Andrew Garfield talks 'Breathe', Spider-Man and taking risks as an actor

Garfield appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in the film, 'Breathe.'
19:14 | 10/20/17

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Transcript for Andrew Garfield talks 'Breathe', Spider-Man and taking risks as an actor
Not an idea who we want to ask your question into the open. Ten machines I happened into a highly welcome hospital. But that's just a machine. You plug him because. When you Roth. Police continue to hospital. I can risks. It's. It's a team. The risk is that he might die. We'll be. Isn't on there and or leave him possibly. What are we waiting. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now called read that well. Amaze you break your heart do all kinds of things in large part because. Of the performance of my frontier Andrew Garfield friends like be described as you'll friends won't especially since the last minute meeting. Yen this is totally changed didn't like love it would have meant with an Atlanta a lot of people that right on the border cents love me. But I mean since I asked you last. You've had an entire career rolled in took the you know you're on stage. In death of the sales. Then you would do movies like tax over to get the Academy Award. Work with Martin's obsessive and in science goes on. Then I saw you do angels in a map that you see there is yet I want to go backstage and I wish you listed plea at this and Andrea has a message and anyway. So well. Oh my goodness it Politico I don't cemented I. I laughed but. He thought it was really and I was doing bad mood and I want well if I would love to see them away send ever let me. Hope one I don't know until this plays along with that it was. As an episode you're doing and number we are exiting on Broadway a privilege. What's a better place they came out of beloved century century now. Tricky turn you would be very shell like that but I think it means I'll come on yeah he's he's very modest. But he keeps hearing you call health eight Eagles at the front that that we'll have him on. Some he can eat the rest of this court seat now you could choke on it. Lose and win a seat Q so breathe. And I think today what is. We'll we don't we it's. There is it's about things that we take for granted. Mystery about the things that we don't have to think about the by the alongs are working right now without us. Operating them. The thunder were not living in constant fear of death. It's a privilege really because I'm that the carrot to let plays. Amazing man true story about this amazing man and his wife. His name is roping calf condition it was Diana she still with a and that he contracted polio and used 28 news then paralyzed from the neck down. And he couldn't read for himself his his his interior functionality totally shut down. So he had to have a calculus to me and opening. In his larynx and they put say. A breathing tube in and that was elated to have insulates where he was briefed full for the rest of his life. And yet to live the rest of his life. Would this external support not only would this machine. Britney being taking care of by his wife and his friends this time and is his story is remarkable it's it's about so many things it's. The mass at the very very rich I think can them. Ultimately it's an inspiring story abouts. What's meaningful in life and how we create lives that are very meaningful. Why don't like ten of the mean he didn't budge. That terror the hard the despair them of being told because this guy's very active. And suddenly he's falling down on tests. Can't. Do what he usually done some and that's what polio Watson fifties this was what was going on. And he'd almost suicide in slow and a cough and anyway it's his diary of and this is it. Hopefully the problem but it neatly but it certainly could throw it at. And and I would never won maybe a few buds are on familiar obviously you're right I think the that's that's exactly what you do. He was a very athletic man he was very. That's how we experience the load very gregarious very. Extroverted loved people loved life. Was gold fearing was a Christian man very spiritual religious and but his loved. Being alive and he picks he kind of thinking that the Wheldon and went with his musicality with his body. So then yes of course the polio hits and it was look took it is a death sentence really yen wasn't he took it as such I don't know what else do you do when that happened. When he says I can't tighten general married you know. What to do what what's the point of me anymore and I think he internalize this kind of value and useless he he didn't know his value woes if he wasn't able to. You know provide for his wife in the way that he dimensions you know he is is what is pregnant with the sun and only son. When the podium heads and he you know having to let go of the idea of playing. Sport for the old son. You know having let go of those imagine dreams of of bonding with the you'll unborn child and having some. Except the fact that those things can't be how do you deal with as a grief. Process and he didn't know he didn't know that you he there was a period of three is very depressed. And he really didn't live but I will underline. The fact that this is a very I think you'll agree is a very uplifting story even though. As of devastating events. Of the Catholic acts as a catalyst for an incredibly