Kareem Abdul-Jabbar makes 'Dancing with the Stars' finals prediction

Shortly after their elimination last night, the couple reflects on their time in the ballroom on "GMA."
6:14 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar makes 'Dancing with the Stars' finals prediction
Back now with a big night in the ballroom. The athletes going head-to-head on "Dancing with the stars" and last night, not one but two couples eliminated. Oh, boy, well, we're going to talk to Kareem abdul-jabbar and his partner Lindsay in a moment. Along with former champ Rashad Jennings but first here's a look at all the action on the dance floor. ?????? the ballroom last night was electric. Magical. Snoits it's a small world after all ??? Reporter: And reaching new heights literally. 5'6" dancing pro Lindsay Arnold using a little shoulder support to get on the same level as her 7'2" partner Kareem abdul-jabbar. I cried for the first time. ?????? Reporter: The elite churned out dance after dance. Then it was team football versus team tennis squaring off in group routines. Rising to the top Adam and Jenna for their feisty quick step tied with their best economy ray & their foxtrot. That for me best dance so far. ??? We are searchlights ??? Reporter: Though arike donning heels for the first time in competition who made a lasting impression on the judges. There's something so powerful in you being vulnerable. Thank you for putting on the shoes. Reporter: In the end, it was basketball all-stars Kareem and arike sent packing. Arike leading with nothing but fond memories of the dance floor. This was something I was hesitant about but I got to do it and it was one of the business experiences I've ever had so definitely trying new th What a night it was on the dance floor. Kareem and Lindsay will join us in a moment but first here with last night's guest judge former NFL pro and season 24 mirror ball champ Rashad Jennings. Welcome, man. Thank you. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. Watching last night you made one heck of an entrance into the show last night but how was it for you to be on the other side of the judges' table. To be on the other side was so much fun. I was nervous because being in the ballroom and used to the competition and competing with everybody, now I get to see it from another view and actually was fun because I went back to my season as I'm watching all the contestants and putting all this energy into a dance and a routine and I've been there before. Now I can actually critique and give positive reinforcement to where they're at. Which brings me to your new book "The if in life" giving it everything you got. Tell me about the book and what brought you to it. Yes, I'm so humbled by this. Truly am and this is the birthday of my first book. So I'm completely beside myself. And obviously having Michael Strahan writing the foreword is humbling and if in life is a play on word when you spell out life if is the foundation of the word and everybody that has heard my story of being a overweight chubby kid, fifth string running back, saying I wanted to lay in the NFL. I've had to overcome a lot of adversity to make it here and as an inspiration to kids I'm showing if I didn't have a loving famgly, if I didn't keep god in my life, if my brothers didn't make sacrifices, if I wouldn't have stopped making excuses and taking ownership and responsibility I wouldn't be having this interview today. You know what, you've overcome so much. NFL, mirror ball champ and now we'll bring in to the competitors from last night, Kareem abdul-jabbar and his partner Lindsay Arnold. Hello, you guys joining us from L.A. How are you? Hey, Kareem, ido que vencer Mucha got to say, my smile was so big watching you two dance. You dedicated last night a salsa to your father. How did you feel after that dance? Well, I was very glad that I was able to execute the dance, Lindsay did such a great job preparing me and I thought the executed pretty well and I just was hoping my father wherever he is was looking down because he always enjoyed dancing and the music so I'm sure he participated wherever he was. And, Kareem, as we just saw in video, Lindsay, you got on Kareem's level, figuratively, literally last night. How in the world did you pull that off? You know what, it was the help of Haley, the incredible troupe dancer because we couldn't have done it without her. I thought it would only be fair to Kareem to finally have a dance partner his size and it was so much fun. I'm so grateful we were able to do that. It was something really fun and somebody that nobody has done on the show. It was pretty remarkable. You guys -- you get to see everybody, every day so, Kareem, who do you think will walk away with the mirror ball trophy? I think it's probably going to be one of the dancers, Adam or mirai because they do it every day. That's what they do for a living so I expect them to be able to execute -- they got great presence an the dance floor and their execution of all the moves was impeccable and I think they're going to go on and push into the end. So we've got Kareem's pick, Rashad, who is making it to the top three or taking it home? That's tough. I mean everybody can dance. Obviously Adam and mirai are outstanding but I think but somewhere between it's going to be a surprise. I think Chris, Josh and Jennie, one will slip in the final two or three in watching Kareem with that shoulder shimmy yesterday, I was excited. Kareem, linden, thank you guys for joining us, waking up early out in L.A. Rashad, thank you. Rashad's new book "The if in life." See new dancing Monday 8:00, 7:00 central on ABC.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Shortly after their elimination last night, the couple reflects on their time in the ballroom on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55011315","title":"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar makes 'Dancing with the Stars' finals prediction ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/booted-dancing-stars-couple-speaks-55011315"}