Preview Nintendo Switch's upcoming fighting game 'ARMS'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz plays a soon-to-be-released game for the Nintendo Switch.
20:25 | 06/09/17

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Transcript for Preview Nintendo Switch's upcoming fighting game 'ARMS'
They cut Ogden of live here in New York it's Friday. That means are playing games here in the is he gave Adler and Nintendo of America is here with me to showcase a great game that. Yes it's no accident. Thanks thanks pat Meehan last and we are here reading talking about Mario party deluxe yet. And just so happens the same developers of snacking and develop this great new game called arms. Imagine this is part this immediately would switch writes yes. This last night Alicia show or what we're and yet so this is bitten Dennis which this is Nintendo's new console this launched back in the beginning of march. Phenomenon it's been selling out everywhere. However with the release of arms it will be back in stock in most places. Yes so that the beauty evidence and a switch as you can play multiple ways you can play like we are today. In console will vote on the television you can play in hand held mode which is them. What we're showing down here. Licenses. Tabletop mountain we're coming here but then you close the case and then we're playing. Hand elbow. And to those I just come off and he's looking tellers and doing battery. Yes you color that's coming as well that is the brand new colored to celebrate the launch of arms now arms guns out. June 16 one week from today. And we're showing off you got not only it exclusive. Look at the game you Austin holed and you doing else. Yes it Max I am not the same time is for the final match what do you think. I think that's the cost cutting the good cop a bank. So tell me about aren't this is the first time in a couple united created a whole separate world right all the characters yet mrs. A completely new franchise and I. IP that we did was asked him. And this is sort of carrying on phone from expletive. So we are not using the traditional Nintendo characters like Mario are laying there. Org or Donkey Kong is all brand new restart with ten fighters. The idea behind arms as to third person fighting game. Create characters basically have expendable lives. So they started off the at yank the Genesis for this was basically that the developers want to creating game where the aspect ratio was you are fighting. From the behind the back view. And they wanted to say a cable what kind of game we make them that says well what we loved. Our hits from a distance. And then that's where it started in and we start to create these characters let's here let's look at some live actors here. Hillary battles in this ten characters OK so we have up here right now it's spring men and root and grow. Asked me. In mint the great thing Batman in her her arms are actually noodles. Mechanic. When tell her her arms are her hair. Okay one awesome thing and liquids of his in his heart for another week but these characters are having a comedian Al easier when we announced between Tel. Almost immediately. Fan art started pouring in. Emails to less. She's she's. A movie star. So who was the most popular all right I say probably wouldn't sell you know developers of and Nancy we. We don't know why. You know. Let the fans there's let obviously spring man written early is he's the main ones in all of them the box art had not yet marketed by this is an instinct accurately they were together. This is over a robot dog. And they're special attack is that combines. One attack. He cobra sort of an extreme sports athlete he's pretty cool. And and helix. Now I'm Alexis is producing now an island and I sort of think I sort of he knows those things and used car dealership where their service plan that's why it was so. Let another good example. Sort of where the Genesis resources characters came from. His character started by saying well we want name accident has DNA. As arms so if you look his arms really mean. The learning as we hear every now and get all secrets. It will play music recently outlook. I believe it jumped right in two to match and I'm going to change spring man thinks you're. Now Felix is is. The very instinct and start picks I was sent me maybe later this that you want to we can John Brennan and Alex ago. She's very. Now each one of these stadiums. Is specific to different characters so for example this one spring stadium's ring man for mechanic. It's here. Scrap yard. Hold the breach of peace yet. And end at one of the great things about arms is. It really wants you to feel like you're historically World Cup style events so the fans are dressed up like mechanic and and the scrap scrap yard. The gusts of late spring men and in his area. And it's the idea behind these these characters arms user icons. You follow them it's your favorite sports team solar like a basketball match you know we're we're the NBA finals going on right now. Mets in spring men being LeBron