Oscar nominated editor of 'Hacksaw Ridge' John Gilbert chats with ABC

ABC News' Lesley Messer interviews John Gilbert at Mel Gibson's office.
15:32 | 02/10/17

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Transcript for Oscar nominated editor of 'Hacksaw Ridge' John Gilbert chats with ABC
Everyone gets lastly I asked entertainment editor for easy and I am here in San product with Johnny Joker. The editor. Be happy katic you know. There are guys thank you thank you for I have problems you are often than tackle everything I had no problem. So at the tax credits for everyone who might not now exactly what that he would tell you your job. And people mention a film is shocked. And scenes of the economy as that was shot the reality is. I've got a hundred times more film to deal with than what you actually cities really isn't. A matter of going through and piecing finding the pieces and putting them together and a coherent way. So the actors' performances. That give me also diplomas is different size salts cause while Jones whatever. I don't know find the pieces. That haven't been as dramatic. A faint and put them together and why didn't which appears to be seen with some things. The bitter I'd do my job the easier it looks right if I did my job badly you know you can Jones zero things. Use you mentioned before that you are working not just in California but also in New Zealand's. Well under the New Zealand acts. Well my Imus. Timothy. This film was done and and Australia Benson mostly packed how. Take that took a year from beginning to him about three months of shooting. And me and maybe people months he didn't think we move preview it. Receives an audience understands it and see if we get a positive response. And this one we and the response was in the Hainan views of him being to a preview episode. You know standing innovations of blows and Iran so that they. Everyone so we knew we had some anger hands. And from that it we have to within the sound this is finishing the senator who have makes the film get the school composed recorded music. There's the titles and visual things that are below of the politics in this film as we tried to do things as practically possible. Explosions and things are real and the film there's no visual fix Atlanta's. You know on six. Because we're running across the ground and these bombs were placed and they. The special effects guys have these phones that you could run over the top vote as an explosion. And the guys would get hits that's. That means that the guys are reacting to a realist what is here is Israel that's. That well he's he's. Somebody's gonna speed you though slow them down whatever amendments schools big news we can't get old they have finished and zillions of value. Mouth so no not if it is also not experience detractors now. How well he would be added angered that he more him. See he was. It was the suit was finished he was in the room. He would come and then I've already done an assembly film. Complained that and we look at. I think he's gone through recently around the city you know there are important scenes. Like we're in and go through that don't decides to go back into. Battle and no treat with bodies. It seems like he would get performance in the timing of everything in the music you know ailments rise there we can move things around them guys cooling off camera. Replies that he the is he reacting to these things on the you know creative afterwards. And the sound of bombs going off in the background we can move those around place that we we welcome the music has to be. This figure does this change with his emotions we build mom's life that. We're very very carefully at that moment in particular but little one of the amendment I was. Ensued. You know vegetables into a mental things he was really and do you want of them civilian. Traumatic a little traumatic for the audience because. When you think about the decision does not Mexico back in the society. It is conference. This event is looked at most markets. What. Pick in the nation is an easy but it looks like it's enormous that it did. And it Huntley. Any as decisions go back is kind of you know incomprehensible. Instinct for self his basement huge and come because you think you can say. One two guys who civic funds agenda this. And is based on real events and you people. I would imagine not only accidents responsibility. Yeah me the guys and ministers it is equally undergoes. Of them religion and he's. Was only fifty. Cent discount code provides Sunni it was a reckless. One not known as the ordinances are remarkable thing. And cause. We didn't you know ambulances though units Trenton. What is the reality is when he was. Ended himself he was taken away in ostrich. He he's sore another guy we're on the ground he made himself. He climbed off the stretch. Six the other guy may have been taken away and he cruel 300. Through the age. Shelves lives on the way may discipline rifle. It's a whole is around you well he got visa we put them it was not actually together that is going to be real that is that it would actually. Drives. My throat as real as possible. Why their editors tricks that you sort of employed in films meet the person he'll certainly mattered using specific shot a lot of work. And editing technique. I think this does tricks than any agreement how. And the the sub conscious immediately if things you do. Positioning himself dates. Use of music in particular. There was this little seen music and music is this things like commitments moment thing. And it's just sound efficiency give wounds explosions screams when it. The sick and mental obviously. Music. The idea is that it escalates things emotionally accident that you it's much more emotionally involved. You know a lot of relatives and we're into the mountains Mike Tyson and Hanson and root them. Tim and you know we're constantly adjusting sings. Two came to moving forward you know what the audience to be sitting there thinking well I know what's going on I