Are Dandelions the Next Superfood?

Extreme organic eating right from your yard.
3:47 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Are Dandelions the Next Superfood?
We -- go to the park typically beautiful -- lay out where the ball back and forth or come to find -- -- most of us taking me out doors the green grass and -- in our yard tall trees. We think they're just part of the beautiful scenery. But self mean -- wild -- -- Steve Brill a backyard his of the day. I totally wild and ingredients until almost everything I could do a lot of cook. On surviving. A lot helps -- -- more fit than people -- parents and grandparents generation. -- takes eating organic to a whole new level. He says wild plants -- for the vitamins and minerals sought after in the best health food stores people -- And a lot of gardening how much of this stuff is already growing at that. A lot of these plans are considered weeds and people trying to kill women and art so they need to learn what these wild plants are. -- -- -- to resume local parks and he feels good benefits of wild -- In kidnapped by the -- mean. It's become wild plants in this like how many are available in Central Park left behind act has about 200. -- Probably at least three quarters of -- growing Central Park. There's not so with the -- in my stomach we set -- -- -- -- Instead of reaching for shelves wheat topped fence or -- bad example for these children. We tried a variety of planes. There were some kids an agent -- you know. An -- onion and some mrs. Come going to take. What it is that it's like biting into a lemon. It ally that played out yet it turns out -- dandelion is not exactly delicious I -- -- there. That's green and and peaking plants comes with some major risks including lethal ones -- the tree first then we'll do the one that can kill -- -- save your life. -- -- Don't -- a plant with them poisonous look like is this -- killer. Yes this plan -- -- hopefully. -- -- -- Americana and has killed people and menacing people's lives. And -- -- in heavy traffic or polluted areas that are now tax cut outs in power plants -- We're not gonna -- -- action today no go the other way. Although the wild man -- them unconvinced. That need him. He may -- on to something. -- -- -- back to them Italy and being used as medicine crops this is common plan -- my campaign hasn't fought like heights teen knows we are right that the pulled out of my mom's garden. And if you get a mosquito bite you -- belief. Robin on the -- keep the bite went for fifteen minutes and you're here are some of the pants BT's did have ties to common vegetables. It's called garlic mustard and it's a member of the monster really aware that he's just like -- If I get a blind taste test I actually valid until the different and -- culinary creations were actually really tasty. -- smells good smiles -- I'm preparedness like -- -- calling. -- really don't -- next time you go shopping trip to your pharmacy your grocery store and may be closer that you seek. I thought I was doing something help evading a salad for lunch I had nothing going into -- -- eating central. --

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Extreme organic eating right from your yard.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23828662","title":"Are Dandelions the Next Superfood?","url":"/GMA/video/dandelions-superfood-23828662"}