Who are the people who stormed the capitol?

As more people are charged for their involvement in the dangerous demonstrations, the nationwide manhunt continues for those who haven't been caught just yet.
3:40 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for Who are the people who stormed the capitol?
The roundup of the rioters at the capitol new arrests plus the search for more suspects. As we're learning about the close call for vice president Mike Pence ABC's into Denver joins us with more from Washington. Good morning entered. I good morning -- we are learning chilling new details about last week's violin capital. Siege including how close this mob got to vice president Mike Pence has had to run for cover with Secret Service just moments before the capital was breached and as more suspects are charged for their role in these violent and deadly demonstrations. The nationwide manhunt for those who haven't caught just yet. Is expanding. This morning a dragnet from coast to coach the Department of Justice now opening nearly 300 investigations. Related to the attack on Capitol Hill. Of great bulk of those were misdemeanor cases but at the investigation continues as the days and weeks progressed. Weary looking at more significant federal only charges. Federal law enforcement officials dropping the hammer down on some of the more visible alleged rioters including this horned Helms based needed spear wielding man. Jacob Chan's Lee self described as the Q and on shaman for his apparent ties to the right wing conspiracy platform is attorney telling ABC chance Lee felt like he was. Answering the call of president trump. He walked down constitution avenue and entered the capital. What is. He was there at the invitation. And group. Out of our Christian. Chance Lee allegedly leaving a note for vice president Mike Pence saying it's only a matter of time justice is coming. Gypsies attorney reaching out to the White House about a possible presidential pardon -- my client shows me you know look. I Jim believe rouge Kimberly huge tree is Banco. And all the other sure we've been doing Hugh should dress. Give the president a chance to do the honorable thing and departed members of arsenic did nothing more than what she's poor much to do. We don't want. Do you judge that authorities also arresting this man Peter stay Ager a suspected violin pro trump writer from Arkansas who investigators say. Beat an officer with an American flag. I think that's really the height of hypocrisy that was beating an NPD officer with the flag pole. At the other end of that flagpole at the past the American black. Another officer injured Michael Fay node. In gulf to buy this crowd outside the capital the officer says he was teased half a dozen times by rioters and suffered a mild heart attack that day. The sprawling investigation crossing multiple states and jurisdictions prosecutors charging Texas realtor Jennifer Ryan who the FBI says traveled from Texas to Washington on a private jet and joined the angry pro trump law according to court documents Ryan posted her movements throughout that fateful date including this photo where she posed in front of a broken window at the capitol and threatened to come after news studios next. This is really a big deal inside the department of justice and so expect to see a lot of arrests in the coming weeks. Meanwhile for anyone who participated in the violence in desecration. A blunt warning from federal investigators. You might want to consider turning it felt bad and instead wondering win. We're going to come knocking on your door because we well. As for the man who was photographed sitting down and house speaker Nancy full Lucy's desk to wring this right of one Richard Barnett overnight a federal judge halting a plan to release born and put him on house arrest. The government noted that when he entered the capital. He was carrying a stun device Dan. And redeemer thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"As more people are charged for their involvement in the dangerous demonstrations, the nationwide manhunt continues for those who haven't been caught just yet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75294380","title":"Who are the people who stormed the capitol?","url":"/GMA/News/video/people-stormed-capitol-75294380"}