‘Little Women’ director Greta Gerwig discusses her big year

The director shares what it was like to make the film with an award-winning cast, including Meryl Streep.
6:08 | 12/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Little Women’ director Greta Gerwig discusses her big year
Your partner Noah you might have a pretty special year again this year know about back know that an award winning director and I helped end the holidays like the well we we just had a baby thought I don't really rat. If that's him earlier than a baby. It's happened to him but also wonderful but it's it's a you feeling you need to do all the things properly because he needs approved at a later that you dill thinks yes they were using numbers it's right Christmas in even though they have no idea yet even though they have no idea but later the last. Just make sure you make that Christmas as silly as you can make it has yet you little looking back on its you might as well have won masks and big SC LC considers. Now pulpit. So you know you've had great success as a director you really have that's very unusual to the female directors askance from your grade movie that everybody loved that lady bird here and now this will be operas is getting a lot of buzz yet you like are you recognize drew fans come up to you know. It's not you know actually I live here in the city and it's really sweet and live close and way EU and new school and there's a lot of girls you can. To me in LA teammate we wouldn't be a director. And I and a have a good mobile with them and then aliens make them promise you that they'll take their movies. And and they they give the haven't been struck what should what should they do. These girls who wanna be directors I think first and mention down want it to me. Because you know there's so many ways to make movies they'll let you can make a movie on your iPhone. And yet I think make your own work but it's getting yourself put on the Internet just get it out there and never practicing. Because I think when I was coming up they didn't just the digital stuff it just started but it's not like he used to do you think you can actually practiced making movies now. On your phone. I read I Wii I'm sorry that I didn't have that when I was kid because my family was so funny when I. Not an abnormal embryos and to just shoot them put him in a movie how would have been great I have instead of data put him in my standup act look thanks that's perfect I didn't like it who have you had a pet I have yet you fanned out on anybody. Who's oh and Jack I mean a thin out on people all the time in the most recently obviously Meryl Streep is in my only and it ray yet and I do it I mean I Philly get fanned out on Harry's and they see her. I served up Anthony's wedding everybody that you can helpless yeah so excellent. Excellent. You have been ended at no I fan Adam Harris and let us we admit it was a position I was in the jury of the Berlin Film Festival and I get to meet Angola Merkel you know again today. Had Ed. It right I got very nervous in front of her and adds that as site and dressed as if I was applying for an internship in her office brouhaha. I'd really weird nice still and it still tiny lake and just kind of dry and wonderful and I was I was very taken with her since the man Bosnia for the who. Al RI. I'm so I'm sorry if you're so we're not and I know that's what I'm not thinking about would be like to be talking Angela Merkel. So this movie it's beautiful I'm watching every version I've grown up in the house with five girls aloud you can imagine it worked incredibly different button. He's the front to get any huge our bet there. Not six. Best that only. Dying yeah yeah. I'm yeah. Live to see affected but I mean I L Allen on live anyway is value nominee I. But it's hundreds it's years old but I guess I like it and it. Matter so much today yeah why did you want to recreate it well I mean what I I grew up with this book I read all the time. It was big it was the book and named Olivia writer it was like what the meaning being decade be who I am mentions. Like ambitious and creative and competitive in all those things but when I read it when I was an adult. I felt like it was so modern and so urgent and so late just completely. Pressing NA so. I Philly can't had to begin to movie and I actually went to go talk to Sony about it and the people at Sony and the floor. I eighty being directed Li Burton so I talks may winds and there are. Offices and they really. Who are you look up wet what do you ethic Eller write and direct this movie. I'm and then still Amy it's been about five years getting it and completely may have been. It was something that it just continue the themes of the book is you know it's obvious scenes as story of love and sisters and family but it's also about. Other ship ownership and yes women art commerce in ambition and I was labeled this is everything. How broadly held back in those days at best especially yeah yeah yeah I loved it is well it's just beautiful Inky not in the cast is extraordinary you have searcher Ronan Emma Watson Florence PO allies this scandal in Laura returned to admit the Salave'a of course Merrill street is it there and not Merrill apparently is part your writing. For particular seat jet house so. Well Merrill actually. That told me she was going to be in the movie could have how. So that they had you know music that's the best they'll let us Evers tell you she said I know I the book had been allowed to her into an has been part of it. But then she talked to me we had a luncheon she taught to me about. So many things having seen the book and she's so Smart nuts about acting to do it about storytelling and Blake about what are the things you need to tell a story. And this sheet could she gave me this entire speech about like you have to make the audience understand that women at that time. Such as that they couldn't vote it's not just that they couldn't own property isn't they had nothing if they left the marriage they wouldn't even with their children Emmylou has any of it. So anyways and then it isn't they in new Allen and so I am I ready years I took that entire speech and just recently gave it to another care prepared certain. And but that's amazing things about like working with great actors as they they only help you they they help you. Understand what you're trying to do even more gas and will issue really laser beam to him.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"The director shares what it was like to make the film with an award-winning cast, including Meryl Streep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67830384","title":"‘Little Women’ director Greta Gerwig discusses her big year","url":"/theview/video/women-director-greta-gerwig-discusses-big-year-67830384"}