Hollywood Walk of Fame 2018 honorees revealed

Steve Irwin will receive a star posthumously, as will Bernie Mac.
1:04 | 06/23/17

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Transcript for Hollywood Walk of Fame 2018 honorees revealed
They're here but it's a family affair this morning in the skating would some big news for some big star's family affair. That's like phrases here as well. Sell and was. The list of honorees for the walk of fame is out and franks had another quite yet. But you can probably guess from the music miss Mary. Along with. Snoop. Doug iced tea and Harry Connick junior from the acting world Jennifer Lawrence leaves the lunch along with Jack Black Jeff Goldblum tragic. Henson and Disney's on Minnie Mouse frank is a big fan prepared to go while permitting. Getting their SARS posthumously we will leave Bernie Mac hack actor and comedian who passed away 2008 as well as Steve Irwin of course that while legs TV host. Who died while filming 2006. Hamilton's Lin Manuel Miranda. And friend of the show we're not yet eventful off so beyond then they were actually having less stinky Heather when they found out quote interest dating themselves wonders there's going to be a weird Al musical. Who at some point policing a rubberized Boca. But he has.

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{"duration":"1:04","description":"Steve Irwin will receive a star posthumously, as will Bernie Mac.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48232738","title":"Hollywood Walk of Fame 2018 honorees revealed","url":"/Entertainment/video/hollywood-walk-fame-2018-honorees-revealed-48232738"}