Elisabeth Moss on the making of 'Invisible Man'

The actress talks to Peter Travers about her role in the film, "The Invisible Man."
20:54 | 03/02/20

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Transcript for Elisabeth Moss on the making of 'Invisible Man'
Hi everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and people. There is a movie down called the invisible man. That you have to stop everything in key right now we're not right now you're gonna listen to us talk for human hasn't. But it is still good and it's one of the best performances ever given by my guess that is of this law. So welcome let's don't feel well it's easy when it's true that the FF. Did you have a good feeling when it was done and you looked did you say all this torture they put me. Was worth basically at. Yes I like stint an earlier cut up but. In a screening hand in the art by myself. And IA with it it was definitely of those moments I was like. Like it worked his menu making it sound like this. It's not it's not a gigantic budget it's not lake is a lot of you know not a lot of effects but the effects elements and say you're never quite sure what it's gonna turn out to be its crew. You talk a little bit about it because what's amazing to me. Is the invisible man really isn't about the invisible man it's about someone he's victimized again and that flip. Of the focus again has changed everything that was we look at. Seattle that was all he want now. I believe the story goes that they asked him what would you do with the invisible man any sort of broaden the property. And he just off even the top of his head was like I think I would tell us from the perspective of the victim. And that's the movie that we have today so is it was his idea completely well I'd never seen. A movie like this before where the villain is actually toxic masculinity. Yes and yes. And the reverberations. That come from yes I don't want to. Begin an inch spoiler territory growth in sales and that you did and then people are angry they mean that in the things that. All I don't think he just describe this character. I April are in a woman named Cecilia who we see it that bikinis at the town is seems to be escaping the house and the man. And then we find out that she's actually getting out of an incredibly abusive relationship. Husband's my friend. And have committed suicide. She continues to believe that she's been terrorist. And everything that she's crazy no one believes her. And then and then and then and then well. He isn't optics engineer yes so he's somebody that would know about why yes yes but. What's fascinating about it I think we can talk about it and women go through this constant yes. Is that when they feel that they've been abused. Everybody saying I need evidence short. I need to C yep so if it's an invisible entity which could be real in the movie or could be sometimes. What a woman he's been abused go through absolute and how that doesn't adequately. Exactly yeah that's exactly right Peter that's presently. We're that it was great guy and how it always stuck and I got out that you ask you this and now here exactly right any name. It's it's it's twofold it's not only an analogy for. Gas sliding in for a woman not being believed but it's also. A metaphor for. How hard it is to let go of that toxic relationship and the trauma. That still exists. In a man or a woman as they carry that around and they it you can't just. Oh well I'm out of it now everything's going to be fine you know there's some damage that's been and we definitely Dylan baton and then. You know and metaphorically payment mean in terms of this society. It isn't really speaking to it directly yet they and the guys of the Hart found. Absolutely I think all great car something like that you know they all have a metaphorical kind of thing going for them the shining there's like nine million ideas of what that movie actually means. Exercised her even in movie my Latin. He now gravity or something in Asia on earth element tends to have eight. An idea that's bigger than just the bells and whistles around it I think it's a way of making a phone like this genre from. Really speak to something deeper and and and be much interest. I did it it's a monkeys that but. At the same time it is heart I can get a cat and an invasion of the body spektr's the first thing I want. That was done in the fifties and it was basically sept actually about McCarthy is great and people being. In America turning into such conformist right it would go along with what it's absolutely year. It's so much about women being believed that being hurt and being believe he gas which is it. Yes he's really it's really interesting apnea absolutely right. And Meehan for me it's one of those ideas that you're when I went had read the script I've kind of was like. If so it's so great so relevant. Almost seems so obvious you now. Well I don't think it's obvious because we're just getting to the point where against the world recognizes me Mina and enabled to do this decade I think this incident visibility. Is that means. There's something else when. Spiritual or something inner adults in that. That constantly. What were your favorite car. In elevation. Obviously there's a recent ones I really I ache and quiet please Salem Jordan's songs you know get out mass. I'll of hereditary. An announcement Summers technically are found that while it is okay again. Highlighted and somewhere I'm sigh I love his work and I like a lot of the things that are coming out now. Will win you worked with Jordan PO yes and in a supporting role in yeah it was. From that yeah they asked him back. What was that like with the likes to work with well he's sustained he's as straight news exactly what you Habibie likes Larry N very funny very nice. But do we have Thelma so great it kind of like that's when I realize that this is Shawna. What is really fitting for me because I can do things that were so crazy. You know lake. Smiling while