Channing Tatum on Baby Everly

The actor discusses becoming a father and "GMA" gives him a gift for his daughter.
0:51 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Channing Tatum on Baby Everly
Yeah -- -- he is right here. But personally congratulate you brand new baby girl -- -- yeah yeah. They -- -- so much I wish I was there right now that I -- -- don't -- comment that threatens its brand new brand new brand spanking your retirement -- -- -- -- changes and come back yeah. -- -- your fingers look so when you go back and we thought we did -- little shopping. We hit a few Bucks County Times Square also may be and it's heavily right yes there are so maybe a little some some. When -- headlining -- always tough to go home you know without them in your hands yeah. This is coming off Julian -- -- -- okay. A lot of -- remember the baby yeah.

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{"id":19482966,"title":"Channing Tatum on Baby Everly","duration":"0:51","description":"The actor discusses becoming a father and \"GMA\" gives him a gift for his daughter.","url":"/GMA/video/channing-tatum-interview-baby-everly-everytime-leave-house-19482966","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}