Author slams the Silicon Valley 'boys' club' in new expose

Emily Chang, the author of "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley," opens up about the explosive book she hopes will start a "meaningful conversation."
3:12 | 02/05/18

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Transcript for Author slams the Silicon Valley 'boys' club' in new expose
Thank you, ginger. A new book about silicon valley. It's called "Brotopia." Paula Faris is back. It's not just discrimination and harassment. The allegations in the book are jaw-dropping. Sex parties the. Drug parties. And these are the people that are programming games for our kids. And shaping nearly everything that we see and hear. It's a powerful expose with shocking allegations. The author taking us inside what she's calling the brotopia world of silicon valley. People look at the book and think it's for people in tech and silicon valley. Why should it be of interest to everyone? Silicon valley is controlling what we see. What we read, how we shop, how we relate to people, how we communicate. This is an industry that is making the video games our children play. The social speed kra apps that they use. Men alone can't be making all of these decisions. You write about sex parties. Drug parties. Deals done in hot tubs. Is this how business gets done? A lot of business in silicon Sally gets done outside the office. The bar, the hotel lobby. The conference, the hot tub. I was surprised how much business gets done in a hot tub. And how you'll hear investors brag about I. What woman wants to get in a bikini and pitch a business in a hot tub. Who are the women they're inviting? Women from the industry. Lower level women. Entrepreneurs. I have interviewed over three dozen people intimately familiar with the parties, or have felt completely shut out by these parties. For many of the women, they felt like they were sort of damned if they did, damned in fay didn't. In F they participate, they're discredited or disrespected. If they don't go, they're missing out on an opportunity to network with powerful people. Reporter: And the gender gap is wide. Women holding just 25% of computing jobs. Only 7% ar partners. And in 2017, female tech founders received just 2% of venture capital dollars. We need women building products as well. Reporter: Is the simple solution just to hire more women? That's one solution. I think, number one, we need to stop tolerating and enabling bad behavior. We need to change our idea of who can do these jobs. And three, I think CEOs and the leaders of these companies need to lead from the top. And make hiring and promoting women an explicit priority. Reporter: She says there is a significant amount of rot at the top of these companies right now. It's her hope that silicon valley reads the the book and they can start a meaningful conversation. These people are shaping the world. She wants them to change this part of it. Shocking things in this book. Zbrau-doping. Without a doubt. Thank you so much. The book is out tomorrow. "Brotopia." Coming up, "The chew's" Carla hall.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Emily Chang, the author of \"Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley,\" opens up about the explosive book she hopes will start a \"meaningful conversation.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52837686","title":"Author slams the Silicon Valley 'boys' club' in new expose ","url":"/GMA/video/author-slams-silicon-valley-boys-club-expose-52837686"}