Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shares her top tips for toned arms

The workout guru shares simple exercises you can do at home to build stronger arm muscles.
4:41 | 07/11/17

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Transcript for Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shares her top tips for toned arms
All right, it is time now to get full body fit for the summer and this morning -- We've got the secret and science behind toning those airports. Take a look. With beautiful biceps and toned tricep, the fabulously fit have strong armed the fashion scene. Michelle Obama, Jennifer aniston, Sofia Vergara all rocking major muscle. Toned arms are in which is a terrific thing. Jordan mettle on jetsonning that jiggle. By developing the muscles in your upper extremity your arm will work better and get rid of that wiggly skin. Reporter: It suggests the narrow base push-up may be a shortshut to super-cut arm muscles. Measuring muscle fiber activity they found this push-up most effective for building strength and toning. Push-ups are a great exercise to start using all the muscles of your upper body and when you start doing these they get bigger and get more defined. We are here now with the woman behind those amazing arms, celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser. Hi, guys. Good morning. Good morning. You've got a roster of awesome client arms. That Kyra. Emmy Rossum, Sofia Vergara. What is your number one tip for those looking to tone arms. My secret sauce is to make sure you do both high rep low weight and high weight lo rep and that can be a little confusing but lucky for you I took the guesswork out of fitness and put all of these exercises like you're going to see talked on my app so when you're traveling this summer, wherever, keep those arms toned. Cheat sheet. The first one you have is what we saw, the narrow push-up. We have it -- Narrow based push-up and put my twist on this. Look at that. And we took it into a downward"v" press and focused on the shoulders. Show us how you do it incorrectly. He's pushing back. You want to make sure you keep your shoulders over your wrists and bringing the top of the head down to the mat. If you're advanced, you can lift one leg or you can even elevate -- Go, Jonathan. Put the leg to a wall or a chair. Yeah. Nice. I I have never done that before. That is so cool. It is very hard. I want to try it. This is a really good one. Now, this one looks for the back of the arms, hard to reach jiggle. We don't open the refrigerator like this. So we got to get to the back of the arms, bat wing, get rid of all of that coming down into a crab position keeping it nice and long and adding a dip to it so you're getting both long and short in those arms. How many a week do you do these and how many when you were talking about reps and sets. I would do these three to four times a week to really see results. After two weeks you're going to feel really different, strong in your body. Getting all different muscle groups, shoulders, triceps. I'm so intrigued. This looks so much more advanced. This is cool -- Raise your game, Amy robach. Raise your game. Let's talk about what's happening over here. We've got the bicep wings right here. You're going to bring those weights together and then try and tap your elbows. We can see her bicep engaged here and then you're pull it up. So you alternate between bringing those together and pulsing the arms to the ceiling keeping a 90-degree angle from your -- She has great arms. I see different -- Both of these girls in different weight, five pound, eight pounds. What do you suggest. You want a weight that's challenging for you. Okay. So if you wear a heart rate monitor that's the best way to see if you get it up and weight is challenging enough. So try five here and try this for a minute. And if it's not enough weight up the weight. Too much weight, if your shoulders are coming up to your ears try taking the weight down to maybe three pounds. What about this last one. All right, so this last one is full arm. You can really load on the weight here. So eight, 10, 15, 20 pounds, try it. We're going to do a single arm bicep. Single arm and take both up and twist it up overhead. So you get the full arm engagement and you're really focused on your form when you're lifting heavier weight. Set it up with single arm and then you can add both airports together. Do multiple reps when you do a lower weigh and fewer with a higher but do both. One focuses on strength and one on endurance if thank you very much, Na. Thank you. All right, coming up as you

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The workout guru shares simple exercises you can do at home to build stronger arm muscles. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48558219","title":"Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shares her top tips for toned arms","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-trainer-anna-kaiser-shares-top-tips-toned-48558219"}