The most popular Easter candy by state

Ahead of Easter, the "GMA" anchors break down some of the most popular holiday sweets by state.
7:43 | 03/22/18

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Transcript for The most popular Easter candy by state
And I know we just had the nor'easter and all these things and you don't think that -- about it but Easter is coming up. Right. Are you ready for Easter? Sure. I'm ready for Easter. Let's do it. You know what it means, Easter right around the corner, it means Easter candy. Yeah. Who is not excited about some Easter candy and the website influencer analyzed more than 17,000 of its reviews and came up with the most buzzed about Easter candy in each state. We have new yorkers here? And we got one right here, David. You're a -- Upstate new Yorker, that's right. You know what your candy of choice is. It's funny because it's right in front of robin. No, it's not. I want that one. No. You want that one. Maybe I'm a southern boy. Don't go against your state, man. Don't you ever go against your state. It's Reese's pieces peanut butter cups. For New York. And all those are yours. Your consolation prize. . Fr from my own home state, anybody here from Texas? From Texas it is the Snickers eggs. I love those. Those are good. You know your stylist de'andre said make sure you save me some of those. So, these are for you. Robin, you're from Mississippi where Reese's white peanut butter eggs are the thing. Do you like that? Yeah, sure, I love Reese's. This audience does not need any sugar. I'll just tell you that. They are off the charts. There was a woman who said can I just touch your hair? So I'm going to bring you one of these right now? Here you go. Thank you. All right. You know what, ma'am, I've been wandering that all week. I was wondering if I could touch your hair, I'm glad you had the nerve to do it. Anybody here from New Jersey? Well, New Jersey, you are the land of the peeps. Somebody has to be peeps. Right. You love beeps in New Jersey. And speaking of Easter who doesn't love a good Easter egg hunt. I remember that as a child. As a kid that was the great thing, Easter egg hunt, boil them, dyed them. I love to dye them but made a mess of the house but we're going to do an Easter egg hunt for adult edition here. So, we want everyone in our audience to look under your seat. Are we a part? We're not eligible, I don't think. What are you looking for. It's got to be something under somebody's seat. Uh-oh. We got right here. There she is right there. She's got the Easter egg right there. And you win our "Gma" Easter basket. I see some sour patch kids in there so feel free to share. At first she was like is this all I get is this paper egg. We didn't want to put a real egg under your seat but thank everybody for participating and that is Easter. I love how robben said the audience doesn't need sure but they're getting some. Something else that caught our eye. This little guy, he might be giving rob and ginger a run for their money. We saw this. Her name is cardin quart. Look at that. Look at that. His homework assignment by the way for kindergarten was to make a weather forecast video. Take it away. Hello, Nashville. I'm your local weatherman cardin. Let's look at today's weather in Nashville using our new weather simulator. Aaagh! So cold! Ah, this is more like it. Brilliant. That was good. Yeah, the video only has 750,000 views, I think. By the way, we mention that his dad is like in video production which might have helped a little with -- Still. He had it all. Kindergarten, as well, right. Rob Marciano, cardson on line two. Thank you for sharing that with us. The first look at "Frozen" on Broadway. ABC's -- we know we had to play that. ABC's juju Chang got a sneak peek. Here's a look. ??? For the first time in forever ??? Reporter: The love story about two sisters, Elsa and Anna, a familiar fairy tale and yet you've never seen "Frozen" like this. ??? All ends tomorrow so it has to be today ??? It's not just watching a movie on stage. It's two living breathing women who aren't just Disney princess. That's the thing about the princesses I feel like. I feel like this is a story about two women who happen to be princesses as opposed to a story about princesses who happen to be a sister. Reporter: Kristin Anderson Lopez and first ever double egot winner Bob Lopez are the minds behind the music that launched the highest grossest animated film of all time. ??? Let it go ??? ??? let it go ??? Reporter: Now creating nearly a dozen new songs for the more grown up broad way version. When we looked at turning this movie into a full length two-hour musical, we knew we had to go a lot deeper, get a lot more sophisticated and add a lot more music. Also we had practical considerations too because on stage you can't do a close-up and you can't do a big action sequence with cars and explosions and reindeer and sleds falling off cliffs and stu like that and wolves, so you need to find musical solutions to all those things that worked in the film that couldn't work as well on stage. ??? We wrote a song called "Dangerous to dream" which is Bobby's favorite song, I would say. Reporter: Nearly tripling the musical set list meant creating a new power ballad "Monster" for Elsa. ??? If I'm a monster it's true ??? Reporter: Shakespearean themes evoked by a veteran shakespearean director. In the second half we have this new number "Monster" and Elsa comes on and has a really deep debate with herself about whether she's a monster who should even be here. ??? I will not be a monster ??? That was a per kt example of a song that has an extraordinary arc within it where you start one place and the debate that goes on leads you to another and out you come with an audience triumphantly moving forward. To be or not to be and, of course, there's olaf. He will low. How are you? I don't know which hand to shake. Just as charming and lovable as he was in the film. Hey, oh, I love it even more. Reporter: But ultimately this modern story of two spring sessions delivers a message that feels particularly timely. This is about empowering women, a princess in pants and about finding your power and nuanced three-dimensional women dealing with leadership, love and their own relationships. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York. Right. That looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. "Frozen" does open tonight on Broadway and you can see more on "Nightline" with juju Chang. Coming up, everybody, that

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Ahead of Easter, the \"GMA\" anchors break down some of the most popular holiday sweets by state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53922322","title":"The most popular Easter candy by state ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/popular-easter-candy-state-53922322"}