Zach Braff, Donald Faison share the moment they knew they'd be friends for life

The "Scrubs" stars discuss their new podcast "Fake Doctors, Real Friends."
9:23 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for Zach Braff, Donald Faison share the moment they knew they'd be friends for life
Come on. What's going on? They're going to publish my old therapy paper. There it was. He wanted a hug, and I damn sure wanted to give him one, but all we could do was say this. Congrats. Thanks, man. Don't look back. Fight it. Fight it. Damn it, you're only human. I ran all the way over. Oh, my goodness. Zach Braff and Donald Faison were a winning team on the beloved sitcom "Scrubs," and I loved that show. They are together again to make you smile all through this -- all through this pandemic, and they have a podcast called "Fake doctors, real friends," and it's just such a pleasure to welcome each of them from their houses in L.A. So Zach Braff and Donald Faison, hey. Nice to talk to y'all. Hey. Hi, how are you? This is so exciting. I'm so excited to be here. Well, you know, it's really good to be on the show. It's a good though to be on. I mean, last time I think I saw you, Donald, might be we were in a movie called "Homie spumoni." Don't ask. Yes. I was excited to do that movie. Plus, I found out -- I was so -- listen. The first time Zach and I have ever cried in a movie, "The color purple." Yep. I cried my eyes out seeing that movie, and I remember when they said, whoopi Goldberg's going to be in this movie, I lost it. I was, like, yeah! I screamed, I was so excited. Well, that's why I wanted to do it because I wanted to meet you. Also, and Zach -- I love it. You just won a webby, yes? For a short that you directed? It's a short film called "The time it takes to get there." It's so weird. All of a sudden, you get an award on the internet and it feels really good. And you adopted a dog too so that's kind of amazing as well. Yes. That's very good, but yeah. There she is. That's my little puppy. I fell in love, and we adopted her, but whoopi, I have to tell you, on the podcast, we were talking about you. We talked about how influential you were in our childhood because we're both fans of "The color purple," and as Donald said, we both said it was the first time as children we remember sobbing in a movie, and we just -- we had to, and we couldn't come on and not tell you how blown away we both were by your performance in that movie. I told you when we were making "Homie spumoni". Thank you, guys. It's sincere that fatal beauty, I was -- I am such a whoopi Goldberg fan, and you got the got. I'm going to put it out there. It's only right. Guys, you're going to get me run over here. Joy, speak please. Okay. Let's talk about whoopi's movies. Zach. Zach, you were going to join us last week, but you needed to reschedule when your close friend Nick Cordero's health took a turn due to complications from covid-19. We have been talking about him on the show. So tell us how is Nick doing today? It's a roller coaster ride, joy. He's -- it just depends on the there's some days when he's doing better, and there's some days when he's very critical. You know, it's a tragic story. Nick and his wife, Amanda, and their 10-month-old came out to L.A. To look for a house. They wanted to move out here. They have been staying in my guest house. They found a home, and he went back to New York to pack up their things, and that's when he got covid, and he's been in icu critical care for almost two months now. We just -- we just don't know -- we had to cancel coming on your show because it was a particularly bad day for him. I don't know. We just don't know. He's fighting as hard as he can, but he's in very bad shape from the disease. Very sorry to hear that. We're praying for him. Sunny? Yeah. Please keep us up to date on that. We have been following the story on the show. Let me switch gears because you two starred as doctors jd and Turk on the hit show "Scrubs" for nine seasons, and your characters were best friends. That's also true in real life. Even though the show wrapped almost -- I guess ten years ago, you still hear guys describing their best friends, like, this is my Turk or this is my jd as a way to convey their closeness. Aww. Without sounding too mushy. Did you realize that those roles would have an impact on male friendships the way they have? I mean, we didn't know, no. One of the things the characters brought up, was Donald and I talk about this on the podcast. When we were growing up and we were going to middle school and high school, and if men hugged each other, you know, kids would call you gay as a derogatory term, and Donald and I wanted to create characters that could be who they truly were. They were affectionate, and expressed their feelings and they were so many things, and our goal and hope was young men would see it's okay to be who you are. You can be affectionate, and love musicals and like things that are feminine. When we were children, we were hoping that we might be helping boys be comfortable with themselves. It brought comfortability like being around Zach, I am very happy. I knew we would be best friends when we wound up playing -- when we moved to New York City for something, he was doing "Shakespeare in the park," and I was doing a show, and one night we were in our apartment that we rented together, a loft that we rented together and we were in our underwear playing ping-pong, and I was, like, yeah. This is my best friend. Meghan. That's wonderful. Well, Donald, first of all, I love that you're in your closet. I have never interviewed anyone straight from their closet. You have a great collection of ties right there. I love it. This is where I go to escape my wife and kids. Really? Well, I appreciate it. Why are you in your closet? Why? I appreciate it. I get it. That's what my husband does too. I hide in the closet. My kids don't want to hang out in the closet. My wife doesn't either. But you're hosting a new podcast that's getting a lot of success called "Fake doctors, real friends." What made you want to do this right now? Well, we wanted to do this well before this whole pandemic, before the quarantine thing happened. We were talking to someone about possibly getting on -- streaming a podcast and stuff, and then the pandemic happened, and we were, like, oh. I guess we're not going to, and out of nowhere, iheartradio who we teamed up with said, no. We can make this happen if you are still willing to do it, and we said, yeah. Sure. It's turned into an escape for us, and our listeners and we try not to be political or talk about what's going on, and just let them tune into us talking about our experiences in Hollywood every episode. We're just trying to make people laugh. I mean, you know, I think that what started happening during the pandemic and we started getting a wonderful reaction, we were, like, well, we wanted to do something to help. Well, if we can make a handful of people laugh and tell some old stories and go off on these long tangents because we have so many years of history together. Yeah. You guys, it is such a joy to talk to the two of you. I hope, I hope, I hope that this goes on and on. Maybe "Scrubs" will come back as a film. I'm just saying. So people should check out the podcast, "Fake doctors, real friends." It's available wherever you get your podcasts from, and we will

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{"duration":"9:23","description":"The \"Scrubs\" stars discuss their new podcast \"Fake Doctors, Real Friends.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70906893","title":"Zach Braff, Donald Faison share the moment they knew they'd be friends for life","url":"/theview/video/zach-braff-donald-faison-share-moment-knew-friends-70906893"}