Fashion Comeback: Pantyhose Are Back on the Runway

Celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan shows you how to rock modern nylons.
3:55 | 05/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fashion Comeback: Pantyhose Are Back on the Runway
They're throwing down. What you're about to do next, I just tweeted about. Strong reaction. Take it away. People have strong reactions when it comes to panty hose. They're making a comeback. Everyone from the runway models to royalty supporting stockings once again. Aditi Roy tells you why nylons are getting so much support right now. Oh, good line. Reporter: What's nude and smooth and hot for summer. Panty hose. That's right. The hosiery made famous last century is making a 21st century comeback. Everyone from Katy Perry to Ariana grande are wearing them. It's thinner. It matches your skin tone. Hello, lover. Reporter: Panty hose became something of a fashion faux pas because of the "Sex in the city" characters. Propting readers of allure in 2007 to drop the hose. Now, they're back. And the legs of some of the world's biggest stars. Notably Kate Middleton. Many credit the duchess, who almost always wears nylons for ushering in the current trepd. Shortly after her engagement in 2010, panty hose snaels the U.S. Went up 11%. And in the UK, an astonishing 85%. Today, donna Karan's the nude's line is the faster growing hosiery category. Women we spoke to say they're torn as to whether they'll make a run for the panty hose aisle. I'm not a big panty hose person. It's good to suck things in. It can be a fashion statement. It's like wearing concealer. Concealer for your legs. Reporter: But those that embrace the allure say what's old is new again in a very hot way. For "Good morning America," aditi Roy, ABC news, San Francisco. And we're joined by style guru Gretta Monahan, fashion expects on brides gone style, premiering next month. We have real women here modeling panty hose. We do. I asked you, are they all wearing hose? They didn't look like they were. You tell me. Who do you think is wearing hose and who isn't? It's hard to see if any of them are. I can kind of see that you're wearing them. But the rest of them? They all want to comment. They're all wearing panty hose. Because it's a major trend. We all know that this sort of went ut of style at a certain point because people felt they were really, you know, kind of old lady looking. Now they're back and better than ever. They're not your dpragrandma's panty hose. New fabric. You can tug of war with these. They don't snag as easily? Snag resistant. But be careful. You want to protect your investment. Nudes are the ones I tend to shy away from. Colored uns, I use for warmth in the winter time. Is it more about making a statement? It's a cosmetic for the legs. We call them leg concealer. For a long time, women were being tanning products. Now we're seeing celebrities embracing it. Can you convince those out there who say no to the hose? I say it's up to you. Very good answer. And, you know, I mean, every now and then, it's nice. They look beautiful. You look fantastic. They do look sheer. I don't want to stand next to

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan shows you how to rock modern nylons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31332060","title":"Fashion Comeback: Pantyhose Are Back on the Runway","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-comeback-pantyhose-back-runway-31332060"}