Rob Thomas is tired of hearing 'Smooth'

Rob gets ambushed for a one on one interview with Sara.
5:53 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Rob Thomas is tired of hearing 'Smooth'
Now, Michael, while you were out a few weeks ago, I got a pretty awesome opportunity to do a solo "Ambush interview" with rob Thomas and we had a great time. In fact, I'd go as far to say we've become best friends. Take a look. So, when we get downstairs, I'm going to go into the car, make a quick phone call and we're going to wind up going over to the hotel. Robert T. -- That was weird. I should start with Rob Thomas. So, you're leaving? You're on your way out. Yeah. Okay, so -- do you have like a minute or 7:30? You can keep the car warm. You got this. "Ambush interviews." You've been on the music scene for a long time. Do you have any funny fan moments or an embarrassing fan moment? I live in New York. I was standing out, saying good-bye to someone, at the cab. It was a long good-bye. They were there for quite some time. They were hovering. Yes. I turn around. The guy goes, excuse me, are you Rob Thomas? I said, yes. He goes, I'm a moderate fan. Just a moderate in. He waited like five minutes. I said I'm moderately thankful. It's been 20 years since "Smooth" hit the airwaves. It was playing all the time. All the time. To the point where occasionally, maybe it annoyed you a little. I think it annoyed everyone for a minute there. Like, think it was this great summer jam for a minute and then it got, that's enough. That your phone? Yeah, it will go to voice mail. It's my mom. "Smooth" is your ringtone. Is it true that santana speaks to you? In emojis. He uses a lot more emojis than you would imagine. He's very spiritual person. Last night, he sent me his album and I sent him my new album. We were texting about it. It's all real the love, the light in the universe. There's like a string of frog emoji, a little arm emoji, fire emoji. How does he speak spiritually through emojis? I'm usually limited to the poop emoji and the high five. When he does it, it's spiritual poop. You're right, it's probably blessed. Does he do the gifs? Oh, yeah. There's a pregnant one of Amy Poehler jamming like this. I send it to every. She's like, it's like this hilarious. You're killing that by the way. One more time. One more time. That's awesome. That's my Amy Poehler. I'd start every show like that. You've been married to your wife for 20 years. It will be 20 years this October. Wait, that's about the time "Smooth" came out. We met just before that. She was in the video. Carlos fell in love with her. She was in the video, we shot it in Spanish Harlem. The best thing about the "Smooth" video, if you watch it now, Carlos made it to so the band had to be playing live. Lot of times, he's not playing "Smooth." He's doing like Cuban jams. People on the streets, they're not extras, they're people who came out of their homes and be a part of this there jam. It was like a magical time. Now, but, after 20 years, first of all, I'm only five years in, we annoy each other, what would your wife say -- I can see that. I'm going jam like this for you. I can only dance with a serious face. You look pained. Are you okay? No. If you smile it reduces it. What's the most annoying thing your wife says you do? Oh, there's a whole list. Let's get you -- First off, like, if we're at dinner and I'm this -- Oh, you tap and stuff. All the time. Under the table she's this -- At least you're a musician doing this and you can be like, you got a rock-star husband. Cue can't stop the music. My rock-star card was invalid. I can't pull that anywhere. She humbles you. She's a Puerto rican from queens. She wears the pants as well. Your fourth studio album is actually the name came because you have a chipped tooth and you never got it fix. Don't show me. Doesn't that hurt? I heard that -- like, it shows you the nerves. Can you drink -- The front tooth -- you got to get way up there. It used to be really chipped. It never got up there that far. When I chipped it -- I'm going to put together a group of words and I'm going to show you how old I was. I was slam dancing in a club -- I'm already done. And knocked it out. I was a kid. I was literally hitchhiking around the country. I was sleeping in cars. I had no money. I couldn't do anything to get it fixed. I got used to it. When my wife met me, she always called it my chip-tooth smile. When I went and could get dental work, she said it was like a part of my personality. Wow, I'll be honest -- after that interview, I'm jealous I wasn't there to hang out because he's fun. We got to have him come back. Chip-tooth smile -- I wonder what my album would be called? Space. See, I would have just gone with "The gap."

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Rob gets ambushed for a one on one interview with Sara.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63260959","title":"Rob Thomas is tired of hearing 'Smooth' ","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/rob-thomas-tired-hearing-smooth-63260959"}