dragging a knife across may eighth. And we all wanted to do across eighth. And while laughing and crying at the same time and Jordan which has come in and you like fantastic. How that I was still. I don't hear it I was so great. And I think oh this is like my name this is my genre I can do like the green means that everyone lake has got hold the yeah I can you do that now from the other side. Accurately he was liking you look at your husband dying. And build from tears still laughing in lake time and seconds and I think he had a frog. Hat. So for me that stuff that plague. I love doing it really crazy stuff so I think that Exxon and the violent things my age am. But you always have that missed and what you do you now it's one of the great thing to do what looks great thing to have. You know what this is it going to be would you think it's going to think you know and that's hit when did that start when did. When was when you decided that you were going to be an act there that you thought. I can't do there. Yes. Cash you know now. I think that. To have someone and it's. Ten with Harvey Keitel. And he was a real actor you know he's a serious actor and he was coming on the first real serious actors that I had met. Hand Aaron he was lovely and so nice classes as filled imaginary crimes I'm. That black and and and it was I had like a real part and I do a couple of traumatic scenes and I think I don't know I just was like. And not it's not like I thought oh I'm good at that they just in lake events. And this is something I think fits me really well. And then not director Tony Jason actually ended up 13% so the west wing seven years so he just call home. Crazy it all comes full start our you grow up on sex you know. I mean basically you've been doing so much TV that's been so great that they calling you the queen of Pete TV the good. It's great to have that come with the crown that oh we don't you don't get Clara. And aids but movies are another thing too and in it is great to see you doing and. I also need people I saw this. And shortly which are currently used. To think that's part of the film critic and it takes a lot tell you need to see if I've been turned out really. But again Shirley Jackson when this version of her that you actually wrote the water Ian Roberts and he's not is leading a kind of for junior walked. Oh yeah it's not easy. With her Michaels so hard cash are content and her husband we we would reference for all of all time. It's a really me she it's interesting. Reappear FAA that that's the will figure. That's the thing because wins EC Elizabeth. In Shirley and you see her at a faculty party. You know it's. That figure seatbelts that was Grammy she was. We really tried to at you know it's it's not a it's it's very fictional kind of vision and telling them a part of life. And but Eric happens at this beautiful Scranton. And we really tried to capture mission and hers her her kindness. She like to. In flames you know she'd like to kind of poke fun he disruptive she'd like to be deceptive yeah I think distrust of Greek as a way out of it yet you know. You know the lottery and short story she I think to this dale fact may have changed but for a long time. That story in the New Yorkers see the most heat up any story ever published in any lack. Well that will gets its destructive it was and critically people not people. Likely she didn't story they loved the story but it was the experience and you seem to hand and the traction. To this kind of thing which. You know it's like I'm not afraid that this I'll do it. It doesn't matter look at the candidates to eat you can't have it up. Yeah there's so much and let it. I don't know why it just day. I love start challenging material. It's what gets me Allen well maybe in between the next three you can do one rom com or maybe I'll Damon. I don't think they should do that which try to make a hallmark Christmas means John's saying that is just me didn't. And lake steal an alien and do it doesn't get any league somehow dart get upset and relay call and Margaret Warner who is at its current right now it could be related bad the I outlet I. Did you like this apartment when Harry met Alice my favorite time we all time oh yes the old state early I love that much. But you know you need a really really good right there mean that it's obvious I'm the best and then you know you need that kind of writing. To do really good so to find it's kept well it's there. And now there there are a lot of great credit that definitely out there and do all that yet. So what happens to the characters that you ways where did they go in terms of your head which is east toward them you know. You're conscious now they don't exist in San Francisco Bay they just Obama's people come up to you and say talked to be about mad yes. And then I'm going back and talk about it if they are right yes hey wake up though dot about it he. What happens I hate story that met the same time they all have really big parts of my purse and cells. Big parts of the one that's closest to use the wrong way. Me and that's so hard because there's no it is yeah. You know what I can tell when I think he's done no I mean I did think Japan is the most is the closest to me. But I also think she's going through really kind of rough times side I think that. I don't know have how much I I identified with her may be more in the beginning when she was more. Human it. Now she's gotten a little rough but. It's either. Sally. Parts as she really it's really. Remember. It's actually. There's a big part of me that is certainly that's how I think now I think that you learn when we're. Because the lord that going to faculty part pleasure when I'm grumpy and tired. Then the Shirley Jackson shown two that think what we don't really want a little afraid if if if if if I'm dealing with this it if it. When that yes so. Are you feeling. That your on the right trajectory for you. Is this everything you wanted it to be when he