James and everybody wants idolize him and you know the idea he has he's arms and you can do these these great things. Mechanic is funny because she actually created. All of that the thing that she's in her her. Uniforms she created all. The complaint in my mind yes let's because that's gonna need every advantage yes that's if not you'll see these columns here now we can utilize our on our arms go right to those columns we can break things the the area does. In her act now where on this home screen you notice that each fighter has three different arms that they can choose from initially. I'm going to start with poster. It do. Left arm revolver. OK right arm when amber. OK I don't know what I let me. They sound good now each one of the fighters and each one of the arms has different characteristics. Over and over it and it. Was I mean this evening. And really just don't know what we're playing would look and canceled. Now again the technology built in attendance was merely allows for us this. Thing. I think though finds I think actually her mind. And it they're intimated that it right away. Your. I think. I accidentally. They can't be here. Now you noticed them. Mechanic that was evil not that one of my arms and that's something that. Titanic power if you Johnson can hover. And maneuver a little bit that it C. You jump in that that they right now it's actor has their own. Unique attributes spring and when he gets damaged but he gets hurt much as his health is going down. Feel fired up and get a little more powerful. Now this is open and I only know better and we're hopeful week but how it forces at that point paper Friday. Cool it. Right now there's different things that the place is so you can see that you could block. Now it's Iraq paper scissors types of plug blocking you do it grow. The an attack an act. And then we'll look at drop I'll take it dropped. I'll pick you drop it off but he's really super sensitive don't and you. And lot of coordination two there is an end and. And again that one of the reasons I brought out that seen developers develop Mario credit deluxe. Is one of the hallmarks of Nintendo is mean we want to games would be able to pick up and play an arms is definitely one of those examples. Anybody and I any skill level can learn the simple controls. And feel like they're contributing right. Because you have literally thousands of different combinations of arms that you can put together you can gain arm. In arm. You can we need to but what you earn it every time I'm going to Max will you learn like prized. And then you can go into the arms that are outside. I'm sorry I'm Allen for. It's. You can go to target or anything gets. You can get different arms so in theory every fighter in the game over time. And get the full Ross their arms and be able to. Combine them anyways. And Lee desire so if you are at play here. And in the fighting Geithner who. I'm really interested in it really keep fighting games aren't in need that for you as well. You can find. Hasn't as the aggressive game you can change difficulty level. We hope via the. Great. A hold and and executed it including Amy did not let out at higher up oh. Just OK let's and other reasons let's and other world aren't thinking there's a bunch of different teams you can get it all England way. I just pick these up. And then for the first time ever. I. Mean I don't think we're very eat it. Yes it is to bring they're talking about my my seven year old. Playing this game at home and he picks it up and with the marching throws he asks he's all over the place and he's in he's had a great time. Any deal very casual gamers so he. He can do it the venue again you have those core players are gonna want this really deep. Ability really change things up an appeals them as well so here we covered actually be. Teammates. His arm I'm actually worried about fighting anymore after that knockout at its analyses teammates let sound ominous news. Ninja are Hank column is. King cobra okay. Now and in jar can actually. And let's use our. Against amendment me here. So exciting together on the same team gets to weather so branches in new board were gonna go wits Keiko was born. Oh. And now I'm simply at the same time yes there's multiple different ways to play an end up to four can play at the same time. Now these are all new arms that we hadn't used before. Now the aren't so different attributes as well we have touched so they have a fire attribute ice attribute a stun attribute. A blinding attribute. Again. Yes that's so cool what would you think yet you believe that these can freeze and even if convicted. Good rights and we are tethered together so where fighting. Me. And we Kennedy challenged. We gotta be a little bit Mary well your America. I started getting into the sort of rock paper. It felt like throwing you in the opponent's punches blot I'm blocking it may well. They can go right through my block. Again as you get a little bit deeper in its news. Getting more competitive and can really start to figure out good about