joyful. Connected life. In addition to that I should say this is Andy Serkis is he with year couple mountain and talking about this this is his first film as a direct yeah. And you have I think he's he producer the actual son of Jonathan haven't. Until he's dead yet of this happening you know no pressure on you right. Just. It gets into I think Freddie and the sun is it that. And they did they ever say you're not. It was nothing year. Watch. I'm more I thought it would and whether it made no I mean no I wouldn't I'd again that they they would they have the kindest people. And even if even if I did screw it up entirely and having left it all yet they haven't they haven't shed any. You know disappointments. To my face against. That's all I've read he's done behind. I saw an interview with his widow recently achieved look like that's the wrong person. She is totally herself yet she just is who she is there's no bones about it she doesn't suffer fools and yet she's so loving just and loving. And claims and Mormon funny there was so funny and they create since. You know I think I think you owed payments that the spiritual aspects of it Robbins religion. He renounced called off the power paralysis he kind of kind of still stuck two fingers up at Goldman said well if I don't believe in a goal of that would. Give me this indignity that would take away something that I love so my option. And he really lost his faith and and in the in his previous I deer caught. And I believe he founded a very deep spirituality so that the spirituality of loving people. And he was able not only when of course Wendy's was able to finally surrender to the disease of the paralysis and reason new. Faith to his new life. He. He he regained as you said his sense of humor and not only is sense of humor. What other people for the sense of humor we've gone out if there is such a thing with the unit he would be. Oaks cosmic joke that the universe seems to be playing on all of us as we stumble through alive. I don't want to give away any you know things that. People can see when they do it but the the wheelchair that is friend's home them do that you bond of those playing that it's a it's this incredible thing that makes him mobile the wheelchair could be grieving for a that all of that can happen what's going on. You know which is great and all of these technological advancements him and Teddy whole creates he volatile. Carrots and came out of this very simple possible thing which was inside Robin which was. Want to feel the wind on my face I want him. Listen to the buzz chopping and close away I want to go and see the sunrise over the mad. I once. And have my toes dipped into to the seaside again I want to feel life as much as possible. There wasn't any grand gesture that he wasn't trying to be heroic. Foley was trying to do was live his life fully and because of that because his own. You know. The technological creations that he made he not only changed his life or by proxy changed. Everyone's life around it not only his friends and family of a disabled people of the people who have suffered the same fate. So the ripples of his life. Continue with a. This film will there's this spirituality. In that sense of saying I don't if I don't want to live like this. I'm gonna risk. Of whom this in order to live as much as I can yes exactly I think when you watch the movie you get inspired by constant is that. If I would that person you know and movies theater anything is working you're identifying to that sense we yes. What would I did and you look at him in San I wish I could be that raid. But it also bills it doesn't say what will. What time it is and where to break through limits the limitations of my own life the things. I'll put told me the keep me from you know that full rich life that I can dream all in my imagination but I can't. Quite physical lines and what's holding me back and hopefully. It's a film that will and I it's proven that it is this kind of film good Reno we've been speaking to people off to is you. Telling their stories and then talking about now long innings and how it since by of them it's it's a film that really has the power. Two ID thing bring people into it more fully realize version of their own access. Won't that. It would if why no bad is it okay go out by a net benefit and come back to us that if if if it like it why is that does that for you know. Why is it that gets you through what you're doing because. As an actor now you're taken risks op. Yes I think I think that's a bad guy is a big part of it to me is it knows what brings Israel rocket science and we'll saving lives. But but but laid there is something very scary I find hustling other people may make may know in my position I find it very very frightening. To open up my hogs and and be vulnerable in front of you know if it's if it is like thousands of people with this Euro and millions of people who are watching a film. It's it's very it's very scary ending this interview that something risky about it. Because there are there of their people going to be watching going oh I don't like him get him off. Kweisi on this in that's that I president elect would be yes and edit and you know him all night via a so so it's it's it's it's how do we still how do we how do we feel the fear. And five Aaron Hill and. Anyway how do we even though people screaming get him off get a little. I that. You relate to