Trump replaces Secretary of State Tillerson with CIA director

President Donald Trump today replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with current CIA director Mike Pompeo.
4:31 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Trump replaces Secretary of State Tillerson with CIA director
This is an ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. And we are back on the air right now because we've just learned that president trump has put at a tweet announcing that he as the new secretary of state Mike Pompeo the CIA director is in Rex Tillerson. The current secretary of state is out. It has been a fractious relationship for some time remember those reports last summer that Rex Tillerson the sectors take hold president trump a moron he was intent on thin ice then. The relationship did not improve much just recently just this week. He was blind sided on a trip to Africa when president trump announced that he was going to have a meeting with the a summit meeting with the leader of North Korea Kim Jung on. At a time in the sectors they were saying it was not time for the talks on here with my colleague this morning on GMA Cecilia Lagos a senior White House correspondent this has been difficult we're. You mentioned that moron comment Tillerson. Never admitted that he said that directly but certainly that played a role in this for this president. This departure comes as the secretary of state is in Africa had to cut that trip short. I'm told by the people I'm talking to in the White House that the president had asked the secretary of state first Tillerson for tiller send for his resignation. On Friday and that this is because the president wanted to get his team in place with CIA director Mike Pompeo at the Helm. To start these conversations with North Korea about that meeting between the president Kim Jung in. As well as these conversations about trade that are happening at a very international global level so so this is not one finger I'm told by the White House that this is. This felt like the right time for president try. Maybe it was not a good fit between the two gentlemen also the president has need Gina Haskell career CIA officer. Who just be who he appointed as deputy director CA will replace Mike Pompeo at the head of the Central Intelligence Agency I believe. We have on the phone Martha Raddatz a chief diplomatic. She's I am very we do not have Martha right now we give Jon Karl. At that the White House and John. This comes as they as the entire. White House Nash security team has to be coming together to figure out what to do about that summit meeting with Kim Jung on. Actually a decision that by the president to accept that invitation to meet with Kim Jung Hoon that surprise the national security team. Including us is sillier pointed out Tillerson himself. That the us with the ball need to get Pompeo in place I'm sure you'll moving as the acting us secretary of state. What it comes at a time when there is nobody there. As a point person on on Korea the person that had that job resigned just last month we have no. Ambassador in South Korea so a lot of upheaval on the national security T particularly. The State Department which as you know is the agency they've is that is the point on diplomacy so this is the ultimate. Diplomatic effort. And now we have turnover at the top but John the president does it does have a close relationship with Pompeo sums things they remember the cabinet. He has a very close relationship with Pompeo Pompeo as the CIA director. Was here most mornings when the president would get his presidential daily brief. In fact he spent a lot of time here at the White House some. Career CIA people would joke he spent more time here at the White House that he did actually out at Langley at CIA headquarters. But the bottom line is he has a very close relationship with the president the president feels comfortable with him and undoubtedly. Would feel comfortable with him in this major diplomatic effort by far. They did the most significant diplomatic effort to the president has made so far. To see Vega the president did it his way I think this has got to be the first time in history you've heard about the new secretary of state. I'd tweak it tastes certainly that and let's just for minority it's that this comes amid this complete. Turmoil in the White House the president has said there is no chaos that everything is running. This really but here we're but but but this adds to a long list of departures hope picks. Gary Cohn within the last few weeks and now we know secretary of state be replaced by a CIA director. We are back in a in an issue of turmoil for. Swimmers with thirty top officials in the last year just fourteen months in this administration ordered a factor regular program right now in some parts the country of course that is GMA. I want a complete wrap up tonight on world news tonight were David Muir nick the latest anytime on Have a good day. This has been a special. For me.

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{"id":53706379,"title":"Trump replaces Secretary of State Tillerson with CIA director","duration":"4:31","description":"President Donald Trump today replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with current CIA director Mike Pompeo.","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-replaces-secretary-state-tillerson-cia-director-53706379","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}