Got Goat Milk? Mom of 8 Makes Soap From Goats

Family's thriving business 'Goat Milk Stuff' makes soap, lip balms, lotions and more.
4:35 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Got Goat Milk? Mom of 8 Makes Soap From Goats
A mother of eight. Didn't want to watch her kids with so there was mass produced by factories because she was afraid that there were too many chemicals and she didn't want them to touch her children's skin. So instead she created a healthy alternative from goat milk. And now it's a thriving American business and I want to welcome to the show he Jay Jonas she -- a mom of eight and the founder of goat milk stuff it's so nice to see you PJ. -- and so you have this problem in front of you and you decided to solve it by creating the business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Since they didn't want on the actual skin. So I decided to -- my hands over an art and have the dairy goats and zones and using why aren't so bad that the pill and an imminent but in the shower -- -- -- -- cracking splitting. That doesn't need -- -- -- really but do something. And and we're looking at a lot of pictures of goats but we also. Are seeing some pictures but your other kids your children who are also helping out. We do I have eight children and on the school so I didn't want the business and let -- -- -- to be part of -- he should be a lot of empty. Understanding. Ben Harper is important and -- -- that he do they knew it only helps customers with their skins -- that's the best kind of work there. We we have a number of your products here out on sat and I have to say they're they're very fragrant and they do not to meet resembled a sense of I don't know exactly what goat milk what's -- like but they don't smell like milk in fact. There's one here it says it's black raspberry and you can get that you really get a fruity flavor and smell here on -- how do you come up with all of these different flavors. Well we did a lot of testing to be sure that something that we like but we actually have unscented -- black people and didn't like the monster racists and other desserts are really important for their skin so we just trying to bounce that we like it would generally put it out there. Were you where you and -- concern when you first started because. Is it it does take a job a little bit for some people there they might be a little apprehensive about what would -- -- in mice so -- smell or behave like. How do you get people over that -- We'll start. Craft -- and really it out. And also that you really meet different people because they -- -- to try and monthly put it on the skin and realize that it was gonna help -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- issues and that is something that really made a difference and -- -- entity RS. And -- here in America now there is a bit of a goat milk craze because now there's a lot of people talking about the benefits of of mail goat milk. And this idea that even babies now. Are biting because of the FDA even babies now are -- to drink goat milk. The dairy gets the first place that I wanted to help the years -- lukewarm until. And it started to learn more about and we drank -- creators. I realize that there are things currently -- -- in Ames the millennium an -- taxi accidents. -- -- -- -- -- And they add those things kind beauty products so because they don't -- and -- -- and natural balance it really so beneficial for your skin we put in certain. We have you brought you brought along with four S the that includes goat -- that -- can expect to see on store shelves. In the near future. -- just find products that are and we need it we have a -- -- That's something that we start to research and figure out how let me -- personal -- make it available so only the things we're working on -- hopefully will be able to launch next year's -- natural sense. We'll ask do we can do it. All right we'll PJ thank you so much for your goat milk stuff and a great story and -- -- a lot of people a lot of moms will probably be inspired by it because it sounds like hee-seop problem. You decided to sell -- you solved it for your family and now it's a business. It's been an amazing journey and I just absolutely working together at the alien goes up it's been -- Thank you so much -- have a great like good luck with everything looking forward to thank you help -- project products.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Family's thriving business 'Goat Milk Stuff' makes soap, lip balms, lotions and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24697917","title":"Got Goat Milk? Mom of 8 Makes Soap From Goats","url":"/Business/video/goat-milk-mom-makes-soap-goats-24697917"}