Bitter blast of cold kicks off 2018 in much of US

Sub-freezing temperatures made for dangerous driving conditions from Connecticut to Texas.
3:03 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for Bitter blast of cold kicks off 2018 in much of US
There is no avoiding that bone-chilling cold this morning as many head back to work. Take a look at these images. Niagara falls frozen over. That's niagara falls. Of course, the cold is dangerous, it's relentless, the temperatures forcing schools across the midwest and northeast to close this morning and Alex Perez is in icy Chicago for us this morning. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: Hey, good morning, robin. This deep freeze has had a tight grip for several days. Now take a look. You can see the steam rising from lake Michigan here and this cold, it takes just a few minutes for it to become very dangerous. The new year off to a brutally cold start. Subzero temps cold enough to freeze part of the atlantic ocean off the coast of Delaware. And creating dangerous driving conditions. This vehicle crashing into icy waters in Connecticut. In Indianapolis, a woman rescued from the top of her car after it sank ten feet into an icy pond. Report of an SUV fully emerged. Reporter: In Texas a police officer slipping on a frozen highway nearly hit by an oncoming car and a whiteout in Michigan leading to this multi-car pileup. In St. Paul, Minnesota, ten people rushed to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning believed to have been called by a faulty boiler. The bitter cold conditions impossible for battling fires. In Nebraska, negative 10 degree temperatures instantly turning the spray into ice. Firefighters in D.C. Forced to use flares to thaw their extension ladders. So we want to show you just how cold it is outside. This is a hard boiled egg. We left it out overnight and now, well, check it out. This is a nail. I take this egg, you hear that? Almost like a hammer. That's how cold it is outside. Officials say if you don't have to spend any time outside right now, don't. Stay inside. Robin. Goes for you, Alex. Ginger, this cold is not going away any time soon and there is another storm on the way. It's how prolonged the cold has been. So many of us subfreezing or subzero in some spots since Christmas day. Look how deep the cold goes. Midland, Texas, 18, all the way to the gulf coast, Louisiana, look at this frozen fountain. That gives you the picture of just how cold it is and how far this reaches but, yes, that next storm, robin, starts tonight through tomorrow and there are winter storm watches that begin in Florida. Lake City, Florida, all the way up the coast, Charleston and Wilmington included there. It's an ocean storm but the proximity to how close it gets to the coast is going to depend, help you depend on how much snow you'll end up getting. I can promise you wind, snow and ice, coastal north and south Carolina throughhe mid-atlantic Wednesday into Thursday. Again eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and, of course, parts of Connecticut going to pick up some of the heaviest snow totals but we have to watch this thing because every ten miles is going to make a huge difference, robin and George. There's just no relief. That nationwide computer

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{"id":52093353,"title":"Bitter blast of cold kicks off 2018 in much of US","duration":"3:03","description":"Sub-freezing temperatures made for dangerous driving conditions from Connecticut to Texas.","url":"/GMA/video/bitter-blast-cold-kicks-off-2018-us-52093353","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}