it. I think we got hit by there are items. And one mile an. Amendment that if it'll arms. Hatchet. We can dump bon. Remembered it culprits or an extreme. Seem athlete. Think of the X games this season and a half points in the background. Again if we really wanted to make each one of these characters you meet his breath. We don't. We did. That night. Sorry that's OK so are. OK but it is that playing in this stadium part and then there's other games you can do right let's let's. His in Saturday's Stanley emanated I mean there are adding I prefer standing problem. Again like I'm playing in a litmus he's been hit but he repairs all of the place they'll probably sign. Evening news apparently in. The citizens' police what's the use. Actors do between now. Social media favorite. Twins I. And strong. Drawn. I love is was this. I. I love it that my new favorite here now hopes so basically who does everything that we've learned at this point. But we're gonna try to Katie Tenet to the point where reporting each other into basketball. And you actually get an that are just as throw it will into an added if you hitting someone hard enough. You cannot you can score same thing as you wouldn't in regular basketball. In inner circle is two points outside you can hear three point 00. Two Alia that we're gonna. In the view them huge. Blower and art and another guard is like a block. We definitely and Adler in line gambling. Senior block. So it is very again facing a tragedy he can be very helpful. So helix how obviously is seen here is he invented body involved with a wave. He's good at science expand a AM can be looking. I was. I. I. Let's help these people that it went out back. We'll start. Try to do it at. Double. If that's the thing. It. Way you. Now those are items sometimes labeled come down to you how. That's that's of a bomb that fell off. Into the quiet night that it fired he's. Right now. When palaces and public. Life and hopefully. It's. He's had I was. I would say all options at this village area. Code. That these five great just to remind them how dead man that. That's rule. Yeah. I'm. One more I know him a game. And thing. He's yeah I don't know I'd recommend him for the first half of there's. Yeah. It is fun and that place is patently. Pastor money passer moments ago. Now. Like a lot of fighting games you have heavyweight fighters light weight fighters. So master mommy he can heal himself by blocking. We'll also take a lot of punches OK more than others. Now that mrs. gill shot. And it basically what it sounds like so we're going to be trying to you hit different targets and our arms and he can also each other instant each other they get more points for going through the targets and get more points for going to target them. Double make it. We'll didn't have that here you want to make your years. Turning. Hope. He hit really hard. I hope that with the we'll. An. Apple. Yet that's. Come on army. We I want you did it. Will be a rise. They're worth game we've played now in me getting it haley's it is to get an. Now and I came in today you would never Wednesday that this trio now you. Now and it now in the college hill shot and he spoke. How easy it went through what else aren't here I think we Agilent earnings gains for our. Let's just give a quick run through what else is available. Check out. OK it's climbing testing on the target range yet. And we also have people all this is volleyball style game where you're hitting arms of the teen plate that we earlier. There's also on line with its full line. Others ranked match you can be a party that this isn't the year you know you wanna do on line just invite your friends and had a casual match. Yet rank and so this is inching one for those who really wanna take this games that you can play online and you give yourself a ranking honey. A national ranking him that's. There's an east tournament obviously up next at. 630. Arts aren't obvious one. Right from LA Ross Tucker now our upcoming game system something maintenance tax and here's another you can fight online with friends. You can also do local and other incentives switches if a bunch of you happenings and that that you cannot connect together and play locally. In his arm S and outs yeah it's out next week. Which is perfect timing for. What a variety doing lately playing this game and with my seven year olds now we agency is Mary Matalin and you know he edited. We could put ourselves out by. There's no better way. Why actually playing as the characters. You guys go out get it out Wednesday followed it. Please get access playing now I'm finding. It here thanks. And it's. I.

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{"id":47947123,"title":"Preview Nintendo Switch's upcoming fighting game 'ARMS'","duration":"20:25","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz plays a soon-to-be-released game for the Nintendo Switch.","url":"/Entertainment/video/preview-nintendo-switchs-upcoming-fighting-game-arms-47947123","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}