Football Coach Feels the Groove, Plus How to Get What You Want

Coach Jermaine Cooper discusses his pre-game ritual on "GMA," and learn ways to persuade people to say yes to you.
10:51 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Football Coach Feels the Groove, Plus How to Get What You Want
I bring us up to the table this morning I don't know of you've seen its football coty the Peewee football coach made he loved to bust the moon and I'll take a look at this. Texas wouldn't worry about a month daily from Beaumont. Right now that was like Tom Coughlin or even in my coaches do something like that. It is the Peewee football detonate when I was seven and eight years old like 78. All the good little Michael here. Yeah. Well I didn't know I was seven on the left and over the for the falcons and have my brother's victory tonight in middle take you to confront the army. And that applicants. I think that's applicable thing. We end up a week you know we have. We're going to meet the main and I threw it behind a move called Cooper joined that this morning from my. And I'm good. Tied. To a court magistrate to the point how did you come up with this dance and what web how did that come about. And it it came about meant one of our coaches Noll knows that I'm a member of Omega psi phi fraternity. And so we believe he would've played my atomic dog zone. Enough of themselves and so we wait and I think it wasn't at the planned at all he play hard song. He did it DiFelice. Defense soccer body man that I didn't and hit India when I was always known to do. They're performing he got. Got to give volumes but but but there are addicted to damp and it's just not to make the kids of laughter the bigger message and in your moods. Yes there yes there is support my fraternity we. We strapped for great news it's so everything that we do. We always want to live good it will we do any. And and when this all comes all they remembered. That's the number will make a sapphire we always set our hot it's that's all I was doing obviously now won about cops they we do with parties and stuff like there. I don't have atomic dog canyon an afternoon show wasn't going to be a movies right now. Go for it. We are weak and extensive burns and then at some I wouldn't expect. Hey coach good route wanted to thank you don't let. Had taken. Yeah. I heard George internally go. She brings the stern is bring the table that's managed learn how to get people including needs immediate reading learning how to inspire them there's a new book out. Called priest wage increase wages not persuasion that offers some tips on that is altering a little pop quiz attack. And like trying to. I think about it I feel your come walking into meetings and hand you a cup of warm caught. I felt comforted I thought come home that's one of the big tips rate your people feel better when they're coming in they're more likely to listen to you. And how about let's say well that's what it is the second part of that okay that this is a picture showing half fail must work and we have got to close together. Sending out the message he show a picture like this people are more apt to work the last. This one shouldn't be too hard. The thinker. If you want somebody you're working went to guarantee slowdown Brian take your time and really think something through before they make a decision. Flash this picture but it seems kind of obvious I give. Shirt and then finally the single who'll let you yeah. Action movie written and vision visualize success well really. What do you all think any audience without motivate you know. Joyce set himself up because I wanna you've got to him a cup of coffee. That you all even want to Emmys last night did you see. Consider who went backstage as well armed arm. Good friend Lara Spencer she was there Los Angeles you trading in the red carpet style be a little more comfortable horses volcanic. Yeah. They're good really and above all about fashion. If you haven't doesn't kick your feet up a little bit there Lara. You're gonna be on this is what we call pre suasion majority should go. Michelle. Despite giving you a little almost stuff getting a bargain allowed dirt. We've got there we wanted to show you back a couple of sort of behind the scenes look. Wanted to show you some of my action phase you're gonna get into later in the show I know but. For me to you I love it Traci Alice as well. Yeah. A. Yeah surfer. Quite a while not only on camera but off you remember she was all excited to be nominated foods. And then she said she was a little bit calmer me. Not much put electronic commerce on the red carpet but feeling so beautiful because of that down. Custom made for her by Ralph Lauren darling old. They look good. Are we asking about this two Kerry Kerry Washington. My goodness she looked bad she quit last. Joy in showing that you have wrong and I agree. She was one of my favorite she was wearing a desire Brandon Maxwell. And love it she had been cut out and her draft. She is very pregnant not exactly sure how far along but. Absolutely gorgeous weather for Carl's yen and Jeff having the best time ever it was fun to talk to her as well she's definitely in my top brazen. I have other pictures to longtime others are you whine okay okay this is the only team made me do. Before the show they got me my dress that got my makeup of I posted that some people said they've ever concerned that I was not well but knows. I was strapped stand and and you know certainly not a haven and via life seems that you are now not a lot to move. Until we go to the power to bed and for everybody was worried I promise. I was wearing very sensible shoes under my down again. Better look at a guy replace units have hip replacement Larry did so. Yeah about that you're reading that it wouldn't you're year old talkers are from. Why don't you. You were reunited with Chris Harrison. Mike prepared thinking you show that one picture. Yeah what you do you'll hate when that. Between shots we ran over to the air conditioning because it was what. Really contact carpet. And at. That was the spot to be an let me tell you I don't know it was wonderful great to work with prisoners I'm glad you explain that picture. Or you get back. Back here safe and sound without an almost certain the slippers and everything went great job. Calderon red carpet for Yahoo! style editor and she Joseph yeah. And. Okay. That pushed off. Joseph yeah. I'm good I'm torn did you see last night well the biggest check I thought was yellow and we're grumbling big bird gallows though at what. Very difficult colored that is Jeremy but the fact that these ladies weren't on the carpet and looks of dynamite in and then there's so many different versions of it which is very interesting to remember one from. The driver earned two Ellie Kemper to raji. Really beautiful really beautiful. Organize photos of you say well I is an agreement Lar I absolutely. Love Kerry and tell us off Manila starting. I loved her school. It was so different than anything else was he did with custom rod you know it was like Greek I think she's dressed like a winner I want to parents have a law. And Hughes former characteristic of the for this wouldn't have to figure out what that's because it was either asking a lot better not let. I don't want Echostar Bianca is his we've got good Chopra war Jason will read. What did you think of it I love. Notional dynamite immunity from the big. Big guy outstanding lead designer of the First Lady did look bad though no nothing. Local public cut out to all the different do you not that big trend on the on the whales blades cut out a taste of theatrical cut out didn't call him. Not a lot of stuff George has laid back but we're talking. And yeah. That was wonderful always good to have you here always always great yeah Newsnight.

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{"duration":"10:51","description":"Coach Jermaine Cooper discusses his pre-game ritual on \"GMA,\" and learn ways to persuade people to say yes to you.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42185298","title":"Football Coach Feels the Groove, Plus How to Get What You Want","url":"/GMA/video/football-coach-feels-groove-42185298"}