Hayley Hasselhoff on how to dress for your body type

The body confidence advocate gives a viewer an inspiring makeover.
4:22 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Hayley Hasselhoff on how to dress for your body type
find the right clothes for your shape. That's why today we're talking about how to dress for your body type. Here to help us out is actress, model and body confidence advocate Hayley hasselhoff. Oh, thank you guys. We always love having you but we wanted to start out with, I myself struggle with how to shop for my specific body. If it fits I assume it looks good and I move on. But you know what, that's how it should be. It's all about the fit and the so many people walk in the store and get discouraged if they have to ask for a bigger size or a smaller size. You have to remember that every designer and brand has a different pattern work. I've designed my own collection. It's going to be different for every single brand. A lot of times you go in thinking I'm a size 16 everywhere but you're not. It's going to fluctuate and don't be discouraged by that. Know that whatever fit and feel, that's where the confidence should come in. So don't get hooked on a number. Yes. We have a viewer named Jackie and she's here with us today and Jackie has a problem dressing for her body type. We have a picture -- as a matter of fact, we're going to take a look at a tape. Here's Jackie. Hi, everyone. I'm Jackie. I'm 29 years old and I'm struggling to dress for my body type. After having my daughter and gaining 30 pounds, shopping has been really hard. It's left me feeling lost and even more insecure. I've always been on the curvy side but I was confident. Now I struggle with finding clothes that I feel good in. I want to look and feel amazing again. Can you help me? Thank you. Yeah. Of course we can help you. Yes, of course we can help you. That's why we got Hayley here. So here is Jackie backstage before the show. All right. And let's see what Hayley did for Jackie. Jackie, come on out. Come on out here, Jackie. Yeah. Whoa, okay. Jackie, you look fabulous. Thank you. You look fabulous. Thank you, thank you. How do you feel? I feel amazing. I feel sexy. Yeah, you do. I feel confident. Overall this feeling -- it's been a long time. And you let the hair drop down, honey. Look at this. We needed to give her something with this hair. Tell us what you did with the outfit. She looks so young. Let me walk over here for a second. We actually put her in head to toe from a brand called realist, a new premium curve range. They customize in special -- they specialize, sorry, in luxury fabrics and premium precision to fit. Now, the greatest thing about this is she is an art teacher and a mother so I wanted to give her something that was comfortable yet chic. We put her in this beautiful silk cami. It flatters her figure perfectly. We wanted to give her something that made her feel a bit more sexy and luxurious and sophisticated so we put her in this amazing cashmere shawl. Now, the great thing about this is is that, I know, she was a bit self-conscious about her arms so it covers her in all the perfect areas but she can shimmy it down and she has on the side here to give her a little bit more of a conservative -- Okay. Bringing sexy back, I like it. Yes, she is. So this is a classic fit Jean. I love this Jean. Oh, my gosh, you look great in those. Thank you. Because a tapered Jean is really amazing for her figure. We paired it with a block heel which elongates her figure and brings everything upwards. I love this. How do you feel after talking with Hayley about how this is going to change your shopping and styling moving forward? I feel like this is easy, like I can do this. This is not impossible to reach. I can wear this to work and not feel like I'm showing too much. It's about key staples that she can put back into her wardrobe. It wasn't about taking away her style completely but enhancing what she already does and I think that's why this brand is perfect for her. She looks amazing. I'm so happy for her. Hayley, thank you. Jackie, thank you. Congratulations on your baby.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"The body confidence advocate gives a viewer an inspiring makeover.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66347882","title":"Hayley Hasselhoff on how to dress for your body type","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/hayley-hasselhoff-dress-body-type-66347882"}