'Darkest Hour' star Gary Oldman on his children finally seeing and enjoying his film

Oldman appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new film "Darkest Hour."
18:19 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for 'Darkest Hour' star Gary Oldman on his children finally seeing and enjoying his film
Nothing here wrecking going down fighting if it can be avoided. Nothing even remotely patriotic and debt sold globally if the olds have firmly on the forma. Nothing in ploy yes and trying to shorten a wall that we are clearly losing. Chain. Finish. I don't has lost. And biffle forces are wiped out completely it. Now's the time to negotiate. In order to obtained this conditions boss. It'll not insist on systems. He will now his own weaknesses he will be read. 008. Who. Yet they thought you. You'll catch. The. Hello everybody I M Peter Travers this is popcorn movie tell you what's happening at the movies and as a movie now called darkest hour. It's about Winston Churchill and I know you said. Didn't you have like a dozen people on the show played Winston Churchill and I have to say yes I did. But now what you're seeing somebody play Winston Churchill definitively. In my opinion and when you see it I think you think that do. Because it's played by my guess Gary Oldman. So welcome I'm cute and I have to say to you right up front groovy. I used to win bet people would always say to me. Who's the best actor that's never won an Academy Award and now you're gonna mess with. I'm gonna mess with a you're gonna win that Oscar and I can't say that. But one of the things there's so many things to talk about in terms of this performs well what that things that really really gets me is that everybody writing about it says. I don't recognize. Again. As if we've ever recognized. He's like a chameleon of community have to the cut content gallery if people. My friends. Flight over the years it is strange friends if schizophrenia do you bring the map at times to. And detain yourself with the Count Dracula. Or lead RBR you don't want a kind usually. Occasionally. I'll have a situation where I can call it. A line from a movie so I just something will pop pop. A response. And a carrot will bubble. Well up a lot new wonder where that kind from so Oka and you know I'm done I'm done my effort for a few years. It. They it they live with you. Because you all ways. When you working on when your preparing a role when you working on row especially. At Churchill. You know it you'll it's living we've used the whole time so you're not it's not that you're in it's not that you study in carry tell. But for instance in the for high acts between. Shooting. I whipped beat Gary I would be doing it through. Shut chill. That's even stranger it if you'd be air. I'm Gary you're about K but I'm using. But filtering through. Church of so you keep has Ben Mendelsohn. I so put it really beautifully he said that there is that you you it's not that you can carry to the whole time but that's like a member line. There's something still live that connect that is that's connecting youth between the set up Susan and and lamb show a bright cuna. Well there is this something in your head also in your heart. That fact is you've got that make up. Yet now when I first heard about this. How's he gonna do you. Garrett is the simple boy with a dream you know shy. Modest you know plane is guy with cigars now the dream gig yeah that up decades ago there's a long time yes. Here it is all that but when if I were in that was is it like a vaccine that you via coming. What the thing is. I'm 59. I'm sixty in month. I did not want to put on 5060. Pounds. Mine chip mean I just did not want to mess with my health is at what do you get for a you saw how they would let it an audit at 250 pounds as the at pinheiro on. And so. The in. The ugly white to Yahoo! who is was was with with my cup. And we need to the right man. So I had to work twist prosecutor of Suu Kyi who Tucson who designed might have group who if he's no longer in the movie business is he's retired. It was that you and I seize any. He said no I'm never doing this again yet and I said. The you have to act. Because. I felt that he was really the only person on the planet could do this who could really attempt from. And and pull it off. So do. Yes it was it that was that that was the elephant in the room such a statement that how how is soul of this gonna work. But I had a I handing. Them that for static X. And and every one. On the film. Freeze their ass often I was. Just walk around the ship and what's Whitley county where on this but it's what it's not that cold and I'm like you know. One. What sound you're ready to run in the Iditarod you get if you are yet ready to go and do yeah. But he acted Neitzel how long you've got to sit in the chair reed. To be this man. This the I have three yen to get this that was that was test that was the test that was it just honestly that added up to your own hands that was touched my cup. And it took three hours fifteen minutes. And then getting into the costume and everything I'm it was just under four hours. Every day for TI times consecutively. And then. And then I would be I would be dresses Winston but the time the director arrived in the other axis for rehearsal. So lute. It was it was very odd that did not seen me is as Gary for three months from the entire shooting because I was always in my pickup times were ridiculously relied too I am Tuesday and being picked up and and then you would work ten to a pilot died. 45 minutes to remove him. So the dice but that was the that was 45 minutes to get it all to get it off in the nobody came in and just pulled it off of and not mess it's that the deal very slow so the process with a have to kind of have a solution that melts that melts the thing. And said that the time I really for the time I had hit the pillow at night it it was about a nineteen out. And I. I've worried vote was nervous that I would not have the stamina it was the stamina really ticket me did so to get me through because your. You in almost every scene. But it but. If we need them. I'd act I left the process. Of the might come even it was not for stripes team. Thing that was CE UE you know you have in abundance and for awhile. And then about two Alice 45 minutes and some might cut you start to see the spirit of the man there in them and in the mirror so in a way it was it. It was of of YE Eden. To to to to to to find him. Did the fact that other people had recently played this character intimidate you or did you have anything to do with watching. Did you stay away from them or. It no he has seen it here's the thing you know if you close your eyes you try and think of Winston Churchill you use you wonder mind sinking of Winston. Or in my. Somehow contaminated by you know