Where Is Richard Simmons?

The iconic fitness guru sets Twitter abuzz after rumors speculate why he's been out of the limelight.
3:36 | 03/14/16

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Transcript for Where Is Richard Simmons?
We're gonna start skating with the celebrity mysteries so many of you probably wondering. Where in the world. Is Richard Simmons. The legendary fitness fanatic used to be everywhere for decades he was the mainstay of late night comedy shows and daytime talk shows plus judges only commercials before. 67 year old. Hasn't been seen in public for two. Years and concern among his fans bubbled over this weekend he even started trending on FaceBook several friends fear his housekeepers controlling him. With witchcraft. For Richard has apparently put those concerns to rest weighing in on FaceBook but of course we still haven't seen him so perhaps the mystery continues. I've got the bomb this next we planned to find out where in the world is Carmen San Diego that's too Marsha. Let's turn out a whole group of people who have no idea who Richard Simmons and some kids debt and by consuming everyone under thirty. And Nickelodeon's kids' choice awards over the weekend giving us a glimpse into. What their Intel and obviously the kids love Star Wars the force awakens a record breaking blockbuster winning favorite. Film I would love to go to respond here but fun. And also the female vocal group fits harmony one favorite to route one they couldn't escape the iconic recap. While awaiting the board and they weren't the only one to get and it's good. A and all have mercy Zaria protesting John demos there are Fuller house getting. Hoover as well that would put the total surprise to him it's kind of did but I like the kid who are Ambac whose leg doing his dubbed big. Measures there's do you know what he did it well but that you have kids did it really well. He's he's one of the best dressed men. On any red carpet we're talking about Oscar winner and face of Barbary. All around -- break it you read me the start the Danish girl won the Oscar last year for the theory of everything wearing of course just blew talks. But he's not revealing that knowing exactly what we're doesn't come so easily. He's actually college life did he gets a lot of help from his wife had a OK so we told them her quoting here occasionally I'll go for things that are slightly outlandish and he'll tab for me back into the world of space is now running up skinny we have a couple of strange fever related items starting with an embarrassing mistake of some respects yet and he's just kicked off his purpose. World toward Seattle analyst you are stickler for spelling. You might not have noticed that this forty dollar T shirt was missing up he also missing was the source of the quote. Another. And a Bible area is well worth the forty guy. I sure it's what I said Seattle rap or rapper Michael Morton by one of those shirts but he apparently has something. A lot more personal Malcolm Moore whose real name is that hackers revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that he owns this gaining a beat her naked with maple syrup running down his horse. So it leads to where you might of guessed we've crop that portion of the painting out. But we will say that the syrup ends up on a strategically placed. And take out okay. And we're talking about his belly but I'm. Okay no but everybody was asking him to it was a short staffed and capable I had a feeling we're getting go there had.

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{"id":37625906,"title":"Where Is Richard Simmons? ","duration":"3:36","description":"The iconic fitness guru sets Twitter abuzz after rumors speculate why he's been out of the limelight. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/richard-simmons-37625906","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}