Chef Anne Burrell cooks braised short ribs

The celebrity chef shows you how to make one of her favorite comfort food dishes.
5:02 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for Chef Anne Burrell cooks braised short ribs
And now she has Michael Symon. They'll compete for a $25,000 find out what happens when they stop being disasters. That was exciting! And become culinary masters. I love it. Redemption. Yes. That was a sneak peek at what we can look forward to on the special edition of "Worst cooks in America: Best of the worst." This season former fan favorites return for another chance to transform their culinary disaster into kitchen master. Of course, those recruits don't stand a chance. They need help from the queen of culinary boot camp herself, there she is, everyone say hello to Anne Burrell. Good to see you, as always. Now we -- are you going to teach us how to make braised short ribs but we know how to eat them. I promise you when robach sat down here she said is this edible and picked up and started now you can show us how to make it. Good morning, it's so nice to be here with you guys, even if it's virtually. I sent some short ribs so you can taste this deliciousness while I'm making them. So short ribs I have to say, one of my favorite ways to eat meat and it's also one of my favorite raw food tastes, good. So I have a bunch of short ribs here that I browned really nicely. There's no question that those are brown food. So I have in my pan some carrots, onions, celery and garlic that I pureed in the food processer and I ground this as well. This becomes the base of our sauce. There's some vegetables in there but no one knows there's vegetables in there, but it gives this sauce a lot of body to it. I have tomato paste we're putting in, and we're going to brown that as well. And we're going to add a nice big fat drink of wine because wine always makes everything better. So we just get that going. We give a sprinkle of salt. And just get this all stirred around. And the tomato paste browned a little bit. We bring it up to a nice simmer. There we go. It smells delicious in my apartment right now I have to say. All right. There we go. And so then we add some water to this. And then we just transfer all of this sauce to our roasting pan. There we go. And then these babies go in the oven for about three hours. So I mean, like short ribs are a little bit of trouble to get started but once you do, you just put them in the oven and it's kind of like them, set it and forget it. Three hours at 375. And then they come out of the oven. Do we have it right, 375? Yes. Exactly. Then when they come out you have this beautiful dinner ready for you. And this sauce is all ready to go in there. So look at this. All right. This is great for like a Sunday dinner. You can make a lot of them. So if you're having -- when we're allowed -- we're allowed to have people over again now aren't we? Yes. So and then it's rich, it's hardy, nice and meaty and delicious. And when people walk into your house they're going to say what's going on? It smells so good in here. And it's really nice and tender. It tastes so good. The flavor of this sauce is incredible, Anne. I'm a huge fan. You're having Michael Symon join you, you have boot camp backup, what's it going to be like having the iron chef with you? We have been friends for a long time. Michael is an amazing cook, but I think he was even a little shocked when he walked into boot camp to see just how bad the worst cooks in America are. And they truly are that bad and they are the worst cooks in America, but when they leave boot camp, they're no longer the worst cook. There's hope for everyone. Michael is so fun to work with. And he's a great teacher and a great cook. He and I have a great time together. This looks fantastic. It smells fantastic. It tastes fantastic. Hopefully folks can makes it at home. "Worst cooks in America: Best of the worst" airs Sunday on food network. We'll see you next time. Thank you. Thank you. We'll be making some music

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"The celebrity chef shows you how to make one of her favorite comfort food dishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77667601","title":"Chef Anne Burrell cooks braised short ribs","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/chef-anne-burrell-cooks-braised-short-ribs-77667601"}