Audacity of Hoops: ESPN's Andy Katz on President Obama's Cinderella picks

Katz gives a play-by-play of the president's annual NCAA "Barack-etology."
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Audacity of Hoops: ESPN's Andy Katz on President Obama's Cinderella picks
Hello and welcome to top line I'm Rick Klein of ABC news in our special guest today is Andy -- from ESP and who has been doing. Barack ecology with the president's United States the entirety of the Obama presidency. You've got four -- five teams that could -- at all. Just just in this division right here. And Andy first off you spent a lot of time with the president and college basketball over the years I'm wondering. How much does he actually -- basketball and how much does -- know college basketball. This year so much else going on in the world a crisis in Ukraine is consuming a lot of his time does he seem to know as much as he always does about the from 64. Every year I am less surprised. Because he continues. To be highly knowledgeable on the sport. Did fight for the White House advisor was telling me. Earlier that essentially when he can on Air Force One late at night. I mean he's watching ESPN and he's paying attention and we've actually seen him at a number -- this year. Went to the diamond head classic when he was vacationing in Honolulu. He went to -- state -- and obviously because his brother locker Robinson as the head coach at Oregon State how is -- an upset category this year he does North Dakota State. Over Oklahoma which is a -- he picked by many people. And he does a Harvard over Cincinnati. Now a year ago he did not pick Harvard in the unit beating New Mexico -- those the 212 five's. That he has advancing at least one round but that's it for the double digit seeds. Any love for the Washington teens -- -- -- in Washington as much as anyone else American and George Washington both in this rounds in this year's round of 64. -- he doesn't give them any shot. Of American beating Wisconsin in at 215 match up -- GW against Memphis and an 89. Now he's vice president. A graduate of Syracuse and of course from Delaware Delaware also making the -- and it this year. -- Biden get any law. -- he does not and I kind of joked with -- about that. Vice President Biden has been actually very proactive. In college basketball this year in terms of reaching out -- -- out that he contacted Monty Ross the head coach I joke to them that you know Biden's been very proactive. I don't know he's running for anything I got no bite out of the president of Alan those treated mr. -- -- that he has his. -- Delaware also the album mater of Chris -- so they don't get to go very far now all the Rick I don't know Chris Christie were picked over and over -- the news about. All right we'll blue -- I guess not not a lot of -- -- -- this year that draw this year. Another bad draw is Wichita State and they had been. That the story of college basketball this year undefeated through the year but but is as you've noted -- the bracket of -- that they're in what is what is the presidency for which -- You know it's funny use the term it may journeys that he just doesn't have a lot of faith in them getting. Too far in the instantly turn it the president actually did say -- you can't repair this which just eighteen to that Butler team that was within one shot of knocking out -- But he does have which just state -- why it was surprising and out of where does he hasn't dean can talky but he has them losing in the sweet sixteen. To Louisville. To Louisville -- going to the final four right that's correct so. You know -- like everyone else and we've seen bad committees here in Washington there's another one. In terms of seating a I would be its only -- and he agreed that that was poorly heated in terms of -- and number four. OK and he has a lot of faith in Tom -- how much of the credit in the system I've seen him in. In previous years talk a lot about the coaches that he likes and and kind of buying into a coach's system. Well he's all in on Tom -- -- -- Tom Izzo clearly. When -- met with the president earlier this year when he was an East Lansing that had some influence on them we have winning national ships. I've got Michigan State -- all the way. It's been been awhile since there's a 11 and he knows out of that folks in those under coach -- My -- Michigan State. Bring -- home -- Andy Katz of ESPN Barack ecology is live at That does it for this edition of top line you can check us out. All week long at And -- Yahoo! News you can check me out. On Twitter at Rick Klein and he is at ESPN Andy Katz and. Excited to announce that -- I'll be launching a new audio podcast at ESPN it's going to be called capital gains with cats and -- coming in a couple of weeks. Of course the -- next time.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Katz gives a play-by-play of the president's annual NCAA \"Barack-etology.\" ","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22977303","title":"Audacity of Hoops: ESPN's Andy Katz on President Obama's Cinderella picks","url":"/GMA/video/audacity-hoops-espns-andy-katz-president-obamas-cinderella-22977303"}