Sedona Prince weighs in on future of women’s sports

The Oregon Ducks basketball star made headlines after revealing the difference between the NCAA women’s and men’s weight rooms.
4:37 | 04/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sedona Prince weighs in on future of women’s sports
Now to the NCAA under fire once again for its treatment of women athletes. Volleyball coaches saying that the facilities for the women's tournament, inadequate. This comes of course, after Oregon basketball star sedona prince posted the difference between the women and men's facilities for March Madness. Her video went viral. We'll speak to her live in just a minute, but first, take a look at her video. I got something to show for the NCAA March Madness, the biggest tournament in college basketball for women, this is our weight room. Let me show y'all the men's weight room. Now when pictures of our weight room got released, the NCAA said it wasn't money. It was space that was a problem. We know that was not the case. You all had plenty of space. Sedona prince joins us now in her first interview since March Madness. It's great to see you. Congratulations. Great run to the sweet 16. Such an exciting tournament for y'all, and even before it started, your video which as we said, went viral, 30 million views, and counting. So sedona, give us a back story on how -- how and why you posted that video. Yeah. So it kind of started when we went to practice that day and there was talk about the weight room that had been provided for us, and so I talked with some of my teammates when we got there and I was, like, wow. This is kind of not cool and not fair for us. We definitely need something bigger and adequate. We're d1 athletes. I made a video before practice. And I was more upset about it. I was very opinionated and kind of angry and I went through practice and I made a video that was more of, like, what's going on. Instead of my opinion, it would be better and help portray the message more, and I posted it and it did cool stuff. That's cool. You can say that. It got quite a reaction from a lot of stars. Also from the NBA and the wnba, we're talking from Steph curry to a former Oregon duck, Sabrina Ionescu, among many who retreated this. What did that kind of support mean to you, sedona? It means so much, especially in the NBA. Players I looked up to forever, watching them support women's basketball means a lot to us because we put in a lot of work and we deserve to be represented. The fact that they're supporting us and hearing us and talking about our stories was pretty special and we started, like, a movement for sure. You did. The NCAA, got their attention right away. They did improve the facilities. What did you think about the NCAA's response? We talked about it as a team. Obviously when it happened, and the only thing we wanted was not really an apology, like, we didn't need that. We just wanted it to change and for it to never happen again. That's, like, you know, how we improve and how the NCAA improves and how we become better as student athletes and people as well. So, you know, they did the right thing by us. They built a weight room, but, you know, it was just a little too late. And you know what? Let's be honest, and a lot of people, why they reacted -- yes, what they saw was deplorable, the difference, but it goes beyond the weight room. We're seeing now with women's college volleyball, the tournament, the coaches speaking out about some inadequacies so this is something that women student athletes have been dealing with for quite some time. What would you like to see change? I think that when we start, like, talking about these things, and when student athletes speak up about it, that's how change happens, and you can see when we all spoke up about it and used our voices, there was change, and so also, like, you know, if my sport and people help out volleyball and we all become, like, a unified system and unit of student athletes, that's an important thing we can do. Keep talking about it, opening discussions and hearing opinions, and just educating people on, like, sports and that's what we need. What's going to be next for you? You wrapped up your junior year. You have your senior year ahead. What goals do you have for Just to win a championship. Pac-12 and national is always the goal, but keep making memories. Hopefully go pro when I'm done, and yeah. Just keep doing this, like, advocating and kind of being me. You're a great ambassador and you are being you. And thank you, as a former student athlete. A little hoopster. Appreciate it. Appreciate your boldness and appreciate your voice. Thank you so much. Take care and stay in touch.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The Oregon Ducks basketball star made headlines after revealing the difference between the NCAA women’s and men’s weight rooms. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77017347","title":"Sedona Prince weighs in on future of women’s sports ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sedona-prince-weighs-future-womens-sports-77017347"}