Original 'View' Co-Hosts Discuss Their Flashback Surprise

Meredith Viera, Star Jones, and Debbie Matenopoulos join Joy Behar on a special edition of "The View."
6:13 | 11/11/16

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Transcript for Original 'View' Co-Hosts Discuss Their Flashback Surprise
All right ladies enough of this charade who opposite that this. That dry product that Bryant's head out in reason why it's so funny you're also you're like they in his platoon I'll do every day. Original table and meals at some cars and night out original crappy chaired yeah pillow within a one and we've all moved on and you have written a book. Satan sisters ya think that we didn't have any case I'm. She's now calling it dating I'm Dina and and it's it's it's about the talk now all it. Eerie sense of what it's like to be on a daytime talk show he and it's completely fictional belong yeah. Goes so goes flying me you know Danny DeVito I don't know that I got. Vanessa Williams complained you know not done an out this honestly every bit of every one of the characters has a little bit of me and it. Some of use some of you what an irony isn't it. There's a brilliant journalist OK enough so it can't afford it is like. It can I tell you. Character Atlantic Maxine the show's creator BW XM and a producer on the show Joe Banner and the pets are the conservative Christian. It's Elizabeth Elizabeth oh yeah. Maybe not an intriguing work correspondent Meredith Vieira and can be a problematic former child star and there's no description of me you need to hunt mean your. Now I'm all had a problematic time no no threat our. I had none of this is based on the new yacht on indecent but okay. Did not thank you but you were problematic and we did regime that kind of through the whole. It got it can't get out of yes. I'm sorry. Actually they and and gave us this platform is. Barbara Walters now at a subtle today's going to be here but. We want to thank her for her very well and if Sheila Y I have got. Not all the firsts the first show the view view it call. Because I was supposed to be sitting in a bottle was there don't you remember that again at yeah yeah you horse so good. And the chemistry was so excellence that we got a point that all five of us were together do you remember that of therapies first audition. Was. The Debbi Meredith me and Barbara she thought she caught magic and a bottle in she stepped out and you came in. Magic in a bottle and it never works the same way again we were the first ones to sit down that I Kutcher did that and years of magic and Bob not have. Of course you yeah. And it might on the and roof and then it never worked at 800 winning there were the first ones in my blood walking down memory lane. We're bidding in memory like at star why you know. Black is normal and that's it and I'm am I make sure you say allegedly a couple of times and dates using mappings grew up you know so did evenly and we would still be here for the show would be your twentieth live meant that only did I didn't even want it to be nice in the face and not get out of this yeah. Yeah longest living. Yes now you want I am not like the oldest one Barbara used to be bailed out on bail until visceral she knocked out well. I said I'm the oldest now she's still all the admit that's good news. So yes. Not enough today. We mentioned a little girl Zander who just turned to thousands are gradually news Sunday and ending on giving him so the picture isn't good. Pull up what you financial. The Yangtze discerned she. In the love my life obviously I am Mary two at an. And currently on a ship on the insider I CBS and I study and an act of it okay. Have had that opportunity and I off do another show on the Hallmark Channel. Called home and family and that airs every weekday from ten to noon we have that's from the Christmas special. That's airing November 7 senior keep him busy. I make AM meet last this week. That. I haven't wrestled sit on ship bound for the election and Europeans to bond with people may not know that I am I'm I left New York City. Officially common moved to Chicago or business and because. There's another man who law and no cardinals are giants and it adds another. Above and he had an eleven year old son who has become my son Philip fifteenth war. I've become a step mom which is the coolest thing in the world you never tell me how. Live outlast fans is seen. Working for women across the country has my company professional diversity network. Jets got a big investment from. Company in China and we're taking women's networking global this year so I'm very proud to exit may. Now you know. China is I know what I said what I might do you went to helping you make a meal. I never thought I'd see racist. I've got to mr. recently and the movie that's out that have been promoting a documentary. In so and figure out what you know it's about the first smashing at a college campus in 196650. Years ago and it's it's done using animation which is. Very creative way to to put a film together something I didn't even that would work and that it's done really well we just got to produce source awards I'm very proud of that highs according to the filmmaker don't have an area. Are together on nine elevenths and her. And I remember one of the things that you said. About and a journalist that you didn't. Run towards the story that time that's exactly ran out and let my kids he wanted to get to your and I'm thinking about the people who. What the subject of your documentary when mom and our wonderful veterans. The home of the free because of the brains exactly thank you thank god.

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{"id":43472416,"title":"Original 'View' Co-Hosts Discuss Their Flashback Surprise","duration":"6:13","description":"Meredith Viera, Star Jones, and Debbie Matenopoulos join Joy Behar on a special edition of \"The View.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/original-view-hosts-discuss-flashback-surprise-43472416","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}