'The Lion King' star Seth Rogen talks chart-topping debut with Beyonce

The actor and 'Lion King' director Jon Favreau talk the live-action remake of the beloved Disney classic and what fans can expect from the new film, live on "GMA."
5:04 | 07/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Lion King' star Seth Rogen talks chart-topping debut with Beyonce
king." Cannot wait to share that with you tomorrow night. So much excitement surround the movie. We have the director Jon Favreau, the voice of pumbaa, the warthog, Seth rogen joining us live from London after that big premiere. Welcome, guys. You brought pumbaa as well. Hello. Jon, we have to know did you get the royal seal of approval? Yes, it was very nice to meet the duke and duchess, their royal majesties. It was very exciting. It was weird watching a movie with so many royal themes with actually royalty. I kept thinking is this connecting with them in a way I don't understand? So true. That is true. Hey, Jon, you have been here before. It's not your first rodeo. "The jungle book" so you know what it feels like, something that is so beloved, so how are you feeling this close now to the release of this movie? Well, you know, this one people know a lot more than they know "The jungle book." There are people who grew up -- the first film that was part of the videotape generation where kids would watch it over and over again in the back of the minivan so there's a lot of pressure to get it right. But thanks to social media, thanks to the reaction that we've gotten to the trailer I feel really comfortable and excited and I can't wait for everybody to see the film on the 19th. Who plays my favorite character, pumbaa, thank you for bringing your plush version of yourself. Seth, talk about pressure, man. You have to sing a song with Beyonce. What was that like for you? Yes. It was not something I ever expected. I currently have like the number five song on iTunes. That's thrilling. It was wonderful. I apologized to her personally for having to share credit with me but overall I loved it and I think that the song turned out great and the fact that I didn't ruin it -- Was a bonus. Fun to do. I think it's time to give everybody a little bit more of the movie. Let's take a look. It's a lion. Run for your life, pumbaa. Wait, Timon. It's a little lion. It gets bigger. Can we keep him? I promise I'll walk him every day. If he makes a little mess -- You'll be a little mess. He will eat you and use my body as a toothpick. One day when he's big and strong he'll be our friend. I'm telling you, Seth, and Billy Eichner, I know Jon is a great director but, Seth, how much were you guys improvising? You and Billy? A lot. We were really able to kind of create a dynamic amongst each other, ourselves and Jon really encouraged us to try things and to make it feel as naturalistic and kind of conversational as possible, which was great and the fact that me and Billy were together, I think you can tell when you watch the movie it feels like two characters interacting with each other and would have been impossible I think to be as funny as I think we were if we were recording separately I think. Which lines made the doll. I don't know which lines made the doll. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. You know what, the doll said it best. I don't get paid for this. I just want you to know that. Whatever I signed I get no money for this. Jon, as I know Seth just touched on, how important was it for you as director to have Seth and Billy and Donald glover all in the studio together? Well, part -- you know, I know from my son I knew about the childish Gambino music but I knew Donald glover more as a comedian and improviser and both he and Billy and Seth all come from that tradition of improvisational comedy so I knew if I got all of us together not only would we partner up for the performances but we could keep rewriting it and keep finding new opportunities and part of that contributes to the live action feel that we're going for here so even though we were animating to their voices we wanted to make it feel like you were watching something that was actually filmed in real life and I think that conversational quality carried the day. Totally. And the movie is just incredible. It is. You put your heart and soul into this and it is quite evident. I just cannot wait for everybody to see it. Thank you. Thank you. You can buy pumbaa dolls. Special Friday sale. You can figure out how to get a good deal based on your previous experience. Oh, Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth. Bless you, Jon. Y'all take care. We appreciate it very much and "The lion king" is in theaters

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The actor and 'Lion King' director Jon Favreau talk the live-action remake of the beloved Disney classic and what fans can expect from the new film, live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64336071","title":"'The Lion King' star Seth Rogen talks chart-topping debut with Beyonce","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jon-favreau-seth-rogan-open-bringing-lion-king-64336071"}