Barbara Walters' Ups and Downs on 'The View'

Act 10: Walters says she will perhaps "miss 'The View' more than any other program I have done."
5:33 | 05/17/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' Ups and Downs on 'The View'
with saddam hussein just last week. Welcome back to "Hot topics." Geddie: Over the years, people have made fun of the way you talk. I was told that I didn't pronounce my R's. And that's when "Baba wawa" was being done on "Saturday night live." This is baba wawa at wage. I hated baba wawa. What was Weers weally Wike, wichard? At one point, I walked into my daughter's room. She was watching television and laughing. I said, "How can you laugh at that?" And she said, "Oh, mommy, where's your sense of humor?" Thank you very much. This is baba wawa saying have a pleasant weekend. Man: In 10, 9, 8... Woman: 7, 6... 5 -- applause, please! Man: 3, 2, 1. Geddie: How did "The view" come about? It was 17 years ago when an executive at ABC daytime came to bill Geddie and me and said, "Do you have an idea for a show?" And I said, "I have an idea for a show." I've always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds, and views. This is that show. Bill Geddie and I sat down, then, with a group of women to try and see how the conversation would work out. We were going to have various groups. ...Which we've all seen -- 39 dead in cult suicide. These young people are obviously searching for something. That ufo thing doesn't strike me as odd. The first group was the best, and that's how "The view" began. Geddie: At the beginning, did you expect it to be successful? There had not been a show with a group of people sitting together and talking unscripted. I thought it might last a year or two. Why didn't you moderate the show? Roone Arledge, who was the president of ABC news, felt that my doing "The view," a daytime show, would lessen my news credentials. So he didn't want me to moderate. She's the one in charge -- Meredith Vieira. Yeah, you just remember that, babs, okay? So I chose Meredith Vieira to moderate. When they told me part of my job would be ordering Barbara Walters around -- how do you turn that down? It's a great gig. I had to take it. Then Rosie took on that role. No, it's my first day on "The view." I'm in the Meredith chair, and it's exciting. And then, of course, whoopi. Good morning. I'm whoopi Goldberg. It's a great place to express yourself, give opinions, show the kind of person you really are. I have been married more than once, and I never wanted to get married when I did. I was the same way. Okay? Oh! Oh, my god! And here on "The view," I could be funny. I had women whom I could joke with. I always think of you not just as a friend or a sister, but as a lover. And I could show, good, bad, or indifferent, my personality. When did you first learn about sex? Well, I didn't learn about sex until I started to do this show, and now I know more about sex than I ever wanted to know. We were the first daytime talk show to have a sitting president as a guest. Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched. Geddie: For a while there, "The view" seemed to go from one controversy to another. What stands out in your mind? We had a lot of controversies. We had star Jones, uh, quitting. I will not be returning as co-host next year. Man: Star Jones' ambush announcement yesterday stunned viewers. She just announced she's leaving "The view," but was she fired? Defend your own insinuations! I defend my thoughts! Defend your own thoughts! Walters: We had our time with Rosie o'donnell. Politics became personal on the daytime talk show "The view." The war of words between Rosie and Elisabeth. The United States naval fleet is here in New York City, and they're trying to keep peace on "The view." That's why they're here. Muslims killed us on 9/11. No! Oh, my god! That's why. Walters: Shall I say we had our ups and downs. You're outraged about muslims killing us on 9/11? A historic walkout on "The view." Whoopi and joy walked off live on the air. Everybody's talking about making the Palestinians and the Israelis sit down and talk in the middle east. We can't even get the ladies of "The view" to sit down and talk with bill O'Reilly. You see that today? Controversy has been a part of "The view." That's why it's called "The view." I welcome it. We are back to kick off season 17! "The view" has shown that women can be together and enjoy each other and have the kind of conversations that you may have in the morning with a girlfriend. I have been -- and I can say this honestly -- monogamous in every relationship I have. I will miss being with the women every day. I will miss giving my opinions. I think perhaps I will miss "The view" more than any other program I have done.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Act 10: Walters says she will perhaps \"miss 'The View' more than any other program I have done.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23760537","title":"Barbara Walters' Ups and Downs on 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-ups-downs-view-23760537"}