wonder what happens next to it won't be processing what's in front of them. It's you know dealing with ice and then rhythm. Yeah that's some pretty king. Line I love the equipment the fact he didn't use music for eleven minutes past behavior really does mean you pay attention to what's going on and it's a little trip katic. JC EU such an intense. Battle for it without distraction. The sound of the Celtics are as nice and really we've got this whole minutes that you they used to having music competing with music. Nine that I had an open playing field was. Mind you mentioned it hadn't seen written you know. Which he acted as. I'll I was just looking at the same before coming. At the end of the film this is sequence live isn't Dawson documentary in his eighties he talks about. One god and his troops that he found on the battlefield wounded and the guys it's. Some foot he was blind and he wipes the blood from his eyes and the guy. Part of that place in volatile I was blondes. Is is this and that and then he ends. Isn't that piece of the real footage from the documentary before you can stop it. The film so I found that little piece and burned on the end of this little. Turner the end of whom and they weren't the same here on film as a result of that so now we have the scene in the film we're. They go. The city. Fears that it isn't in the documentary he since. When if I hadn't done anything where of the law. And that does smile after. What about the massage I would have been well rewarded wishes again remarkable thing to say that was an. Glenn and I also inspired you to make sure. In this. Part of India and I think people like seeing. The real guy at the end though the film because it's time. As verification system Israel and he also speaks with a voice which. Andrew views that soon. Mint minute let them know mimics a management his his exit is derived from the and heads very. So you are not the only one nominated for an Oscar for this fountain it's also up for best picture he's a little about what it was like to work with this group of people all of we're recognized and where. That's a broad. And that's. I was regretting I had worked with no bull film with bill mechanic producer. And when this pilgrim takes a village. I it's Andrew Duncan an average student and I look at it and he didn't dispute with book and Mildred in this he's obviously done. Great time apocalypse. Passion. Much to do this yeah. So. They weren't rabies in Australia and I flew as a to meet with him and it did with them and yeah yeah yeah to. I don't know another month assignment the united cool and I was I was really through with them as he's. Here are passionate storyteller he's diesels. His unconditional I think in what I think that's why it has filled this exists does that. He's got a particular way of doing things and I really enjoyed working with them he was energetic he didn't you know you know around me do my thing. Maybe he didn't countenance and other films going to be like this it's under this new. I'm blue print them on films going to be which in some ways it constrict its annual involvement well. I felt. Like I had a free license to secure and try a lot of different things than in cars and you know I think he. Enjoyed what I did and we don't really well India's greatest Q results which. This. So yeah and the sound guys from Australia that they were meant that they were secretly. Two. Please see value moment Andrew Garfield. Fantastic performance so you know he he carries the film and without a really critical booms as Disney dogs. You don't have Phil thanks that's essential. Who as we know men who this bitch direct threats aren't. Our needs to sound you and me that's not Muslim mullah. People who. Jamaica avenue. In. Also via the idea that's well obviously. You know that wins battle. Since. You know it is into all the real Moses deliver everything being. You know as realistic disposables. Yeah we'll. This is your first ready and he asked if before him all of it was fifteen years ago I do last time and Lauren and below rings that's right for the assessment. Looked. I was looking down New Zealand. Leaving L I once Wenzel twice before hands I had no idea of the sickest. That was involved. That sort of a new highs of this summer and you. That's Eritrea movements oh. Not corpses is because the Orioles and they don't know I car. Accident. Passages that no money here. Exactly. It's yeah it's. You know presidents and movie town and went into this these all the time invites them. Submitted. Or they think the markets have put in the movie just couldn't find. The right spot for me was actually. Happens in the story. Yeah. I think that'd be honest I think we've got everything they. He. Most movies there is scenes that you tank. That he is really great thing don't know the movie you know the story. Pound businesses. You know it will continue. Not just seemed to happen really easily this lineup which when you're at that moment. There was anything that really maybe to some scenes. They were easy tank out things that halted the momentum of the story. And not everything we took down outside and if I am pretty happy or averages and the fact. It's. Yeah my mom's coming Beckham's he was here in two we hear he's coming back on buses and longer ago. Florida is a packed calendar. It's yes going to be three. I was my mind you. Romney campaign. It's an eight. Bank. Didn't ask you about the awards show sorry. It's. Well they Bryant's own trash her like this I actually aspect that is John Gilbert. You editor packs marriage and we both Easton.

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{"id":45409963,"title":"Oscar nominated editor of 'Hacksaw Ridge' John Gilbert chats with ABC ","duration":"15:32","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer interviews John Gilbert at Mel Gibson's office.","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-nominated-editor-hacksaw-ridge-john-gilbert-chats-45409963","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}