Albert than me or broken heart trio of Richard north. You know and so I really quote forward that aside. And went to the so it's I'm went to apart from obviously the of the voluminous you know with a view of the region which wit wit wit which was. Vital. It really but the footage of Winston. Eight and and to act really he he's he's often apply. As an old map of the old demand or infirm or be you know with the gamble on he's had two's you know yes the stroke. Or they or the so called wilderness years. And when I went to this. The in the news real the past eight years through footage of Winston this that missed particularly this early on in the war. There was an energy and vitality. To him. Come. It sure rupiah. Fights with this rule sparkle in his eyes and he had this that a little Korean lines lives. And he was marching out ahead of everyone he was like just this men on this mission. And he was it was like whole dynamic. And that. Was. And the key in to him I had not. I had I have another human cupid. We are seeing him in that way as being in firm has yet Judy just imagines. He's a curmudgeon. A man born in a bad them you know with these with scheming cigar and he's shuffling around in east cockpit slippers and and here was this dynamo. And and sent Yahoo!. Which is also in the rear its humble pie agents also in the writing but it was a chance to. And show a different side. At a different energy. That this man must hat just to achieve. What he what he did have these life I mean that the accomplishments. Our. Breathtaking. It's fascinating that it is fame years we have darkest hour we had Chris known Dunkirk yeah Chris Nolan who you have worked with the three Batman. The as commissioner Edward. So what is there any kind of strange competition going on here because they seem like bookends of the job. You know Chris is a remarkable film can and and I believe we left we me you know we left on cut them. But very crowded dockets to that they. But they could definitely sit on a shelf like a PO box that's to show but you Gary looking at this movie yourself. Is there and then no actors they're just famously tough on each other is there a moment in this move him through this several for you. We're looking at yourself in darkest hour you can at least be satisfied with something that you did. There's a moment that comes to mind right of way where. You look back on and say yes. This. Yes. Hit here's this here's that. On thing. Despite the prosthetics and you know. The whole. Get out. It was the most relaxed. And the most free I'd ever been. It it it once. I don't mean this and I don't mean in an Aaron him why but once I had done the work and I felt I had found him. It was quite breathing. But I but I do look at the I can look at the pace. And an and some moments. Appropriately. I didn't preconceived anything like attempt remembered doing. I mean and I happen all I had just little little under a year to prep to speak to pricked him. And so all of us the way he would turn his papers and the way to holds hands and gestures and things like that. It kind so. Part of it. I I didn't have to think about if I wasn't a didn't have to consciously. Remind myself he would just and it I could just be unit. That was very that was that's very freeing. Saint. So you're happy with it. I that's a good thing that you can sign it and state you this. I think we he's acquitted in that kind. Not just the research but it's a mershon if you like. I'm I'm trying to know everything I can't you probably still trying to learn things on my. Vietnam curiosity about him when all. And with the with the with the film I was sends very kind kind gift of the work so. The fees he's on wants fifty something books. Adam and and it's still a mountain. Material. Two. You know will will slowly get through them when I got some time whenever time. Hewitt that never. Now who now. I don't you would like that can happen that way like that you're at half staff and teenagers. Wharton while I have a stepson is no line south of their ethnicity that's the latest that's yet. Have they all gone to see darkest hour and give me their reviews my kids. Have been. Really underwhelmed. They never they say adios good or most of the work I haven't seen. It included Harry Potter movies the agency was series. Something sundin didn't seem much. Hand. World is seen them yet and I site you know the and I you know possible to you know that Jack pavement in the Karen and Vassilis in this so so they have seen in this. And for the first time. My mind young Charlie who cite me. Said. This is really good for owns well that's right that's from the crichton movie. I better than an Oscar yeah yet look where it's coming from yeah yeah this is that coming to speak honestly you. Aiko. Really I got out of the movie. Wall. I want what I want to you know I. I feel I echo what well that's what happens I think from an and that's a great thing that's very satisfied and the others over the other. Noise around it is hasn't left me settlement and an abundance and yes it would be very nice but to. It was just a real pleasure to. Questions to two plane. I was going to ask you but I have put goats and yes we finish this because Ben Mendelson as brilliant the this case is that these great. Didn't your body can't birthday with the hell are you doing light eyes and George and McCain. Eye and into it he did it already. Did he come to you would think put me in this moving. This is mind part. You know wall I think he was wise it. He liked the king he won an Alaska. To. Exit that's what it do art Gary you know that they show ends in song always yes and I don't know what's in your head. Today because you're musician nobody seems to remember that. Which you law. But you don't you could say anything that's in your head Tom board's view. Not what Winston Churchill was listening to guide dogs to the whole solved not at all and institute. There's no have to this is. So free all kind of what was signed what was on C news. How. What oh come together yeah but now this dude I was singing something in the commons Mon oh yes and old musical number RM. Who you really is in used. Out in the pay. It wasn't him it wasn't he assist it wasn't. You. I'm I don't get have a Grammy. It is thought grant a whole other I want McMahon I want to grant me. Those will be your last word yeah typical. Like he.

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{"id":52307007,"title":"'Darkest Hour' star Gary Oldman on his children finally seeing and enjoying his film ","duration":"18:19","description":"Oldman appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his new film \"Darkest Hour.\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/darkest-hour-star-gary-oldman-children-finally-enjoying-52307007","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}