color and work with our partners across ABC and it's being supported by the Walt Disney company and we're going to be bringing meaningful stories to life, and our first project, believe it or not is an adaptation of "Summer on the bluffs," Meghan, because you were asking me if it was coming to the screen, and it is. I want it to be, like, "Pretty little lies." Like that. Believe it or not, I sent the this book to Octavia Spencer hoping that she would like it and she loved it enough to become my partner along with her partner, and the team at ABC signature and we are all developing it into a big, juicy TV series based on the novel, and I'm still pitching myself. Yes, yes. That's how to do it. Good for you. Yeah. It's wonderful. I'm pretty excited. Thank you so much for the support. Thank you. I would have you tell everybody about the boxes, but we ran out of time, but "Summer on the bluffs" is available today, y'all, and we, of course,

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"\"The View\" co-host and author talks about “Summer On The Bluffs” and announces the launch of her production company with its first project being a TV series based on the book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77488243","title":"Sunny Hostin on her debut novel and production company launch","url":"/theview/video/sunny-hostin-debut-production-company-launch-77488243"}