Brody's Back! 'Homeland's' Damien Lewis Reemerges for Popcorn

The Emmmy-winner resurfaces with Season 3 hints.
3:00 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Brody's Back! 'Homeland's' Damien Lewis Reemerges for Popcorn
Clinton's final -- thing. I can't wait to support a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we -- tell you what is happening in the pop culture and if you're watching homeland on showtime and if you're not -- fools you know you really are. But where. Two thirds through the season. And. I wanna know -- about what's going on in Nazis and so that's why our guest today I'm thinking well now he probably won't need damn thing. But anyway he's here. Damione Lewis well. -- -- Hello thanks for having me so OK I know you guys never say it wasn't me it wasn't -- -- happened. Well why the hell have you since Prodi appeared in one episode added -- 78 that I've seen. Yeah. Are you just home polishing your enemy what do you do I do what's happening while everything else is happening on the show. A key reminds him and I must -- him and -- Here now a just -- -- just two minutes long ago when -- might have back economic and it's we don't wanna see you and we've -- -- that. About -- is I think just have to rewind to really just get the full scope of Prodi's life you know this was a guy who who signed up. To fight. The -- artists often 9/11. And wanted to go overseas and fight for his country and it was at that moment -- that the wheels came off his entire life and so the last seven years of his life. Had been in this sort of -- -- Nightmare really he was incarcerated. To -- it both physically and mentally for a couple years. And then slowly manipulated. To come around. Two good news here is way of thinking what's interesting about them though is that. In spite of the broader political. Sort of umbrella deficits over the whole thing you know intelligence agencies working and other countries trying to depose. Guest spots trying to find the bad guys. Everybody and hope that the central character is -- motivated by deeply personal reasons they actually act in the end. Because of cuts personal motivation and I I think that's like elements -- Actually been the successor has whether it's -- will carry or Brody. And when Brody -- to -- that bunker in the first season with the suicide vest on thinking about blowing up the vice president. -- think we can all safely say it was a bad decision. I -- it nevertheless was motivated out of something more personal. Then -- religious ideology was actually doing that very possible reason. And Brodie now I think he's. A man. Who is really for the last eight -- nine years of his life in the suburb of many -- -- the CIA. Started to turn them back last season. -- -- several unsolicited he then became public enemy number one -- the most wanted man yet. -- Brody is just flat out exhausted. With his life I think. He -- that -- -- and just go to himself you know one. Maybe just another side heroines. I am I am through with this this crazy life. I was just a regular Joseph with two kids in a dog. In the living in the suburbs having a nice life with a beautiful wife. And what happened to me what happened in my life. I was already supposed to be this guy and -- so that that promise of Reston. Get in the high. I think just momentarily feels like a good alternative to -- I hope we'll see him fight that. -- you hope you're right -- -- all of these episodes are shot I think I have write sequels AM. I think we'll see of -- he has got to come out of its funk somehow. And I you know I think a large proportion of the rest of the season will be dedicated to that. He told me once when you where I guess a decent paying for band of Brothers yeah Spielberg and Tom Hanks that. You that you thought you had the Parton and you win -- -- The deal gone bad -- that you had to go back to them yet that was that was that was it was a surprise that was. I they call you back four but no long might it -- com and had sort of done the done. This whole day of auditions with with Tom Hanks with him -- all the other roles. And you know -- is doing a series. Of of of scenes with. Him and. And and and I -- when I went home that was it and then and know what -- said that I was gonna come back the next day and then I just got a cool 8 in the morning but I'd gone out till 5 in the morning. That's that in my phone -- by my bed I was in the hotels and shutters on the beach and down I don't know you know is really being treated like -- -- was a very you know is this kid from London. It would animal it was a real Hollywood moment I'm just looking out at Santa Monica Bay and I it was it was extraordinary and them. And I will pick up the phones still draw -- that you know Steve would like to see what tan can -- be there at 10 o'clock. Stephen. -- Steven Spielberg. I think what I've got to -- Steven Spielberg I just I thought I was sick at my pleasure and -- -- wants you to come in and Stephen -- this year again he -- -- wants to put you on the -- like god and so you know I drank more coffee and I you know what we told about the coffee before the show. So I had -- -- I had several governor's -- is about three showers to stop sweating and optimize multiple public espresso. I -- I think we need it -- so I just kept showering and kept drinking and what did they say that's what I get it done. Yeah. No way but I get to the -- -- and sitting outside the office a key regional. Is that -- went to -- ever had a love child. It would be this guy that was sitting in front of me as I walked through the door on a red head -- anyone notice but. I don't know do we have seen I don't exactly he looked like Dick winters and I guess site I resembled him in some way out how to -- and essence of him which is why -- and I was the -- -- -- costs but. That guy sitting in the chance. Looked