things when your. I think. Panama I don't where's the hook. That's just it these people away. No I don't think it if it. You wouldn't. If there was something that drive you whether it's. Do you know I think it's so easily the amazing spy. Pages and bring that I'm bringing it up. Because the fact is that you weren't a year talking about the amazing. Anything you didn't say the last time I can bring a and that I think it other that well that's that new rule that I don't bring up there are a little children every way. That would look into. About love and that's beautiful vessel that's what I love that's a gorgeous. The parents left circle. I'm getting a good parents but also you know it was said I think I've heard that you know you'd keep the outstanding piece in the tries. That's that little out of shape so it looks. Police it's just not the thing and move them do you watch the new Spiderman movies and we. Acted. Out. He who is this Tom Holland child. How could possibly be do it. Ahead to what. Will it be desecrate the. The he gave in seriousness he's wonderful thing I didn't that you see in possibly you must assume impossible and yet this evil he's really go to. We're hopeful that I can always get the answer yes yes if who did I see it and yet. Maybe I had this big mama's house for but I was such as the strongest of the fit them all on the house especially since they didn't really make it to do. You you have that went something that's the only reason for it out and I'll do quite happy yes. I didn't I do not cry and what's the new ones militant. I don't want. Him but about haven't you seen it yet some said that's that's why I'm an a but I do what you it will probably. But the idiot you did look at me in again when you turn me away I went back they did death of a salesman. And I went idyllic and wonderful Philip Seymour Hoffman this who we missed so much eight talk in here. Him I think I wonder if I could just drop from C Andrew and they sit. Now that really can't have it. Arrangement. Is this is not true oh it's completely. But the fact is you've go onto the stage which is as terrifying and act as an active did and. Now he just finished in London with inches in America but. You're gonna play it on Broadway. Look back to Brooke on October. Oh and again it's such a big play that has begun into the greatly if you. Crazy but don't let up of people off because it's most remarkable play of the of the of the loss and shoes if this is really really is it is good it's everything. It's like like a Netflix box that lives. Right lasting eyewitness and act as you know to me like it's like that it's like it's like who is like a Netflix noble. But life and that's it's like. Literature. In front of your very eyes it's a huge smile out huge. That you just two but no words no word is unnecessary deaths of these cuts them the incredible picture Tony Kushner told you that you now that hit. No word zionist puppets why are you the media how do but are you joining. I loved it I love doing in London as if it was maybe one of the most them. Fulfilling. Artistic experiences I've had. Nathan Lane didn't make your life miserable old enough clinical Israel. With that was a GO for the rest. And the web really isn't it also I always in this show and song yes yes as you recall famously in honestly and so I'm not gonna bring up that moment we bedroom true please not but there must be exhausted I get back to a I think that but go on YouTube you conceded me. It's just about out. What's it wouldn't sing the show her. It's loosely that would be given I don't I was just think there have to be something. It should be just bursting the. You know a few big. If you playing Tony Kushner eight you are fearless. I have been who has no more cynical me and in the fifth. Period without my friends call you and the kind of night my mom and dad did brother and my my my close friends and you know Peter if you'd like. We'll know they told me mr. go there. All you reply KO itself. Well everything in this job missing Christmas carols with excellent that we'll just it's early but stale if it if it things that. What was a Christmas Carol singing. So this is congressman's. And what had. Have you I'm. And and the new lab currently. Admitted she wasn't the last thing though it were listening I was on. Commencement time. Mistletoe and wine. Two engines seeing. Curry and street and her eyes and couldn't wiggle. Room load is little in the fine. Scenes on going home the trade. In my off. I. OK and that the enemy knows I don't and maybe win into the back did you make this is like you are human is. If and hot. Elbit it was your. There. I stepped your company. I. Great and he's enjoying that way too. Now I really. Hope that aren't you animal that you're gonna have to have people take care bring in the book will be able to duplicate its all of it. Andy. Thank you so much I have never called you. You could say it again as he rented the lash out when it well I hate to Pete I hate to appease them. Look.

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{"id":50611462,"title":"Andrew Garfield talks 'Breathe', Spider-Man and taking risks as an actor ","duration":"19:14","description":"Garfield appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in the film, 'Breathe.'","url":"/GMA/video/andrew-garfield-talks-breathe-spider-man-taking-risks-50611462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}