Delicious Irish Breakfast to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Jason Hicks and Robert Aikens share some tasty food to celebrate the holiday.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Delicious Irish Breakfast to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
We got food and -- -- -- -- I -- yeah -- -- Patrick's day with a bunch of green. And we're going to head over to Jason Sobel that is an owner of the peak happened. -- -- along with his executive chef Robert Akins and they brought with honestly Patrick's day feast think you guys for being here. Yes that's -- -- and so we're in the right place. -- -- tell me. First where are you Wear it. We find -- in the city and I hadn't grown 39 street between Madison and park. A patent that we -- to dying today that the place that's absolutely and -- have the Shakespeare's -- downstairs and any of the peacock. Restaurant of citizens is to separate ones but it's the same. It's the same credibility of the anecdotal and about the English which we now know has been -- huge and I think actually -- -- happy Patrick English Sutherland. Not to -- yeah and. Here today and tonight we bring you news here and GMA life and -- -- -- we have in front of us. We did not we have -- racial written and we just -- Guinness I don't know what it -- why had -- desire to keep doing the same kind ME have. Co kind of match says phases of mashed potato you comments -- with some. Cabbage and spring onions scallions storage tank and and braised cabbage -- parents say this we have on the many tonight in the Shakespeare in the peacock. As a special likes him. And then which is. -- in his. Can't go without me out of here including -- -- and then I think that's appropriate and NSA. I'm gonna give rise coming out cabbage like any ranger whose us Illinois. -- different spices and hours while nonopec -- For some ginger and cinnamon as well is this a traditional meal is out. Not necessary additional as the cake sort of reflect or not that's right ankle in -- I mean this is -- additional. Braised beef cabbage carrots in his I don't know a lot of menus some -- -- -- -- -- -- yes I'm. Actress who breakfast isn't breakfast as well what does that stuff -- -- is Irish. But putting. So -- -- -- -- today other than do anything that Teresa had benefit from the -- Russia has Irish person has in the -- putting. -- of onions and spices. -- the only learned how to cook from your mom or something really cute like that I didn't. Know -- little older I'm not until -- gets us yeah. Suez is now a bush -- And -- -- -- might have a -- Israelis would. Oh yeah on the line on the line -- -- credibility on you have to. What the matter is that anybody little -- -- create this but at its best that's probably going negative and that he expected lesson I can't create individuals like that. Let -- know. I'm Aaron Tron lots of care what the -- -- -- I Harrison an English breakfast. And. No I mean the end of that mean that not a lot -- I -- -- our sense from the the black putting. You know this one has our shirts and -- some and that's a big. Differences. And some thought it was hours and resources while -- found some he's different you know everything sort of gone more into each other that over the centuries and you know there's -- a little difference between the two are sent as many things it can make it the same side having breakfast and doing some people put mushrooms and -- -- and some people -- Potatoes so people don't sell I think some -- I'm. Some of that from senior spectrum some -- and then dumped some that it who. Atlanta looks like a sudden I only have -- the thank you so much for being and it is proper to be and enjoyed with the Guinness. You got your Lanier every morning -- and subsidizes yeah -- -- -- I felt rednecks and an important moment they walk in kayaks and how bad that my excitement that is and I president's approach teens you know your bones are healthier because of that -- -- every morning. So says. You haven't they wanted to get your -- Arafat crack under the table every -- and yeah. And the first and last time they get -- yeah. -- that yeah you get to keep out -- I finally getting eat something -- that's crazy diet on prison the Cumberland sausage is. Room Cumberland -- and certainly -- Who that's really good him right.

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{"id":22939965,"title":"Delicious Irish Breakfast to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Jason Hicks and Robert Aikens share some tasty food to celebrate the holiday.","url":"/GMA/video/delicious-irish-breakfast-celebrate-st-patricks-day-22939965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}