like Dick winters his son and -- -- well. Well that's a cruel Jokester who took over had a bad flight to break mediating to tell me that we're gonna give it to this guy guy he looks much moral issue as I can't get half. And -- so I sat -- -- them. And he was the sweetest sweetest. Man from -- Canadian Baghdad. And he walked in step after ten minutes and I don't -- to angeles' really raise them fly. What happened. -- walked out -- -- good luck man good luck -- at this even sending more and that he loved me any. -- -- -- -- But -- it makes me feel like. Maybe -- -- gonna go okay. Playing more Americans and brits it -- seems -- place where cuts yeah well the Hollywood stuff that you I remember you. Getting punched out by -- flow has unfinished life and then Robert Redford coming in finishing law yeah and he had some kind of redneck -- was like a white trailer trash. Yeah yes and -- net and -- in a movie that you know sometimes I say people. -- still go on Netflix watch a movie teen yeah did India five -- watch her again. -- you're crazy out of your mind -- because you've lost that shot maybe you didn't know via mysterious American again. Even when you're -- Romeo and Juliet yeah -- Italian. We've got a hot dance academy you know so what -- you sound like to your kids. I sound like this I try very hard not sound like an American and that we just freak everybody out. Visited the press you were invited to everything's political write it -- me is discussed he said at the same team he's a fan of home. President of the United States of America Japan said that -- that was his favorite. He did and that's kind of an amazing would and the one house one month. No he was he actually was. No he was very discreet and he was also incredibly insightful about why the show what -- -- have to say. And I know one dropping names -- but they had two of the best things I could -- I then had an opportunity to meet. Former president. Clinton and a very -- moment in London where he was talking -- an event that I was I'm an ambassador for. And he he -- -- -- -- finally. Get to -- -- real store. And I went off until well thank you Mr. President that that's that's fantastic -- often -- -- Literally fall guys in black suits with a and the -- -- community to come this witness or. And I was taken through that doubled to lose in that we were hotel double -- of hotel long hotel -- As I walked through these double doors actual card that two double fired -- the other good eaten like days. 45 guys in blacks who -- the other and Stan -- like an album cover sort of perfect and that to sort of doing this. -- -- President Clinton -- with these two attempts to clean they were close we were trapped like this he spoke to me. For twenty minutes about -- homeland was an important show. And -- in the fact that it was a great story. With great characters. With interpersonal relationships -- complex and interesting which is what President Obama said. Clinton also went on to talk about this notion of all of them. And that he thought the show spoke. To the ignorance of -- large proportion of the American electorate. They don't know about a lot of stuff that happens outside of America that threatened by. All -- and all the could take the form of a disease. You can take the form all the different political. Inclination -- can take the form of the different religious inclination. Just being forward coming from a different country Muslim yeah. And he said and he -- as you would expect -- Clinton is one of the most paradise man. You guys have ever had an office. He was he was extraordinary and I he just talked for twenty minutes about it. And that coupled with sitting opposite President Obama at the White House at the same table as -- and him telling me that. He would. -- when you watch on running the free world and you're sick of what's deviated well. -- I tell Michelle Saturday afternoon. Michelle the girl's -- plea comes. Nicholas at the Oval Office. I pretend I'm gonna work I turn on the TV and -- homeland. Aniston so so it's on Saturday afternoons. He -- that he gets -- our public. -- he does some work he's happy. And -- -- that makes me happy that makes me happy that he has that he he you know. I am I am a huge fan of both of them so it was it was a it was a thrill. One of the ways in the reasons I think you could tell that shows just resonated beyond most T teach us and is that it -- parity you. In parity on Saturday Night Live -- Sesame Street. One of the funniest things -- -- have. Us think he can't yeah. I have to say that maybe. The eroding. He I think it's too great will be always in the show and in a kind of whispering song. Now I know you've worked with me and he says you must have done and here you -- into the wallets -- I've I've I've done that professionally on stage. -- had -- humming it one day anyway it actually. And to the -- and I do that on my shell. Should come here -- -- -- get together will practice. That's okay what are we go he said let's go here I know let's go over here and we went into my congressional office. And we sat on the so for -- -- -- -- -- And we and we and we were -- I've got me. With with Mandy obviously. Correcting me every other phrase because I was I was hitting the notes were all. Moved to one -- event. Trying to help this is the -- you know after it now. Nobody who do you -- abuse. Polish ho -- disdain. Why does she run from me. If I -- -- How shallow -- regain. The heart she has one from me you I've -- Beyond Powell -- -- speech. When the one thing you walked. Is the only beef being hauled to -- -- -- dream. I'm not saying he's like what you know why aren't you doing the movie verse -- How did you not get to date for say -- without. Can it didn't just like say to them on the land and he supplemental plan -- a go ahead and.

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