Christian Siriano on returning to 'Project Runway,' diversity in fashion industry

The acclaimed designer talks about what it's like going from contestant to mentor on the reality show.
5:23 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Christian Siriano on returning to 'Project Runway,' diversity in fashion industry
fourth season of "Project runway." He's since taken the fashion world by storm with red carpet looks that have been worn from celebs like Ariana grande to Michelle Obama to me. Now, he's back on "Project runway" but this time as a mentor to lend his expertise to budding designers. Take a look, you guys. All right, guys, let me have your attention. I knew it was coming. It wouldn't be the holidays without holiday parties, and nothing makes a woman feel more attractive and festive than making an entrance in that perfect dress. All right, designers, look around. Because everything you need to make your dress is right here. Oh Jesus. Welcome to the unconventional materials challenge. Please welcome the very talented Christian Siriano. Oh Christian, you know, it's always good to wear one of your designs. Actually, my favorite one this past year I wore was at the governor's ball, the purple dress. That was amazing. Oh, my gosh, it was so fabulous, so glamorous, texture, everything was amazing. Wait, when this happens, as someone that doesn't have these moments a lot, do you know she's wearing that or do you -- I think I didn't know actually. You know what, a lot of times I don't know. Do they tweet at you then? You see it popping up. It can be a stylist, it can be an actress, whoever. Yeah, so it's very random actually sometimes. Does it feel so cool when you look and you're like, oh, my gosh? Yeah. Sometimes in the moment I'm like, I wish I could have more of a moment about it but we're on to the next and getting another million things so that's sometimes sad but it was so beautiful. You looked amazing. Thank you. I love it. It's one of my favorite looks. It really is. Thank you. I'm telling you right now, man, stop, stay in the moment because you're crushing it. Thank you. You have really -- you've made a huge name for yourself in the fashion industry. You dressed the biggest celebrities out there. You created -- you have your own line, but when you were growing up, when did you know this is what you wanted to do? Yeah, I was always really inspired by I think women. I think we're definitely very inspiring. I grew up in a household of women. My mom was a curvy woman. My sister was a small ballet dancer so I knew I wanted to have a range of something for both of them. They liked the same things so I was like, oh, I need to have something for both of them and their friends and I love this idea of transformation. I think that that's a really wonderful thing to watch. I don't know, you put something on and it just makes you feel different and I thought that was very inspiring. And I agree with you. What you wear can make you feel in such a different mood. There may be a kid out there who's watching this. What would you tell that kid if this is what they really think their passion is? I think that's even why I wanted to come back on the show because I want this young generation to understand that you can be whoever you want to be, make what you want to make, dress how you want to dress. It doesn't really matter. Men, women, I think there are kind of no more rules in fashion. I think, I don't know, putting on clothes should be like the fun part of the day, not like the challenge. Right. I've always thought that that was a funny thing. Brilliant. You've also been a huge advocate for diversity in fashion. Yes. Why was that been so important to you? Yeah, I think -- yeah, I just really think it's such an interesting thing. People are like, oh, you dress all these different types of people and I'm like, yeah, they're really cool. Why am I not going to dress them? If Oprah calls you're not going to dress her? I'm like, are you crazy? I'm like, are you nuts? I always thought that was a funny thing when people are like, you celebrate these sizes and shapes and I was like, yeah, because that's what our world is. You know what I thought was really cool, I don't know if you guys saw this but Leslie Jones, she was saying how a lot of these big designers wouldn't dress her but, Christian, you did. Yeah, yeah. She tweeted out something and you tweeted back. Yeah, listen, if you follow Leslie in general -- We love Leslie. Genius, so next level. The fittings are the most amazing. She screams the entire time. So I was like of course I want to dress you. Have you seen her at a runway show? They have clips of her. She literally screams -- That's at my show. Oh! Yeah. I said where did you think you were? She was like, I thought I was at a game. I was like, no, no, you're across from vogue but it's fine. I know Michael mentioned it and you said something about it but really it truly is a full circle moment for you to be back on "Project runway" as a mentor os opposed to being a contestant. What does that feel like being in a different role now? It is really wild. It's like, oh, I'm back here. It feels very different. I get paid, that's exciting. Good point. Listen, and I was a kid so it is really nice now to be successful in the business and have a big company, so I really give them like a real world kind of like advice. I'm like -- they're like, this is for a red carpet. I'm like, well I just did 15 people at the oscars, I know something about it, not in a mean way, just in a really real way from experience. I think that's the best mentorship you can give to anybody. Absolutely. You're sticking around with us longer but you guys can catch

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"The acclaimed designer talks about what it's like going from contestant to mentor on the reality show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67711541","title":"Christian Siriano on returning to 'Project Runway,' diversity in fashion industry ","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/christian-siriano-returning-project-runway-diversity-fashion-industry-67711541"}