said I'm gonna make this career it's more and I actually thought I'd be honestly it's. I never there's a lot of dreams you can even dream in an ever I didn't set out you know. I'm enemy they can really horrified I'm gonna be honest about advertising and that's gonna do really well in the sixties he Nellie. There's stuff that aren't meet me in means. You know a first person narrative but has no end. Like so there's there's a lot of things and now Margaret though it is being now that I am at that time it India and so. I I didn't think I would ever the in this incredibly lucky position honestly and now you're starting to shoots isn't for cash right yeah. You going Monday Monday said it actually happening. Actually happening. So crazy and and I mean and tax collector's son Keenan Davis directing. You know just it's been lack. I can't I am really looking for adjustment talking about it for so long so I really. Hope that lady is back of course and went in with here. You know she's two she told such wonderful stories every. I left was that she themselves say and that she if I had to be tortured and it would be by hand in hand and you know couldn't be could be worse it could be waiting for me to tell you great stories plus plus he tortures. There. And isn't she just. Like the most and then nicest person and she hits you just want to hug and I know life is going to be good I've every just for the biggest heart it's so anxious statements surely an incredible act. I know that's why she's she's great yeah all right well there's a couple questions we have to take from the outside world of the. Twitter verse saying okay you ready for this letter still god I have. Despite the turn and OK DPS cave Caitlin says have you ever been asked to be in the comic book movie. And what was it. No I mean it was based on eight graphic. But now I've never been asked to be in lake and a big one yet Letterman asked. Well people won't comer this is if she did it's well you know she's available except. He's like ten months shooting EI adds yellow and links. I bikes B violin something. That's an interesting thing to be done fresh there is anyway here we go from Flavio castill on he says. What stood in the do you miss most about man. And this plane. Kristi seed art. It is still of course and it's something you wanna go out and just say I think of the anti. I know it's not it's not that I thought. I think she thought that quite visit. That's down but they aren't doing that you need to lake have a chat with me in a key of really getting lake some time offers them pay it was felt like it's very Norma definitely going playing characters from Ike. From the brink OK here's the last question from here to Diana. And kebab shop 28 he says what was it like to work with Tyco wake TD and Michael Fassbinder. Our next goal wins could you tell us something. Funny or surprising. It happened capsule during filming absolutely tight that was just soul. Minds on toward Westlake. I don't know if it's like this on every found out heads our promise it is funny and it's he was so much fun there's a lot and cropped. A lot of did you notice of me Ari have a chance like. He jest he laughs harder than anybody at what you're doing. He's entertained more than anyone. It was honestly. Not a job it was so much and the surprising. Is spender is genius. Comedy and you spree which I had no idea. He was so we've actually seen. And you have to say a line at the beginning of the scene as we are locking in airline to me. Every single take it was to an incredibly intelligent and agree joke every single time. And we are at a party at I was like she did that he was like what China and crash it was your first day. And I had a joke I don't think that's. The back seat thinks the out is really the I don't know I consider him. Serious actor and obviously a very very good and he didn't know he was so it so this will be the fun side view that we'll see you need me how it's not a hallmark Christmas movie. Now. I think via a planners to. And then I just actual beef I wouldn't bet that's Wes Anderson ten Matt Levine sat right and that's like in little segments of its. Yeah plan and who do you plan. I can say I am I'm so scared Cassini pain and take a terrifying to work in this is do you think he's clearly if you can't say that Williams who you in the handmade silver -- exactly to beat him may now I just don't think payment that the director has been himself cents I think that's a good guide. So you know eat all that's in the trailers Ali Philly day and talk. Next Britain this year yeah if you are right that means you just need to see it I hope as we always end the show that song. You could sing and what you're feeling about it. So people do try to forget about it. Don't let them all. Want what you want to your head when you listen to while you're shooting a movie like the invisible only got any good at all like it's got into it and that. I yell I'm a hotbed liking of the country does Eric easy yet eloquent status saying that. Did I don't know you think if you know something maybe something you. Saying or you it was some key when you were trying. Something that's like that that's the opposite of what unit goes for. You know it came to him. Ion is not that at all sorry but I happen. I am I ran in two U a got to meet that goat goes really recently at Sundance. When I was there was surely and I sort of was I was eight and kind of stumbled out says Belinda Carlisle lake. I sing your song and animation going I don't know she knew what I was talking about it thought I was crazy but I would I think heaven is a place on earth. Quite a bit abstinent. Let me BT you know and its plan. Her ahead and is airplane son. At at an adolescent at smiley. It is. We rank has its bid but now we got that smile yes but people you go out TV invisible man. Media and just what magic and company what I think you thank you so. Ain't you at Elliott and it yeah.

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