Body-Shaming Ads Banned in London

Mayor Sadiq Khan says advertisements promoting an unhealthy body image will no longer be tolerated on the city's buses and trains.
2:28 | 06/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Body-Shaming Ads Banned in London
Before we get to all of that, a new front in the fight over body shaming. Want to you take a look at this ad. It made big waves from the U.S. To the UK. Now the city of London is banning it and ads like it. The mayor announcing on Twitter that ads promoting an unhealthy body image will no longer be tolerated on the city's buses and trains and ABC's lama Hasan joins us now from London with the latest on that. And, lama, I know this decision by the mayor is getting a lot of reaction either way what are you hearing from londoners? Yeah, absolutely, anticipate, London's new mayor Sadiq khan tweeted this, no one's comfort comfortable concerns should be questioned by this. A yellow bikini asking the question are you beach body ready plastered all over London. You couldn't get away from it and that ignited a firestorm. People strongly protesting it saying it was offensive. That our body image was too unrealistic and that ad was defaced hundreds of complaints and tens of thousands of signatures to remove it and that's exactly what they did. Well, the London mayor is going head-to-head with those ad agencies and saying that from now on from next month onwards we are not going to be seeing those ads that promote that kind of unrealistic as he says image that put pressure on young women to look a certain type. This is a high-profile move by a newly elected mayor, lama. Is he getting any backlash for it? Yes, he is. As you can imagine this is a divisive and a controversial topic that people are talking about. They're tweeting about it. On the one side of the argument people are saying, look, we find this motivational. We find this an inspiration to look at a woman like this. We are strong enough and independent enough not to actually be challenged by it then there are other people who are thanking him and saying, this has made a difference. So from us and our daughters we thank you, so there's all sorts of opinions on this topic. It is a very controversial topic. Yeah, and, lama, the question who then decides going forward what is offensive and what's not? Well, exactly, that's have ktly what people want to find out. Is it him, no, it's not. It is a body of experts that will be looking at these ads moving forward and deciding whether or not they have a negative connotation or if they are body shaming ads and that's who will decide whether or not they should put up those ads. Very interesting topic. One I'm sure we will hear much more from and about. Lama Hasan, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Mayor Sadiq Khan says advertisements promoting an unhealthy body image will no longer be tolerated on the city's buses and trains.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39871106","title":"Body-Shaming Ads Banned in London","url":"/GMA/video/body-shaming-ads-banned-london-39871106"}