How to stay safe from COVID-19 in public places

ABC News’ Becky Worley provides tips on how to navigate around indoor and outdoor dining, gyms and more.
4:05 | 09/21/20

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Transcript for How to stay safe from COVID-19 in public places
on how to stay safe from covid-19. Six months now into the pandemic we're learning what emerging scientific data shows us about previous misconceptions and how people can most strategically protect themselves. And correspondent Becky Worley joins us now from San Francisco. Becky, nice to see you. And we know that there's a positive here, we learned that the coronavirus is actually fragile and it doesn't like being out in open air, so how does that news change how we do things? You remember the video of researcher sanitizing all his vegetables like he was in an operating room, that was a lot, that focus on called fomite transfer, that's lessen. This virus dies pretty fast on surfaces. Researchers say, absolutely, wash your hands but avoid the hygiene theater, I love that term, of bleaching your whole house, the focus should be on the inhallation of particles. Practical advice -- invest of course in good masks, you want to see that we're all maybe thinking even about air purifiers or things like that, we want to think hard about what we're doing with this inhalation. You mentioned air purifiers it's getting colder. We're going to start spending more time indoors. How are we supposed to handle that, stay safe, because there's going to be more indoor entertaining now? That's absolutely right, T.J. You know air purifiers have been listed as something that can pull some of these covid particles out of the air, and we really have seen that that's something people are doing in their homes if they have to have people inside. Of course, continue to wear that mask, but also, think about an outside heater. We really want to be outside. You're 20 times less likely to get covid if you're outside. So think about those two investments and Dr. Jen was saying open the window, too. I want to talk about masks with you, Becky, because there's a new development, we've been saying the paper and cloth masks protect others from an potentially affected wear, but now these simple masks can actually protect the wearer, correct? Two really instructional stories that show that, Amy. Two hairdressers had covid and didn't know that, they wore masks, all their clients wore masks, they saw 139 people and no one else got infected. But where this really gets interesting, a story of mask that comes from South Korea. A customer in Starbucks infected 27 people, but all customers who took off their masks to eat and drink. None of the employees who had their masks on the whole time got infected. Bottom line, masks are awesome. To your point, it's colder, you can't be outside. We talk about heaters, people are starting to open up, only states are allowing at least allowing smaller percentage of people to go inside and eat. There? What are we supposed to do there? And public transportation. That's densely packed. Eating outside as much as possible, stay by the windows, wear your masks except when you're actually eating, and this is kind of tough, but if you can pick a seat near the cooling vent, you want to be upwind. The same goes for public transportation, get next to a window on the bus or find the down vent on the subway. You want to be on the frontside of any air flow whenever possible. That's a good tip. A good way to put it. You want to be upwind and you never want to be downwind. Ding. Thank you so much, Becky. Always great information from our Becky Worley. And up next here when we

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"ABC News’ Becky Worley provides tips on how to navigate around indoor and outdoor dining, gyms and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73148462","title":"How to stay safe from COVID-19 in public places","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/stay-safe-covid-19-public-places-73148462"}