Laurel vs. yanny viral debate is over

The Reddit user who posted the now-viral audio clip revealed that he recorded the word "laurel."
2:57 | 05/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Laurel vs. yanny viral debate is over
A mystery solved sparked the big debate right here at this desk, an audio clip. You know what we're talking about, laurel or yanny. It's yanny, people. Now the person who first posted it revealing answers. You'll be age to rest easy when you go to London because this is solved for everybody, let's play the clip one more time and you can chime in again to tell me what you're hearing. Laurel. What do you hear? Yanny. Laurel. Yanny. What is this young group? It's laurel. Clear as day. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, guys. We have a group of high school students from Alabama. What are you hearing? Yanny? Yanny. You're yanny. We have a whole group of crazies with us this morning. No. So let me explain, folks, what you are hea a recording of the word laurel, period, point blank. That's a recording of the word laurel from a website from Play the clean version and see if you hear it different. Laurel. That's laurel. That's laurel. Okay. Let me explain, everybody, and this is -- okay. This is fascinating speech science and brain science. It really is. We know there was a high school student who confirmed he was doing a project and recorded the word laurel. When he recorded "It" got distorted. Background noise came in there. Somebody said yanny. Nobody said yanny. George. That's right, George. You know your opinion cannot get in the way of my facts, George. What happened in the distortion here is that the words don't sound alike, yanny and laurel. They don't. But on a speck to gram when you're seeing frequencies played out in front of you they are similar on spectrum so talking about two sounds that your brain is interpreting in different ways only similar if you see them based on frequencies. That is what we're talking about. Michael wants to weigh in. What say you? I got to weigh in on this. Yesterday I heard yanny. Then I heard laurel. Now today I hear yanny. I think T.J. Is messing with the waves and I agree with George. Somebody said yanny in the middle of that kid messing -- when he taped it but I'm confused now. More confusing now than it ever was. I thought you couldn't hear both but my elder daughter said she was hearing both. Hearing both. Some have an ability to hear higher frequencies. You have a better act to hear liar frequencies. Can you weigh if from the high school group? What did you all hear, laurel or yanny. Laurel. Yanny. They're split. Even they're split. So funny. It's how the brain interprets what it's hearing and background noise that got in there that caused some people to interprosecutor et a frequency and hear yanny. Some people, 95% of the people. Explaining that super scientific explanation. Guy, it's laurel, I'm sorry. Well done, T.J.

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{"id":55229122,"title":"Laurel vs. yanny viral debate is over","duration":"2:57","description":"The Reddit user who posted the now-viral audio clip revealed that he recorded the word \"laurel.\"","url":"/GMA/Living/video/laurel-yanny-viral-debate-55229122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}