'Hunted' Star Melissa George Gets Physical as Spy

Actress new role in Cinemax series "Hunted."
3:00 | 11/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hunted' Star Melissa George Gets Physical as Spy
As a double agent on the hit show alias Melissa George was the spy that we -- frankly love to hate she was also nominated for Golden Globe for her work on the show in treatment. And now in the BBC Cinemax series hunted she is the -- We love to love. She plays Sam hunter -- who survives an attempt on her life that may have an orchestrated -- fact by her own team and now it is working to try to figure out exactly who was behind the hit. -- what he's trying to do her job we'll she's fought hard for. -- she fights hard in and she's here to tell us a bit more about it let's let's be with us today and keep having so you really did go tooth and nail to get this role why. You know sometimes you read a script and you can't sleep and you know that means that you -- so badly and I actually just. Didn't we -- for anything else idea was it that was at the plot was that the character was or a combination it's vulnerability of how complicated she's. The fact that it was a European based show it was American she's British she's -- -- Spanish. It's just the total units of all of a lifetime. Obviously playing the role as an agent at the very physically demanding role I mean you had serious physical demands on you an alias -- and I mean. Extra pressure for you because not to be able to get into character mentally verbally physically you've got to be in a moment. It's it's really hot at a time we do to fight -- they would have to trying to not -- for real. Because I couldn't -- -- good insurance are. And I couldn't differentiate because it was just so real and -- continents too was a writer X-Files right he said to me if you can't physically do -- appreciate it. So the fighting was realistic it's real. After a fight -- and even -- -- -- it's quite painful. And then you know -- backing spy momentum but that each week that the two days of -- having stood out in in this -- all shot in London in London Morocco and Scotland. Was incredible I -- the scenes intention and then opening. Series in the first episode wasn't as really significant they were really in that the soaks in the back streets in the using -- -- -- the locals. It was great. And it's got to change the dynamics of the entire production when -- actually on location and we you're able to kind of get. The sites in the smells and the sounds that authentic. Cat I mean with the script was written and where was set for my card to send I would -- application was exactly that was written. I didn't have to pretend fake. In mentioned nothing was exactly -- -- Cinemax is thrilled beyond belief for this are -- not an exercise -- they have been -- support hand over -- behind -- look at -- networking is to student coming up with some creative -- amazing show as a -- original programming -- and they're changing and and and I laughing -- that changes from the excite him now you seem to have I don't wanna say. A genre have taking on dark roles but that does seem to be a lot of of the type of work that you've taken on. Do you have a desire to do anything lighter my in my life is -- -- happy so when I'm actually paid an act to go to work order to something that I'm not. Something that I don't feel it any day basis and you know my parent -- in in treatment was incredibly. Complex that reported -- that is. You know it's not fun playing somebody that sort of place he can. Happy so so as -- -- fewer than it would this completely separate your character out from from your obviously from your own identity and sometimes sometimes not -- -- when I did I mean we'll -- environmental -- very very complex and I was -- to shake that off. And other roles have been very difficult as well meaning treatment Fischler the slap which adjusted playing -- based on the book. And now they say it's it's sometimes you don't want to shut off he want to -- -- -- when -- -- -- because. They're a joy to play and -- and -- -- means somebody that I mean sexually. Because I want -- break right now until season ten so granted -- has got huge success what else is in the future what -- we were I'm working on a movie which alleged to until Wilkinson called felony. And I'm basically on a break now until it stopped filming -- which is in a couple of rules hunted airs Fridays and Cinemax -- George thank you so much for being with saying -- -- to you thinking.

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{"id":17813028,"title":"'Hunted' Star Melissa George Gets Physical as Spy","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress new role in Cinemax series \"Hunted.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/hunted-star-melissa-george-physical-spy-17813028","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}