Kid genius Elliott Tanner

What's it like to be 10 years old and in college?
5:53 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Kid genius Elliott Tanner
Our next guest has a 4.0 GPA in college physics. While tutoring high schoolers in math, oh, and did I mention he's 10 years old? Please welcome, Elliott tanner. Okay, Elliott, how are you feeling right now? How are you doing? I'm doing pretty well. I was practicing my okur backstage. Okur! I didn't see that one coming. I didn't see that one coming at all. I heard, when you came to new York City with your mom, I laugh, when I think of New York City, the first thing I want to do is eat. You headed to the museum of math. Yeah. What was that like? I didn't know there's a museum of math. It's really cool. They have a whole aisle of interactive exhibit. A car-lunching thing you where you can launch a little car and stand on the ramp and they also have this hyper -- hyperexhibit. You entrap yourself in four-dimensional -- When you said spin around I'm out. So, you're going to be a junior in college. What is it like going to school with people who are so much older than you? I hardly notice the difference. I just notice I'm shorter. You know, and I can still hold a conversation with my peers. I have to sit in the front row. I was going to say, do you sit in the front row? I have to sit in the front row. Like that movie where everyone's that tall person sits in front of you deliberately. And you can't see anything. Yeah. I don't think that would slow you down. In a group projects, do people depend on you to carry the workload? In four-person group I have to do 50% not 25%, especially in my freshman composition class. Pretty much half the class is on the phone. Young people these days -- Tell me about it. But we hear that you want to know the deepest secrets of the universe. What kind of secrets with we talking about? We're talking about, like, the fate of the universe and humanity itself. And will we ever be able to figure out if in 5 billion years the sun will engulf the Earth? -- Collide with the milky way? Removing all life from both galaxys, how depressing. Also, I want to know how to motivate my mom without coffee. I just want a glass of milk and a blanket and snuggle up. What do you do for fun? I like to program for fun. It's fun to make all these interesting things that do the job at hand. Hopefully, I figure out how to make my computer do something as in work that way I can program it to clean my room for me. The really tough stuff in life. I like this. Your mom Michelle is here. Hello, Michelle. My son is 3. I just need to know, what I should be looking for in case I had a genius? When did you notice something that's different with Elliott? He's taking us for a ride since the beginning. He's our only kid. Rolling over at 4 weeks old. Sitting up unassisted at 4 months old. He ended up learning the alphabet and how to read before 2. We're doing multiplication and division at 4. Math videos to teach other kids how to do math and ended up speeding through high school curriculum, so we were doing algebra in a month. And we're condensing high school experiences that should be 4 years into 18 months and he just got beyond me so I had to look other places and apply to college and here we are. Wow, wow. Elliott, it's so amazing and we know you love math. But really, quickly, rapid-fire, a few other things to get your answers. What's your favorite TV show? "Young Sheldon." It's nice having someone who's like an identical clone to myself. Really relatable. Wow, what is your favorite game to play with friends? Probably civilization and dungeon and dragons. Your favorite hobby? Probably programming. For the aforementioned reasons. Favorite song? "It's still rock and roll to me" by Billy Joel. I like that. What's your favorite food? Probably hibachi beef, especially with yum yum sauce. From benihana. And the last one, who's your favorite superhero? Iron man. A supergenius. What else can I say? You're so cool. Oh, man. Thank you so much. We really hope you find the answers to -- the answers to the questions about the universe. Really, really want you to do that. You're an amazing young man. We need people like you. Thank you. Have a great junior year in

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