Aidy Bryant on her 'SNL' breakup, 'Shrill' and more

The "Saturday Night Live" star talks about her new Hulu show.
6:43 | 02/21/20

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Transcript for Aidy Bryant on her 'SNL' breakup, 'Shrill' and more
enough to have one of the funniest women in the business, "Saturday night live" cast member aidy Bryant stopped by for a chat and best of all, we decided to record it so we could show it to you right now. Enjoy. Hey, you can usually catch our next guest every weekend on "Saturday night live." And now you can see her on the new season of her show "Shrill" on hulu. My boyfriend is meeting my parents tonight for the first time. Oh, that's a big deal. Are you freaking? I mean -- my dad has met him and my mom hasn't. She can be extremely judgmental. I remember when my mom met my boyfriend and now he's my stepdad. Oh, god, I'm sorry. It's not so bad, he's a good guy. I took his last name. Is he the guy who always picks you up from here? Yeah, cute, right? Oh. The very funny aidy Bryant! Oh, man. Good to see you. That was funny. That was so funny. Oh, you guys are cool. We love you and most often eight years on "Snl" is where we see you, "Saturday night live." And I know people who are funny take it very seriously not to break as they say, or laugh during a scene because it's your job. But there was a recent incident with you where you broke a little. A lot. That was really nice of you. It was bad. I could not get it back. My dresser Audrey accidentally came on while I was on camera. She didn't realize. I was looking in the monitor and I was like, that's Audrey on camera. We had to cut back. I had these very serious lines. I was laughing so hard I was crying through the whole thing. Well, let's see that. The trump candidacy. He gonna win. I believe in the art -- but it bends towards justice. Okay. Now, once you kind of break, is it hard to even come back? Because clearly -- that wasn't your best comeback. To say the least. I mean, no, also, my co-stars Kenan and Cecily are off-camera and they're having the time of their life and I'm trying to hold it together. You say breaking scarce you, why does it scare you? Because it's basically laughing in the face of your job. Like, the one thing you're supposed to do is deliver these lines and when you're like, this is fake. You know one thing I love about "Snl," and it must be exciting to work there. You get to work with the biggest celebrities. You get the hottest musicians on. Are you ever star struck by anybody who comes on on the show? The most star struck I have ever been was when prince came. Unreal, unreal. And he had like the biggest bodyguard I had ever seen and an all-purpose velvet suit. Of course. "Purple rain." This is huge for me. It was just -- I was frozen. Also, Eddie Murphy, absolutely like I was frozen. I was so freaked. You can't help but freeze like a possum. One thing -- That was funny. I'm a page, I'm obsessed with "Saturday night live." We'd see you guys. My understanding was, when you audition to be in the cast there are characters you play. Have there ever been any characters that didn't make the show? So many. Yeah, definitely. I had stuff that I did at second city in Chicago, well, 100% when I get to "Snl," this is going to be a breeze. One where I played this woman dolly may Daniels and her all ex-husbands band. I was like, here we go. When I tried it on "Snl," it didn't work at all. At second city, you can cuss a lot. But on snl you can't. We want to talk about your new show "Shrill." You're the writer, executive producer and you're the star. You do it all. You mentioned before that "Shrill" was a show that you always wanted growing up, what is it about the show that you wanted as a youth? But I think it's based on a book called "Shrill." It'sthis woman, her memoir about feeling as a fat woman her entire life, the entire world was telling her to make herself smaller, physically but mentally in a lot of ways, to quiet herself to be palatable in a sweet, to be beautiful in one very narrow way. This show is taking that on in a lot of different ways. This is a made-up system that we actually don't have to subscribe to and so -- yeah. So that's kind of what we're getting into on the show. Shi starts to try and live her life being as loud and as big as she wants to. Now, we saw some pictures of that young aidy Bryant that you posted, very sweet. Let's show some of those. Oh. Yes. Oh, supercute. Wow. Struggling with the teeth. Yeah. Nailed it. Welcome to my world. But you were probably rich underneath that pillow. What would you tell that young aidy? When I look at that person I'm like, you have no idea what's in store for you, how exciting your life will be and how many people will help you get to be here and so many nice We're big fans. We're all just dying at that clip. That clip is amazing. We're so happy that you came on. You guys can catch the second season of "Shrill" streaming now on hulu. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"The \"Saturday Night Live\" star talks about her new Hulu show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69125845","title":"Aidy Bryant on her 'SNL' breakup, 'Shrill' and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/aidy-bryant-snl-breakup-shrill-69125845"}